Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yonetim istifa

I don't want to steal Sir Eski Kanka's thunder about tonight's match but may I just say that I am 100 percent behind the drive to get Ankaragucu Chairman Cemal Aydin out of Ankaragucu.

Thanks to the chairman's total and utter disregard for the fans of the team that he is supposed to be chairman of this year he decided that we shouldn't have season tickets.

This was fine for the first few matches of the season as no one wanted to turn up anyway.

Tonight though was a complete disaster. We showed up, got in line, and tickets for gecekondu ran out. The tickets weren't cheap mind you: 15tl a pop. But while waiting for further tickets with just minutes before kick-off Sir Eski Kanka said "bugger it" and we got Maraton tickets at 25 tl a go.

We got in on time but hundreds of supporters didn't thanks to the absolutely stupid planning of the administration.

Sir Eski Kanka doesn't really like it when the fans call for the management to resign during a match but even he must realise that Cemal Aydin really has to go when the supporters call for his resignation not just before the match, but also during the match, and then after every time we score a goal and then for a good five minutes at the end of the match.

As I said before. I'll leave it up to Sir Eski Kanka to actually describe the match. But for me... "Yonetim istifa!"


  1. Anonymous6:13 am

    From Mountaineering Kanka.

    Well said Oz Kanka. The lack of season tickets was the main reason I didn't go to the match, as I knew the tickets would be expensive. Bad decision after bad decision. How can you justify it Cemal? The answer is simple; He can't. He needs to step aside and end the suffering so that this great team and its great supporters can be restored to some of the glory they deserve!

  2. I was worried about this season, and not only because I can't watch any of it. Eski Kanka does have a point. Generally, when supportes are unhappy during a game, players get nervous and make more mistakes. Sometimes this anger is directed at the players, sometimes the coach, sometimes the chairman. The result is much the same. The atmosphere in the stadium is negative and this has a negative impact on results. This happens often in football. This is what worried me about this season. On the other hand, Cemil does have to go and I see no other way of really letting him know. He has had Anti-X and Gecekondu supporters in his pocket for years. In fact, not having season tickets is a gift to some of these supporters who he gives free tickets to. They can now sell these tickets to people like you every game. They may make a bigger profit. For the free tickets, and the profits they bring through selling them on, these supporters cheered Cemil. Maybe this is changing as I was told it would. Harun's new bunch set it off and I guess others have joined. When I spoke to them before I left, it was about more than results for them. It was about fighting corruption, people who use the club for their own gain and profit. Not 'true' Ankaragucu supporters. They even said relegation would be better than being cheated by their own. They gave the example of Bursaspor, who returned stronger whipping Fenerbahce recently. So maybe the results will suffer if the fans protest during the match, but it may be better in the long run for the supporters and the club. Then again, in the modern world of football can we expect a nice moral chairman to replace Cemil? A football lover of Ankara, with only the team in his heart? When the old leaders of the supporters' clubs are cast off, and a new supporters' power emerges, will the new leaders really be free of corruption themselves when they are faced with power? I know this is a basic 'Animal Farm' reference, but you can surely draw similarities to the terraces of Ankaragucu and this.

    Raith Rovers are now owned by the fans and local businessmen who claim to be fans. This is how it should be. No more corrupt mafia, no more dodgy football agents (Anelka's big brother), and no more black money from abroad. As a result,we are flirting with the possibility of dropping to the 4th division in Scotland, for the first time ever. And to be honest, the 'true' fans are happier. Even though there are considerably less of them attending the matches.

  3. Great to hear from Moutaineering Kanka and Kirkcaldy Kanka on the blog again. Wise words from both of you as usual.

    Were your ears `burning` last night ?

    We talked about y'all often last night back at the QBar with Maniac Kanka. Ahem..... good things of course !!!!

  4. Aye the Maniac texted at half-time but I had no credit in the phone. Hibs are struggling Jim. Sold too many good players as you always have to. Normally 2-2 with Trabzon is a good result. Time to beat the Salatasaray and kick start the season. Peter Crouch can do it. If the giraffe batters the lion, surely we can too.

  5. I think it is time for ANKARAGUCU to have an emblem too.

    I suggest an Elephant !!

    Have you ever heard of a lion attacking an elephant ???

    It is time to crush Galata....spit...saray underfoot !