Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gucu has drained their cup...or, rather, the cup drained Gucu

Ankaragucu: 0 Galatasaray: 0

Trabzonspor: 2 Orduspor: 1

Eski Kanka posted the following on the Turkish Cup a little while back.

This result leaves Ankaragucu looking for TWO miracles on the 27th of January.

1. Ankaragucu must beat Galatasaray at home.
2. Trabzon must draw or lose at home to Orduspor.

I can hear lots of tee hee heeing and ho ho hoing from some of you !!! However, we must never say never in footie.

The goal difference situation certainly favours Trabzon, and with a 9 for and 2 against are defo in the driving seat.

Ankaragucu on the other hand have a 4 for and 3 against.

Let's see if the team can restore some much needed pride on the 27th. It is long overdue !!

Well, I'd say no pride was really restored. On any other day, such a result against Galatasaray wouldn't be so bad, but this result means we are out of the cup.

But really Lemerre did the right thing because even if we had won, Trabzon neither lost nor drew. Lemerre didn't field his best players and now his A-team will be a bit better rested for the match against Manisa. We got a point last week against Diyarbakırspor; let's get 3 against Manisa. That would restore some pride and possibly move us up in the league standings.

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