Tuesday, December 26, 2023



Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu’s league position in mid-table is deceptive as the half way point in the league approaches.


Mid-table safety rolls off the tongue easily, but when a closer look is taken the situation becomes sobering, ie, Played 17, won 4 and drawn 8   !!!      The reality is that 4th bottom of the league Fatih Karagumruk is only 3 points below Ankaragucu   !!


The other sobering fact is that Ankaragucu’s next opponents after the mini-winter break on 6-7 January will be 3rd top of the league Trabzon   !


I think that the best Ankaragucu can hope for in the 2nd half of the league is Super League consolidation.  


Anyway, back to last night, and unfortunately Santa Claus didn’t do Ankaragucu any favours.    While we were all scoffing our Christmas Dinners, Ankaragucu fought out yet another draw in Istanbul.  


Pendikspor         1                         ANKARAGUCU               1


Team – Bahadir, Hanousek, Mujakic, Radakovic, Atakan, Pedrinho, Ali Kaan, Renaldo, Efkan, Morutan and Ali Sowe


Substitutes – Tasos, Rodrigues and Kitsiou


The only details I have of the match are basic ......... So, if anyone did watch the match, please feel free to give details in the comments section.


Efkan scored in the 1st half and Ozturk bagged the equaliser near the end.     Also, another miserable statistic .........Ankaragucu had ONE shot on target in the match   !!!


So, in the meantime, keep watching this space when the season resumes.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, December 23, 2023




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Santa Claus came early to Ankara today  but decided not to leave any presents for Gencler.   He’s probably on his way to the Pendik district of Istanbul now to deliver his presents to Ankaragucu on Monday   !!!


GENCLERBIRLIGI          0                    Tuzlaspor             2


Team – Orkun, R. B. Cagiran, Yasin, Nzaba, Wu, Enes, Kemaloglu, M. Cagiran, Karakullukcu, Kayode and Amilton


Substitutes – Akabueze, Ugur, Erturk and Bostan


Yet another poor boring Gencler 1st half against an equally poor Tuzla team who failed to put one shot on target in the first 45 minutes.   Both goalkeepers were untroubled with some wayward shots on goal by Gencler.


However, it was a different story in the 2nd half   !


4 minutes in and the Tuzla goalkeeper had to make an instinctive save from a corner on the right which almost sneaked in.


A few minutes later Orkun made 2 crucial saves to deny Tuzla.   


Tuzla was a different team in the 2nd half and they finally broke the deadlock in the 63rd minute.    A long range shot looked to have found the target, but the ball rebounded off the bar straight to Umar who shrugged off an attempted tackle and slid the ball in.


7 minutes later and Gencler almost found the equaliser when R. B. Cagiran’s goal bound header was cleared off the line by a well placed defender.


The match was finally put to bed one minute before the final whistle and what a fantastic goal it was too.     A Tuzla attack originated on the left and the ball played into the unmarked Cinar in the centre about 25 yards out.    He took aim and sent a swerving shot into the top right with Orkun well beaten.


There was still time for Tuzla to add a 3rd when Yasin brought down an attacker in the box as he was about to cross the ball.    However, the penalty kick was well saved by Orkun.


On the balance of play I suppose it was a well deserved 3 points for Tuzla and a result which moves them out of the bottom three.


As for Gencler, they remain in 6th position in the league but the ‘vultures are circling’ in readiness to claim their play-off position   !


The league now enters a 2 weeks winter break and Gencler will be in action away to Umraniye on 13/14 January.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, December 22, 2023




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


As we are all well aware by now, it is not unusual for Ankaragucu to court controversy on a regular basis, and this season is no exception   !


You will have read from Nady’s recent post here that at the Rize match 2 weeks ago there was a flare-up at the end of the match when the referee was physically attacked by Club President Faruk Koca and others in his group.  


We are also aware of the fact that there is no love lost between The TFF and Ankaragucu and therefore a severe punishment was expected.   


Ankaragucu received a 5 match stadium ban and a fine of 2 million Turkish Lira.   However, the surprisingly good news was that there was no points deduction made.     So, I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies   !!


Turning to last night’s match at an empty Eryaman Stadium, and .........


ANKARAGUCU               0                        Hatay                 0


Team – Bahadir, Atakan, Radakovic, Mujakic, Alper, Ali Kaan, Pedrinho, Morutan, Efkan, Renaldo and Bajic


Substitutes – Hanousek, Macheda and Tasos


Ankaragucu started the match as if they would blow Hatay away, and almost received their just reward when Renaldo scored in the 9th minute when the ball was deflected into his path.   However, after a VAR check it was ruled offside from the attack in the original build-up.


