Sunday, January 31, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This must be a first for Hibs and Ankaragucu ............ 3, that is THREE, upbeat reports on the trot !

HIBERNIAN 2 St Mirren 1

Unbelievable performances from Hibs has seen them put some (well, a little, distance between them and Dundee Utd. Also, still only 2 points behind Celtic with all to play for in the race for the Champions League 2nd slot.

However, I have to praise manager, John Hughes, for keeping the players feet firmly on the ground and talking Europa League at this stage of the season !

After the hype of last Wednesday it was back to basics today at Easter Road with a 'banana skin' match against a useful St Mirren side.

However, it was not a promising start when, after 10 minutes, Ivory Coast International, Sol Bamba, needlessly put through for an own goal when goalkeeper Smith had it covered.

Up the workrate and tempo and Hibs then laid seige to the St Mirren goal and the equaliser duly arrived near the half time break when Liam Miller raced through from a midfield position to receive a pinpoint pass and slot it in.

Was there to be an avalanche of goals like last weekend against Hamilton ? No !!

Nish hit the post, Riordan shot over, Hanlon shot over, and Stokes was having a quiet match (for a change !).

Lots of ooohs and ahaaaas, but then the winner arrived with the referee about to blow for time. Full back, Ian Murray, made a break down the left wing and crossed in a speculative ball which was turned in by a St Mirren defender with the goalkeeper wrong-footed.

Relief ? I felt the wave of it ! Start singing again ! Final whistle and then on with the Proclaimers and ..... the 500 Miles song !!!

So, alls well here, but ......... what about Ankaragucu tomorra ? C'mon you guys. Time to stand up and be counted me thinks !!

All the best from 'still euphoric' Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, January 29, 2010

New football documentary

David Attenborough's take on that strange species - the footballer.

If the space below is blank then it is time to learn about getting around the youtube ban in Turkey that has now been going for more than a year and a half.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Last night my buddy Tom and I drove through to Glasgow to see if Hibs could repeat last Saturday's form against Celtic. Thanks to Gareth Evans, Hibs Assistant Manager and a friend of ours, for providing the tickets !

Celtic 1 HIBS 2

Well Hibs didn't exactly play against Celtic like they did against Hamilton, but it was a great performance nevertheless to take all 3 points in Glasgow. The result moves Hibs to within 2 points of 2nd top Celtic and looking good to challenge them all the way to the end of the season.

There was about 40,000 supporters there last night and a terrific atmosphere inside the impressive Celtic Stadium.

Celtic opened the scoring after 5 minutes and Eski had his head in his hands expecting a goal rush. However, Hibs weathered the storm and settled into their normal passing game and after half an hour Stokes made the breakthrough with a headed equaliser to silence the large Celtic support.

Hibs soaked up more pressure in the 2nd half and just on time scored the winner when Stokes and Hanlon gave substitute Galbraith the opportunity of scoring his 1st goal for Hibs. What a place to do it too !

There is a spring in Eski's step today and I can't wait for Saturday and another possible goal rush !

All the best from an euphoric Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gucu has drained their cup...or, rather, the cup drained Gucu

Ankaragucu: 0 Galatasaray: 0

Trabzonspor: 2 Orduspor: 1

Eski Kanka posted the following on the Turkish Cup a little while back.

This result leaves Ankaragucu looking for TWO miracles on the 27th of January.

1. Ankaragucu must beat Galatasaray at home.
2. Trabzon must draw or lose at home to Orduspor.

I can hear lots of tee hee heeing and ho ho hoing from some of you !!! However, we must never say never in footie.

The goal difference situation certainly favours Trabzon, and with a 9 for and 2 against are defo in the driving seat.

Ankaragucu on the other hand have a 4 for and 3 against.

Let's see if the team can restore some much needed pride on the 27th. It is long overdue !!

Well, I'd say no pride was really restored. On any other day, such a result against Galatasaray wouldn't be so bad, but this result means we are out of the cup.

