Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ankaragucu's reputation is muddied

Let me just begin by responding to the questions posed by our own Eski Kanka in his article ISKOCYA BUYUK BASKENT WELCOMES ESKI WITH A FIVE GOAL THRILLER !!

1. Is this a prelude to what is going to happen tomorrow in Ankara me wonders??
No, no and no. We blew every opportunity.

2. Will Phillie or Battle Damaged give us another similar upbeat report ?
No. Philly Kanka is on vacation, and Battle Damaged suffered through one of the most boring matches ever in history of football. Maybe Philly Kanka will give us an upbeat report of his vacation.

3. Will the Ankaragucu fans fall in love with Lemerre?
Probably not. Already heard them complaining. Like they could do any better with the players we've got.

4. Will Bebbe and Vassell start doing what they are paid to do, ie, score goals?
Didn't see any magic from Vassell, Metin or Bebbe out there today.

So it should be pretty clear by now that there was no repeat in Ankara of the five goal thriller that Eski experienced in Edinburgh. To be fair it was not entirely the players fault. I have never seen a pitch in that state of muddied disrepair in my entire life. Maybe I am going senile, but I thought we switched to artificial turf a while ago. No, I'm certain we did. It was evident today however that we switched back at some point.

Neither coach missed the opportunity to attribute blame to the pitch and in this case they were both justified in doing so. The Diyarbakır coach Ziya Dogan even went so far as to point out that it was "ayip" (disgraceful) for the capital city to have a stadium with a pitch in such a sorry state, and I have to agree with the man.

I'm not going to give a play by play recap of the game because it just really isn't worth it. The match was boring enough to sit through. I won't ask you to sit through my telling you about it. I will, however, say that Gucu's man of the match was Serkan. Had it not been for his numerous saves, we would have lost. Aydin was also giving it his all, but I was unimpressed by Elyasa, Hürriyet, Koray, Ediz, Broggi, Cihan, Theo, Adem, Metin, Bebbe, Vassell and Bilal.

The one thing we did do well was rack up a slew of yellow cards: Dk. 50 Elyasa, Dk. 54 Koray, Dk. 74 Ediz, Dk. 90 Hürriyet. We probably deserved more, but the referee was kind.

Oh, and I should also mention that apart from some extra chanting of "Martyrs never die; the homeland will never be divided," and a few minutes of a chant that actually mentioned the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan, our fans did not seem any more aggressive than they do towards any other team, so, no repeat of what happened in Bursa during the first half of the season. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can catch up with this article (

Check out the few moments of excitement there were on video. And for some great photos of the match


  1. From the Video clip it was all Diyabakir and unlucky for them (but not Ankaragucu) that they didn't put a few in. As Damon says, thanks to Serkan.

    If I was Vassell and Bebbe I would be a wee bit shy of showing my face around the town. When was the last time either did what they are paid to do, ie, ...... score goals ?!

    I'm considering staying in Edinburgh for the rest of the season !!!!

  2. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Yesterday there was no Ankaragücü.
    There was only Broggi and Serkan who had resisted to Diyarbakır not to loose and we may be add them Ediz,Koray,Elyasa and Theo inorder to make a seperation with the remainings.
    It is very clear that our midfield and forward is so weak and needs to an urgent reinforcement.
    Otherwise the nightmares are so close.


  3. Jamie3:51 pm

    Vacation is good Jim! Just got back from the pyamids. This vacation is a winner in my book and I am supporting it all the way. Have some haggis for me.

  4. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Im concerned that after how bad our midfield and front line have been that the two players we look to be signing are Geremi and Rothen. Rothen has been playing with my team Rangers and he is up there with the slowest players ive ever saw, his attitude is disgusting to as he was pretending to have swine flu.
    Geremi looks past his best as well with a poor performance in the african nations. Looks to be two expensive signings wasted


  5. @Eski Actually, we were looking quite evenly matched in the first half. In the second half, not so much. Fortunately for us, Diyarbakırspor is no Trabzonspor.

    @Volkan I find myself more and more in agreement with you nowadays. Actually, you're right Broggi wasn't bad for most of the match, but, and I don't know if you caught this, he almost pulled a Mr. Lentil and let an attacker just waltz in front of the goal. Fortunately, another defender, couldn't make out who it was, had sandwiched himself between Serkan and the attacker. Otherwise that would have won the game for Diyarbakır.

    @Jamie Glad you had fun. Now back to reality, dude.

    @ Nadeem Speaking of reality, thanks for the splash of cold water in the face, Nadeem. Just more evidence that Ahmet and company have their heads up their arses.

  6. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Battle, I think that our team has no a philosophy, no organisation, no game plan.
    Everyone is trying to do somothing but no result.
    According to me the main reason of this problem is the unqualified midfield players.
    No one at the team trust their capacity.
    There sould be someone equivalent to Ceyhun to control and organise the team(atleast).
    And it is also a must that we have to transfer one speedy forward who will threat your competitors defence and disrupt their balance which we couldnot carry out till now.
    Another paragraph for Broggi, our team organisation is full of gaps and unfortunately Broggi is the only one trying to fill them and trying to indicate those gaps to the technical manager.(A useless attempt)
    Thanks to Broggi for his respect to his team.


  7. Volkan,

    Overall I agree with you. Generally Broggi does a fine job. He, Aydın, and Serkan definitely gave the best performances on Sunday.

    Spot on about the mid-field, it has been pathetic for quite some time now.

  8. Connect Kanka5:28 pm

    Greetings from Damascus.

    Seems like a rough result. Hopefully three points will come this weekend.