That setback didn’t seem to stop Ankaragucu when they were awarded a dubious penalty 5 minutes later when it was alleged that Morutan was tripped in the box as he was heading towards the goal line to deliver a cross.


Bajic stepped-up and sent a tame shot to the left which was easily saved by the goalkeeper.


Following this, Hatay gradually came into the match, but apart from Atakan’s goal bound header being saved, both goalkeepers were untroubled when the half time whistle was blown.


It was a different story in the 2nd half when Ankaragucu had Man of the Match, Bahadir, to thank for winning a point in the end   !


For most of the 2nd half Ankaragucu had difficulty stringing passes together, except in their own half, and were guilty of resorting to the old habit of hoofing the ball anywhere out of defence when they were in panic mode   !!!


8 minutes in and it was Radakovic to the rescue when he made a saving last gasp tackle to prevent a certain goal after a Hatay forward had waltzed through 4 attempted tackles   !


Bahadir then made 3 crucial excellent saves from goal bound efforts as Hatay searched for the opening goal which their 2nd half display merited.


Ankaragucu’s only effort on goal was almost on the final whistle when Renaldo was put through in the box and the goal keeper made a good save for a corner.


This result leaves Ankaragucu still courting the relegation zone with only 4 points separating them from 4th bottom Konya.


Yet another chance to move upwards when they travel to play 2nd bottom of the league Pendikspor on Monday..........Oh yes, and thank you very much TFF for scheduling this match on Christmas Day   !!!


Your correspondents will be involved in family festivities and therefore unable to provide a match report.      However, I’ll post some sketchy details here the following day at some point   !!!


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, December 20, 2023




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


After some recent disappointing performances and results, Gencler returned to the play-off zone last night with a fortunate late winner and all 3 points.


It wasn’t a pretty match to watch and I thought it was heading for another 0-0 draw until Gencler broke the deadlock almost on the final whistle.


Giresun is looking doomed even at this stage of the season.     Stuck in 2nd bottom position in the league, they had zero shots on target last night against an average Gencler team.


Giresun             0                     GENCLERBIRLIGI                1


Team – Orkun, Erturk, Yasin, M. Cagiran, Nzaba, Ugur, R. B. Cagiran, Akabueze, Rodrigues, Amilton and M. Yatabare


Substitutes – Oltan, Kemaloglu, Ozturk, Enes and Yigit


Gencler almost had a dream start when they were awarded a penalty inside the first 2 minutes.   A Gencler attacker was heading towards the goal line with the ball going out of play and a follow-through tackle brought him down.     A harsh decision in my opinion   !


Anyway, R. B. Cagiran stepped up and sent in a fierce shot which hit the bar, rebounded into play and was cleared.


Not much else of interest in the 1st half with play going from end to end and both goalkeepers untroubled.


It was mostly all Gencler in the 2nd half as they searched for the opening goal which their play deserved.


Amilton almost scored 5 minutes in when he waltzed into the Giresun box, avoiding 4 attempted tackles but his shot was deflected for a corner.


10 minutes later Amilton was brought down just outside the box on the left as he was about to shoot.    The goal bound free kick was well saved by the goalkeeper and from the subsequent corner, he made another crucial save.


10 minutes to go and Oltan’s goal bound shot was well saved.


Then with 2 minutes to go till the final whistle, Amilton received his reward for an industrious performance when he finally broke the deadlock.


It arose out of pathetic defending when the Giresun defenders were dithering to clear the ball from the box.    Quick as a flash, Amilton picked up the loose ball, and surrounded by 3 defenders, shot inside the right post.     


Next up for Gencler is a home match against 3rd bottom of the league Tuzla.    A golden opportunity for Gencler to stake a claim for 2nd top spot and put the frighteners up Kocaeli in the automatic promotion position.  


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Ankaragucu president Faruk Koca arrested for punching referee!


I have supported Ankaragucu for 14 years and nothing surprises me anymore. I have seen so much crazy things in Turkish football, with Ankaragucu involved in a lot of those incidents. Even last nights drama which has made headlines across the rest of the world wasn't really a shock as i have seen this coming for a long time now. 

Turkish football has had problems in the past with corruption and match fixing, and for those very reasons it makes fans of most clubs sceptical of decisions that are made that go against their team. There is so much pressure from fans of Istanbul clubs to get decisions right with all 3 accusing referees of being bias against their team, especially if they lose. 