But really Lemerre did the right thing because even if we had won, Trabzon neither lost nor drew. Lemerre didn't field his best players and now his A-team will be a bit better rested for the match against Manisa. We got a point last week against Diyarbakırspor; let's get 3 against Manisa. That would restore some pride and possibly move us up in the league standings.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ankaragucu's reputation is muddied

Let me just begin by responding to the questions posed by our own Eski Kanka in his article ISKOCYA BUYUK BASKENT WELCOMES ESKI WITH A FIVE GOAL THRILLER !!

1. Is this a prelude to what is going to happen tomorrow in Ankara me wonders??
No, no and no. We blew every opportunity.

2. Will Phillie or Battle Damaged give us another similar upbeat report ?
No. Philly Kanka is on vacation, and Battle Damaged suffered through one of the most boring matches ever in history of football. Maybe Philly Kanka will give us an upbeat report of his vacation.

3. Will the Ankaragucu fans fall in love with Lemerre?
Probably not. Already heard them complaining. Like they could do any better with the players we've got.

4. Will Bebbe and Vassell start doing what they are paid to do, ie, score goals?
Didn't see any magic from Vassell, Metin or Bebbe out there today.

So it should be pretty clear by now that there was no repeat in Ankara of the five goal thriller that Eski experienced in Edinburgh. To be fair it was not entirely the players fault. I have never seen a pitch in that state of muddied disrepair in my entire life. Maybe I am going senile, but I thought we switched to artificial turf a while ago. No, I'm certain we did. It was evident today however that we switched back at some point.

Neither coach missed the opportunity to attribute blame to the pitch and in this case they were both justified in doing so. The Diyarbakır coach Ziya Dogan even went so far as to point out that it was "ayip" (disgraceful) for the capital city to have a stadium with a pitch in such a sorry state, and I have to agree with the man.

I'm not going to give a play by play recap of the game because it just really isn't worth it. The match was boring enough to sit through. I won't ask you to sit through my telling you about it. I will, however, say that Gucu's man of the match was Serkan. Had it not been for his numerous saves, we would have lost. Aydin was also giving it his all, but I was unimpressed by Elyasa, Hürriyet, Koray, Ediz, Broggi, Cihan, Theo, Adem, Metin, Bebbe, Vassell and Bilal.

The one thing we did do well was rack up a slew of yellow cards: Dk. 50 Elyasa, Dk. 54 Koray, Dk. 74 Ediz, Dk. 90 Hürriyet. We probably deserved more, but the referee was kind.

Oh, and I should also mention that apart from some extra chanting of "Martyrs never die; the homeland will never be divided," and a few minutes of a chant that actually mentioned the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan, our fans did not seem any more aggressive than they do towards any other team, so, no repeat of what happened in Bursa during the first half of the season. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can catch up with this article (

Check out the few moments of excitement there were on video. And for some great photos of the match

Kayserispor v Genclerbirligi

Good afternoon all and join me at 2 pm for live radio blogging of Kayseri v Gencler. According to a weather forecast on the BBC, top temperature for today is 4 degrees and light rain is predicted. let's hope it doesn't turn into snow. Back soon.

1:49 pm Some transfer news. We have signed three young players, namely Serkan Çalık and Alparslan Erdem from Galatasaray and Abdülhamit Yıldız from the Dutch team Volendam. I know nothing about them.

At the same time we won't be seeing Orhan Sam, Ilhan Eker, Harbuzi, Aussie Bruce nor Mustafa Pektemek. I'm not 100 per cent sure on the wheres and whys of the transfers, but that hasn't stopped our blog from reporting news in the past.

1:54 pm Weather news. It's overcast and snowing. Match will go ahead though.

1:59 pm News of Harbuzi leaving Gencler, as reported above, was wrong. Seems as if he is playing today.

2:01 pm Peep, peep and we are off. Not sure of the team as the radio commentator assigned for the match is speaking in fastforward mode.

2:03 pm And Kayseri start fast with a shot going out for corner. And then in a counterattack Hursut is in the box and we wait for a penalty decision........ No. No penalty. Fast match.

2:13 pm After commentary from around the grounds we are back to the game in question where Kayseri are the ones on the attack. We obviously haven't woken up yet. By the way, I may be wrong about Pektemek leaving. I really am hopeless at this.

2:27 pm Not much happening. Kayseri seem to be a bit better than us though.

2:33 pm Both sides have chances as we were listening to other matches. Hursut and Burhan are creating some great attacks but we aren't finishing them off.

2:42 pm Burhan has a shot, their keeper sends it out for a corner. Defence sends it out.

2:43 pm This commentator is pathetic. We just had an update with the line. "It is the 41st minute and we are fast approaching the 42nd minute." Great insight that. Burhan has another shot, another corner, defence saves the day again.

2:47 pm Four minutes of extra time.

2:48 pm He has done it again. "In the 2nd minute of extra time heading towards the 3rd minute." Apparently there is so much extra time because Burhan had to change his boots.

Peep, peep.

Half time scores:
Kayserispor 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Ankaragucu 0 - 0 Diyarbakirspor

3:12 pm I assume they have kicked off the second half but I don't actually know.

3:12 pm They have. Tozo on, Bilal off.

3:13 pm "We have just left the 49th minute behind and have entered the 50th." This commentator is amazing.

3:19 pm As the radio concentrates on other games, I'm peeling potatoes, carrots, chopping up onions and getting ready for a chicken roast dinner.

3:21 pm They get back to Kayseri but 20 seconds in they cross to the Black Sea coast where Trabzon have gone 1-0 ahead against Sivas. That game kicked off at 3pm.

3:23 pm Troisi comes on for Kayseri. I'm sure he got a few boos from the small group of Gencler fans who headed out early this morning. I would have gone but I have to cook the dinner tonight.

What I did at half-time.

3:31 pm Trabzon goes 2-0 ahead. No idea what is happening in Kayseri.

3:32 pm Burhan scores!!!!!!!!!!!! One-on-one with the keeper. Kayserispor 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi

3:40 pm Sivas have got one back. It has stopped snowing in Kayseri. Kahe to Burhan, Burhan through ... hits the post!

3:43 pm I see that Sir Eski Kanka is getting tanked (see comments section). Sounds like he is enjoying his break in Scotland.

3:53 pm Five minutes of extra time. Kayseri are on the attack. Our forwards are dropping back to defend. Can we hang on?

3:55 pm Ankaragucu have drawn 0-0 with Diyarbakirspor. Report from Battle Damaged Kanka Damon will be coming this way later on.

3:56 pm Oh dear. We couldn't hang on. Kayserispor 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi. In the 93rd minute.

4:00 pm The whistle blows. Yet another sucker punch at the death. A win would have been fantastic, but still a draw away to Kayseri isn't a bad result. I'm off to cook. I'll try and add the Burhan goal once someone has uploaded it to Youtube. I'll also try and remember to take a photo of my cooking efforts. If you are interested in other football related cooking experiences check out Ankaragucu' Darius Vassel and his great efforts (and failures).

Final results:
Kayserispor 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi
Ankaragucu 0 - 0 Diyarbakirspor

Just add gravy.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies from the Capital City of Scotland.

What a welcome !!!

HIBERNIAN 5 Hamilton 1

Is this a prelude to what is going to happen tomorrow in Ankara me wonders ?? Will Phillie or Battle Damaged give us another similar upbeat report ? Will the Ankaragucu fans fall in love with Lemerre ? Will Bebbe and Vassell start doing what they are paid to do, ie, score goals ? Enuff said about Ankaragucu ??

OK !

Meanwhile, back in Edinburgh, Hibs found their real form in recognition of Eski's return to his homeland, and it didn't take long.

Nish opened the scoring after 10 minutes and the goal rush followed from great strikes from 'man of the match' Stokes (a class act if there ever was one) and fellow striker Riordan with two apiece.

I haven't seen Hibs play like this since they won the Scottish League Cup in 2007 and it was only when they were 5-0 up that the foot came off the pedal that they allowed the bemused Hammies a consolation goal.

I won't bore you with the quality of the goals, better to tell you that Eski and Hibbie Kanka Athole started their pre-match celebrations in The Conan Doyle and post-match celebrations in Middletons, The Gilford and one of Brat Kankies's Rock Bar's, the name of which escapes me, and by that time, was not important !!!

How I am able to make this post with the time approaching midnight is one of God's miracles, but ......the upside is that it is short !!

Good luck (and success) to Ankaragucu and Gencler tomorrow.

All the best from still up in the clouds ...... Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The match in Ordu just finished a few minutes ago and with a disappointing result for Ankaragucu.

Orduspor 1 ANKARAGUCU 2

This result leaves Ankaragucu looking for TWO miracles on the 27th of January.

1. Ankaragucu must beat Galatasaray at home.
2. Trabzon must draw or lose at home to Orduspor.

I can hear lots of tee hee heeing and ho ho hoing from some of you !!! However, we must never say never in footie.

The goal difference situation certainly favours Trabzon, and with a 9 for and 2 against are defo in the driving seat.

Ankaragucu on the other hand have a 4 for and 3 against.

Let's see if the team can restore some much needed pride on the 27th. It is long overdue !!

More details of team selection and scorers of the Ordu v Ankaragucu match tomorrow if I can find them.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Congratulations to Phillie Kanka Jamie from Eski, your regular Ankaragucu reporter, for penning his first match report on the Blog.

A second may follow soon because Eski is off to his homeland next Friday for 2 weeks. So, you can look forward to more 'upbeat (?)' reports from Phille Kanka and Battle Damaged Kanka Damon for the following matches -

Ankaragucu v Diyabakir league match 23/24 January
Ankaragucu v Galatasaray Cup match 27 January
Manisa v Ankaragucu league match 30/31 January
Ankaragucu v Bursa league match 6/7 February

Connect Kanka Steve is too busy these days designing the proposed re-vamped Blog Logo, but if he has time perhaps he can chip-in with some of his super comments ?!!

The Cup match in Ordu tomorrow seemingly puts more pressure on new coach, Lemerre, and the team, to redeem themselves after the Trabzon debacle and to renew battered pride and confidence.

btw, we might also have a Turkish Cup Quarter Final match on 3 February if we believe in miracles !!!

The downside of Eski's absence means that you will have to suffer reports from Fortress Easter Road Stadium when Eski takes over from Hibbie Kanka for a couple of weeks. Oh no ? Oh yes ! More photos a possibility.

In the meantime, c'mon Ankaragucu, get your act together .... starting tomorrow !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Aussie exodus from Genclerbirligi

News just in that Aussie Bruce has been loaned out to Diyarbakirspor.

Bruce was a great fellow but didn't really acheive what we hoped for in the one and-a-half years he has been at the club, scoring just seven goals in 24 appearances. He has been loaned to the south-eastern Turkey club (which has recently had some fairly big financial hassles) on a six-month deal with a one-year extension clause. The monetary details of the deal were not released.

With Aussie Bruce now gone, Gencler no longer have any Australians in the main squad. James Troisi left at the beginning of the season signing a secret deal with Kayseri - and has been getting stick from the Gencler fans ever since, and Mile Jedinak is currently playing for Antalya on loan - a decision by our management that the Gencler fans have yet to understand.

And thus, for the moment, the Gencler-Australia connection has been severed. That's if you don't count your good correspondant and Ambo Kanka Peter.

Two teams, one cup…of S***

This about says it all
(photo nicked from the official Trabzonspor page)

Greetings ladies and gents. I have to tell all of you that this is my first full write up for an Ankaragucu match. I wish that I had better news to provide. The group attending this match consisted simply of myself and Battle Damaged Kanka. Kaleci Kanka Tansu and his buddy from work also met up with us at half time to bolster our numbers. The crowd in general was rather low with probably about 13,000 supporters in attendance. The Trabzon side was full.

The game started off strong with Ankaragucu having a much stronger drive than Trabzon. We especially saw a strong push from Broggi, Weeks, and Metin. The new captain, goalie Serkan, (welcome back!) was also on his game and very actively organizing the team.

Ankara had several chances throughout the first half with a close corner in the 23rd minute and then a strong free kick in the 30th which was gobbled up by the Trabzon goalie. From time to time, Ankara also had to scramble back and save a Trabzon fast break. This pattern of measured and consistent pressure pierced by Trabzon breakaways was the general cycle of events in the first half.

As the first half carried on, the field got more and more slick. Rain started in the 10th minute and got stronger as the half continued. Play got more scrappy and by the end of the half, the players were all slipping on the grass. A combination of this slipping and scrappiness led to Bebbe (again welcome back) being injured at the 37th, although he did, in the end, stay in the game.

The second half began at a similar pace as the first half, but a goal in the 52nd minute by Umut Bulut opened scoring for the Black Sea Storm. It was, ofcourse, a fast break where Serkan was baited and had little chance of making a save. Ankaragucu did continue to put on the pressure, but as the game entered its last third the curse of Mr. Lentil reared its ugly head again. Mr. Lentil missed a header at the 59th minute and then 10 minutes later had a HUGE defensive collapse to bring us to our final score of 2-0. The attacker for Trabzon essentially blew by Mr. Lentil.

In one sense, Mr. Lentil probably did the team a favor. He galvanized all the fans together. Oddly, Gecekondu were all spread out throughout 19 Mayis stadium for this match. According to our friend Tansu, the fans were demonstrating their support/ opposition to Little Gokcek based on where they were sitting. Yet, following Mr. Lentil’s lousy defensive skills, the stadium sung as one to “boo” him any time he came near the ball.

The game ended with the team looking lost and frustrated. It was a very different image than the one the team projected at the beginning.

With only 10 days until the league starts up again, I hope that the team and Coach Lemerre can pull themselves together and play as a team.

--Philly Kanka Jamie

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Unfortunately, there were no Cup shocks yesterday and today in Group B.

Trabzon beat Denizli BBS 6-0 at home yesterday, and today Galatasaray beat Ordu 3-0 in Ordu.

So, that puts the pressure on Ankaragucu to beat Trabzon at home on Thursday if they want to claim 1st or 2nd place in the Group. A win would almost certainly do that since Trabzon lost out to Galatasaray in the first Group match.

I understand that the Ankaragucu v Trabzon match will be an evening KO on Thursday. That being the case, I will be unable to attend due to an important darts match taking place between Oz Kanka's team and mine !! However, the match will be on TRT TV and we will be able to watch all the Ankaragucu goals in The Red Lion Club ??!!

We have to hope that new coach, Lemerre, has used the winter break in Antalya to prepare the team for this important match. A good Cup run will be essential to the confidence of the players whilst at the same time they are trying to climb out of the relegation zone !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, January 08, 2010

Recep denies match-fixing claims

Just saw this link to an NTVspor clip in which former Gencler keeper Recep Ozturk denies allegations (which we reported here) that he accepted 30,000 euros to throw a match last season against Istanbul BBS. You can check out the video here.

The video is obviously in Turkish but basically an angry Recep, speaking to NTV in Antalya where his current club Konyaspor are in training, strongly denied any of the claims.

"These unsubstantiated claims have made us all sad," Recep said adding that he had spoken to lawyers in Ankara and is ready to open a court case against Milliyet newspaper.

"I was very surprised. I had to read it four times. I couldn't understand it," Recep said. The former Gencler keeper also called on the TFF to get its hands on all the documents from the Bochum prosecutors and publish them all.

The thing is, that is exactly what Milliyet have been doing, publishing translated documents somehow or other obtained from the prosecutors in Bochum. In Milliyet's three-day expose, a total 19 games, many 2nd and 3rd division stuff, are alleged to have been rigged, including a Ankaraspor-Bursaspor match.

This will no doubt rumble on.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

In view of the fact that Ankaraspor has been banished from the Super League and effectively sent into oblivion,

and, in view of the fact that Daddy Gokcek and Baby Gokcek are now controlling Ankaragucu,

and, in view of the fact that The Stadium from Hell in Yenikent will be used as a dumping ground for rubbish (my idea !!!),

has the time finally arrived when we can modify the Main Heading in this website and delete the following statement ............

'A blog dedicated to football lovers in Ankara (except for those who like Ankaraspor obviously)' ???

Waiting with interest for an answer from Oz Kanka AND a flood of comments !!!

All the best from 'the Shit-Stirrer' Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Murky goings on at Genclerbirligi

I din't see this until today but in yesterday's Miliyet was a story that is quite shocking - if true.

As part of a German investigation into match-fixing around the world one of the matches alleged to have been thrown was the May 3, 2009, Istanbul BBS v Gencler match. According to a report in today's Today's Zaman (it was in Turkish papers on Tuesday but I failed to see it - naughty me). Gencler threw the match in order to help Istanbul BBS avoid relegation. There was some sort of deal between the management of both clubs and Gencler keeper Recep Ozturk earnt quite a bit of money out of the deal. Here's as excerpt from the Zaman piece:

Fraudulent bets on this game were placed through an Asian bookie. Individuals who bet on the game learned what the score would be before the match began from the İstanbul team’s goalkeeper, Kenan Hasagiç, and another bettor verified this information, saying he obtained the information from Gençlerbirliği goalkeeper Recep Öztürk. According to one bettor, a verbal agreement was reached before the game by the presidents of the two teams as to the score in order to ensure that the İstanbul team would not drop from the Super League to a lower league. İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor goalkeeper Öztürk bet on the match, against league regulations, and made more than 30,000 euros as a result.

As we all know this (if true) could have become one of the most stupid deals in history as Gencler only survived the drop last year thanks to some bizarre mathematics at the end of the season.

I'm not making any comment on the matter. But you can check out the three goals that Istanbul BBS scored in the second half. If you can't see youtube because you are in Turkey, I guess it is time to learn how to get around the bans... after all, the PM does

Gencler Chairman Ilhan Cavcav has meanwhile denied the reports saying he has never been involved in match fixing and in any case Genclerbirligi were in such a dangerous position at the time that an accusation that they threw a match was ridiculous. He also made a defence of Recep which actually might actually add oil to the flames.

"Keeper Recep is our son-in-law (damat). He's married to the daughter of a close friend of mine."


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hibs 1-1 Hearts

Hibs blew the chance to close the gap on Rangers and Celtic after only managing a 1-1 draw with Hearts at Easter Road. The old firm had earlier shared the points at Celtic park, a result which kept Rangers four points clear at the top of the SPL.

Hibs went into this match hoping to erase recent memories of their defeat to Rangers and halt Hearts run of three victories in a row.

The derby got of to a slow start but Hibs looked the more likely to open the scoring, a combination of poor final balls and decent defending kept Hibs out.

Right on the stroke of halftime and against the run of play Hearts teenage striker Gordon Smith opened the scoring with a well taken volley. This certainly gave the Hearts fans plenty to sing about during the interval however early in the second half they were finally silenced.

Riordan made space down the left to cross for Stokes to make it seven goals in five matches.

Hibs were beginning to get a grip of the match now but all that changed when both teams were reduced to 10 men. Trading headers without a ball in sight meant the referee had no chance but to deliver a red card to both players.

The game now became very scappy and both teams had chances to win, but to be honest a draw was probably a fair result.

Dundee Utd next where a win for Hibs will see them open up a big gap on fouth place Utd. It will be a hard match as Utd will be looking to improve on recent results.

Happy New Year

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Let's have some bad news to get the Centenery Year off to a flier shall we ??!

New Coach, Roger Lemerre, has been busy sweeping away the players he doesn't want, some of whom have been kanka favourites and loyal to the Club for some time now.

Barbaros is off to Trabzon.
Semavi is off to Denizli.
Ediz (rumour control has linked him to Fener !).

Lemerre has also told the following players that they are not wanted before Ankaragucu left for their winter camp in Antalya -

Bebbe (Eski's favourite striker !!)
Ufuk Bayraktar
Zafer (ex-Turkish International goalkeeper)
Cihan and

What can I say ? Well, I did say in a recent previous post that we had to give the new Coach a chance, so there is no point in boo-hoo-hooing is there ?! Well, at least not yet !

So who's coming in I can hear you ask ? Don't ask me .... yet !! Just watch this space and keep praying for some miracles !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim