Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ankaragucu to vote on chairman in December

Hakan Kutlu has quit football, Victor Agali has still not been heard from and the fans are angry. It has taken a while but the Ankaragucu board have finally decided to act.

Serdar Tosun, a vice chairman at the club, announced on Tuesday that they have decided to bring forward the club's annual congress to the first week of December in order to get a new chairman and board in as quickly as possible.

Cemal Aydin had earlier promised not to run in the January congress but according to Maniac Kanka Harun he has made, and broken, such promises before. Bringing the congress forward a month or so should make it more difficult for him to break that promise again.

So, are things looking brighter? Who knows. It will be interesting to see if the fans are still calling for the management to resign at the next home match in a couple of weeks.

EDIT: Wednesday afternoon. Just read a round up of what Serdar Tosun told a sports show last night. Basically he said he will run for the chairman's position and that they are aiming for the congress to be held in the third week of November.

He said he had spoken to "fan leaders" before the decision to hold early elections was taken. ie I reckon he has the support of the fans. He also said that the fans had every right to protest at matches.

EDIT II: Hakan Kutlu has just announced that he hasn't quit football and will stay at Ankaragucu until the end of the season.

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  1. Obviously the situation can't continue as it is at present, so action has to be taken. So this is good news.

    Unfortunately, Serdar Bey hasn't consulted with The Yabanci Kanka Klub of Gecikondu so it is with dismay that I can't put my most pressing questions to him !

    For example, is he planning to put some dosh Hikmet Bey's way and will he undertake to try and keep talented players in Ankara and not pander to the Istanbul Big 3 when they come into town waving their cheque books ??!!

    Perhaps Oz Kanka can try and arrange a `press` meeting with Serdar Bey by The Round Ball in Ankara `journalists` ??!!