Its no different for clubs like Ankaragucu who feel that those decisions also go against the team and bias towards Istanbul clubs.

Faruk Koca who is president of Ankaragucu funnily enough won Turkish Super Lig fair play award last year. But he has for a long time been warning the TFF and referees of some of the ridiculous decisions that have went against the club, even with VAR in operation. 

Its not for me to debate whether its corruption or just woeful refereeing. But when you have a history of match fixing, corruption and a Turkish Football Federation that is completely and utterly inept, then these type of allegations are normal.

I watch very Ankargucu game, and i am not someone who has a go at referees in general. However the decisions that have went against the team dont make any sense, especially when you can now refer to VAR. Its every game we are seeing these type of decisions go against the team.

Last nights match was a huge game for the club as they are involved in a relegation battle. They had a goal chopped off early on which to be fair you could understand they referee decision and no complaints were made. 

Halil Umut Meler last night booked Ankargucu captain Ali Sowe for asking him a question in regards to a foul. You can see Ali is calm and as team captain was simply asking a question. Halil didnt like this and decided to book him. 

The full match he walked about the pitch with arrogance and made bad decision after bad decision. 

Then came the talking point as Captain Ali Sowe was shown a second yellow card for what? His arm was on his opponents back as they both challenged for the ball. It wasnt even a foul. 

If Halil did believe this was a foul then incredibly minutes later a Rizespor made the exact same challenge and wasn't booked. There were also another couple of bad challenges from Rizespor players that went unpunished. 

Ankargucu were in complete control of the match but lost a goal in injury time which saw the team drop 2 points. 

Faruk Koca saw red and entered the park and punched the referee, and another kicked him while he was on the ground. 

The Turkish FA have suspended all matches and we now await the next steps. 

I dont condone violence, but the Turkish FA until they clean the game out and form a strong federation that can take the game forward and forge relationships, these acts are only going to continue. 



Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Football will ultimately take a back seat to the flare-up which occurred after the final whistle last night when the referee, Halil Meler, was physically attacked by the Ankaragucu President, Faruk Koca, and others.    Disgraceful scenes which will have dire consequences for Faruk Bey and The Club.    More details of this incident and the subsequent action taken will be posted here soon.


However, for now, I return to football and last night’s match ........


I have been reminded quite a few times over the years by Battle Damaged Kanka Damon that ball possession doesn’t necessarily win matches, and so it proved again last night.


With Ankaragucu playing the 2nd half with 10 men, Rize took full advantage and boasted 68% possession, but in the end they only had 2 shots on target to show for it   !!


It was a bad tempered match at times with Rize resorting to over physical measures.     The referee showed 2 red cards and 6 yellow cards   !!


ANKARAGUCU            1                         Rize             1


Team – Bahadir, Atakan, Radakovic, Mujakic, Alper, Ali Kaan, Pedrinho, Morutan, Efkan, Renaldo and Ali


Substitutes – Tasos, Macheda, Rodrigues and Andrej


Ankaragucu made a great start after only 10 minutes when the ball was played to Ali just inside the box on the right.   He then avoided tackles from 3 defenders and shot inside the right post.     However, celebrations were cut short when the referee was directed to the VAR and then disallowed the goal for a handball by Renaldo prior to the build up to the attack.


But, 3 minutes later and Ankaragucu found the goal when Morutan received a pass 30 yards out and drove into the box on the right.   He sent his rasping shot inside the left post for an excellent individual goal.


Ali had 2 further chances to add a 2nd before the half time whistle.     Firstly from a corner, he sent his downward header just past the post, and then scuffed his shot past after good build-up play.


The Ankaragucu defence held firm and restricted Rize to zero shots on target   !!


The 2nd half was only 1 minute old when things started to go pear-shaped for Ankaragucu.    Ali, who had received a yellow card for arguing in the 1st half, was shown a 2nd yellow card for a clumsy push in the back on a Rize player.   A foul, no doubt about it, but hardly malicious and never deserving of a RED card   !!!


Despite being down to 10 men, Ankaragucu should have put the match to bed in the 2nd half as they upped their work rate and continued to attack.     Tasos replaced the ineffective Renaldo and then Macheda came on to lead the line.


The 2nd goal wouldn’t come and that was all down to a brilliant display by my Man of the Match, former Ankaragucu goalkeeper, Gokhan Akkan, who performed heroics.


Firstly, Efkan’s free kick rebounded off the wall which was collected by Pedrinho who sent a bullet of a shot to inside the right post, but somehow Gokhan got a finger to it to push the ball around the post.


Efkan, Pedrinho and Tasos had further goal bound shots saved to add to the frustration.


Into time added on and Emirhan of Rize was shown a 2nd yellow card which was well deserved after his niggling fouls and petulance throughout the match   !!


Then, almost on the whistle for the end of the match, and the cruel undeserving blow for the Ankaragucu defence.     A cross came in which was attacked by a Rize striker when his header rebounded off the post.     Gaich who was following-up had an empty goal as he sent the ball in via his chest for the lucky equaliser   !!       A cruel blow to the Ankaragucu defence which had played so well throughout.


As I said earlier, details of the flare-up will be posted here by Nady soon.     A punishment will obviously be given to Ankaragucu but we await in trepidation as to its severity   !!!


So, if the TFF allows Ankaragucu to play their match next weekend, it will be an away match against Alanya on Sunday 17 December.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, December 10, 2023




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Unbeaten in their last 8 league matches, Gencler was outplayed in the 2nd half tonight.    However, it could have been a different scenario if they hadn’t missed a penalty with the score at 0-0 and then having to play most of the 2nd half with 10 men   !!


Consequently, Gencler slip one league position to 7th, while Goztepe move up to 3rd, only 3 points behind 2nd top Kocaeli, and on this form are looking probable promotion contenders.


GENCLERBIRLIGI             0                    Goztepe           3


Team – Orkun, Ugur, Nzaba, Amilton, Yasin, M. Cagiran, Akabueze, Erturk, Kayode, Kemaloglu and M. Yatabare


Substitutes – Ortan, R. B. Cagiran, Ozturk and Enes


The 1st half was instantly forgettable, with Gencler registering zero shots on target (only one in the 2nd half   !!).


Goztepe only seriously troubled Orkun once near the half time whistle when he saved a long range goal bound free kick.


It looked like the tide had changed for Gencler when they were awarded a penalty 8 minutes into the 2nd half.     I have to say that it was a rather harsh decision when M. Cagiran made a meal of an innocuous tackle as he was facing the corner flag direction.


Amilton took responsibility and sent a weak shot to the left which was easily saved by the goalkeeper.


10 minutes later and Kayode received his 2nd yellow card for obviously saying something to the referee which he shouldn’t have   !!!


6 minutes later and the opening goal arrived, which on the balance of play, was not unexpected.      


A corner was sent over to the centre and Lasse came flying in to bullet his header inside the left post.


3 minutes later and Gencler equalised, but it was correctly ruled out for offside.


5 minutes later and an excellent 2nd goal when Goztepe made a fast break down the right.    The cut-back was made inside the box to Taore who rifled the ball in.


4 minutes to go and another piece of skill by Traore when he made himself available on the left.    He cut into the box, and his shot flew inside the left post to put the icing on the cake   !!


So, Gencler now has 5 days to prepare to put the show back on the road.     On paper, their next match shouldn’t be a problem, but as Gencler has discovered, there are no ‘easy’ matches in this league   !!


They will travel to 2nd bottom of the league Giresun on Friday 15 December.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Thursday, December 07, 2023




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu is safely into the 5th Round of The Turkish Cup tonight, but not without some heart-stopping moments in the 1st half when Iskenderun of the 2nd League almost snatched the lead in the last 15 minutes.


ANKARAGUCU           3                  Iskenderunspor           1


Team – Rafat, Hanousek, Atakan, Kitsou, Mert, Cem. Andrei, Tasos, Rodrigues, Bajic and Macheda


Substitutes – Pedrinho, Efkan, Ali Kaan, Hayrullah and Renaldo


I was unable to watch the first 30 minutes as i was on Taxi Duties for ‘she who must be obeyed’   !!!       However, from replays, Ankaragucu was awarded a penalty after 15 minutes which was despatched by Bajic inside the left post with the goalkeeper almost stopping it.


7 minutes later and Iskender was level when a cross was sent in from the right to the far post. Yokuslu was first to it ahead of Hanousek and he sent a header inside the opposite post.


Bajic almost put Ankaragucu ahead on the half hour mark with a goal bound overhead kick inside the 6 yard box but the goalkeeper pulled-off a great save to tip the ball over the bar.


Approaching half time and it was Iskenderun asking all the questions of the Ankaragucu defence   !!   


Rafat was in excellent form when he saved a certain goal bound shot, and then just before the half time whistle he made another excellent save.    From the resultant corner, an Iskenderun forward sent his shot into the side netting.


The 2nd half was only 1 minute old when a sloppy back-pass was pounced on by an Iskenderun forward on the left.    He sent an astute pass to an unmarked colleague in the centre, but fortunately his shot went narrowly past the post.


Ankaragucu finally woke-up at this point and started to look threatening.    But, it took until the 67th minute for them to make the breakthrough   !


It was a well worked team goal.    From a free kick inside their own half, the ball was sent to Rodrigues on the left who then passed inside to Efkan just outside the box to the left of centre.   Efkan then sent a well placed shot to the top left.     The sighs of relief all round must have been Deafening   !!!


7 minutes later and the match was put to bed.      Efkan with a sublime pass to Tasos, who read it well, and off he scurried towards the out-rushing goalkeeper.    He kept his head and lobbed the ball over him and into an empty net.


Renaldo almost made it 4 a few minutes later, but his shot was saved for a corner.


All credit to Iskenderun for not being overawed by the occasion and they still persisted with their attacking plan until the final whistle.     On their form shown tonight they will surely be contenders for promotion to The Championship League this season.


The 5th Round of the Cup will probably be played in January or February.


Back to league action next Monday 11 December when Ankaragucu will be at home against Rize.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, December 06, 2023




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


With 8 matches kicking off at the same time, I was obviously unable to watch the Gencler match, so have only been able to include sketchy details.


Gencler fielded mostly fringe team players since they were at home to a 3rd League team and some fans would have, no doubt, be questioning that decision when they went in 0-0 at half time.


 GENCLERBIRLIGI          4                  Viven Bornova          1


Team – Yigit, Erturk, Cetin, Ozturk, Amilton, Kemaloglu, Celik, Wu, Karakullukcu, Rodrigues and Bostan


Substitutes – Mert, Enes, Nzaba, Akgul and Kabasakal


However, the half time team talk obviously did the trick when Karakullukcu opened the scoring after only 1 minute.


Further goals followed 10 minutes later from Rodrigues and  Bostan before Senturk scored for Bornova with 20 minutes to go.


Into time added on and Akgul wrapped it up with the 4th.


So, Gencler safely into the 5th Round which will take place after the winter break in January or February.


Up next, and it’s back to league business with a top 6 clash on Sunday 10 December when Goztepe will be the visitors.


As always, watch this space for the details.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, December 04, 2023


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


The final score yesterday was probably a fair reflection on the balance of play, with neither team dominating proceedings.


Gencler is fast becoming the draw specialists of this league with them registering their 6th draw of the season, however on the plus side, they remain unbeaten in their last 8 league matches.


Erzurumspor          1                 GENCLERBIRLIGI           1


Team – Orkun, Yasin, M. Cagiran, Nzaba, Ugur, Akabueze, Wu, Erturk, Enes. M. Yatabare and Kayode


Substitutes – Ozturk, Bugra, Oltan, Rodrigues and Yigit


The match didn’t ‘wake up’ until the 25th minute when Erzurum almost took advantage of a Gencler defensive error.    A weak back pass by a Gencler defender was pounced on and the goal bound shot was well saved by Orkun.    From the resulting corner, Orkun again made a good save from a shot on target.


Gencler had a chance to open the scoring on the half hour mark when Yatabare’s goal bound header was well saved for a corner.


Then shortly before the half time whistle came a piece of individual skill from Eren when he received a pass on the right.     He was forced almost to the goal line but managed to round the out rushing Orkun to send his angled shot inside the far post.


Into the 2nd half and Erzurum almost found their 2nd goal when Wu cleared a shot off the line with Orkun beaten.


15 minutes to go and again Erzurum almost scored when Sefa sent in a bullet of a shot which rebounded off the post to safety.


Gencler’s persistence paid off 5 minutes later when they found the equaliser and it was a well worked goal.   From a corner on the right, Cagiran was not picked-up and was allowed to ghost in unchallenged to glance his header inside the left post.


Inside time added on and Gencler had a golden opportunity to sneak all 3 points when Kayode’s shot from inside the 6 yard box was blasted over the bar.


Gencler remain in a challenging position in the league but slip to 6th.     


Next up is a crucial home match on Sunday 10 December against fellow promotion hopefuls Goztepe who are just above Gencler in 4th position.


However, prior to that the focus returns to the 4th Round of  The Turkish Cup.     Gencler will play Bornova at home on Wednesday 6 December.


As always, watch this space for the outcome of both matches.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim