Monday, September 27, 2010

Football and literacy

People who slag off the Harry Potter series of books are elitist wankers. JK Rowlings' books may be run of the mill but at least they get the kiddies reading, and any reading is a good thing for children, if only so that one day they may be able to graduate to Ankara's foremost football site of record, which incidently only requires a vocabulary of 310 words ... only ten more than that needed to read The Sun, although the sentences may be quite a bit longer here, as this sentence proves.

Which is a long way of saying I was delighted the other day when Little Oz Kanka (age six) came home with a book from his school library titled "World of Football". Admittedly it is a bit light on the Ankara football scene but I was proud to see that years of me pushing football down his throat meant he had no worries in recognising the word "Uruguay" for example, but he did get stuck on some of the stuff in the glossary of football terms at the end of the book.

As you can see if you click on the picture below, the glossary includes all the stuff you would expect, ie: stadium, trophy, league, foward etc. etc.. But take a look at the second entry. I certainly lifted my eyebrows when I saw that one and it resulted in the following conversation a few minutes ago.

Little Oz: What does this say Daddy, I can't read it.

Big Oz: Err... Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Little Oz: What does that mean?

Big Oz: Well, it is a disease-type ... thing.

Little Oz: Does it kill you?

Big Oz: It can.

Little Oz: Do you get it from playing football?

Big Oz: No, no. Don't you worry.

Little Oz: How do you get it then?

Big Oz: Do you want to watch the Disney Channel?

Little Oz: Yey! Bye dad. (Little Oz Kanka rushes off to the salon to watch Hannah Montana)

By the way, people who slag off Hanah Montana are elitist wankers.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The derby goes to Gencler

The sun was shining and was good in the world as the Kankas filed into the Beer Bus. There were way to many people to mention but let's just say that us Gencler lot comprised solely of Dan the Man, myself and Little Oz Kanka. Having to get tickets, the poor old Ankaragucu lot had to leave a good half hour before we did. Even then we had time to go have another beer at the TSYD Lokal next to the stadium where we found Oguz.

Enjoying the beer a few minutes before kick-off and we noticed that Gencler Chairman Ilhan Cavcav was sitting at the next table. Never one to allow my principles to get in the way of anything I got my photo taken with the man. Little Oz Kanka refused to be photographed - a stance that was later much appreciated by various Gencler supporters who have been calling on Cavcav to resign for the past five years.

The photo that brought good luck to Cavcav and therefore to Gencler.

Got to our seats, well... the top of Maraton where we were standing, just in time for the national anthem.

First 20 minutes or so were a bit boring with neither team really getting out of first gear. I don't think there was a single shot on goal from either side but Ankaragucu were probably in a more attacking mood. Things changed a bit and Gencler started attacking. Aussie Jedinak had a shot saved by the Ankaragucu keeper in the 25th or so and Smeltz was unable to convert a good chance after the ball hit the post. Still, not much happening, except for poor old Gencler keeper Serdar who had to leave the stadium in an ambulance after a collision with Meye who was shown a yellow card for his troubles.

Then came the fun when Serkan was taken down in the box and the ref pointed to the spot. It looked pretty clear to me but I've yet to see any replays. Shane Smetlz stepped up and scored the first ever goal by Kiwi in the Turkish Super Lig. An historic day!

One up at half-time and all was good with the world.

Second half and Ankaragucu attempted a fight back only to be rumbled time and again by Ante Kulusic and Aykut Demir at the back. This was text book defending and both players and great stuff to watch.

The Ankaragucu fans started to get a pissed off by now and the first cries of "Umut istifa" started up. Not long later it was "Yonetim istifa" and then went up the cry of "satilik degiliz ankaragucluyuz", the last one getting a warm applause from the Gencler fans.

There were quite a few Ankaragucu fans in the Gencler section, including Kaleci Kanka Tansu but as always there were no problems.

At one stage Tansu noted that there seemed to be some foreigners in the stand (as we were above them the only evidence he had was the colour of their hair on the back of their heads). I went and annoyed them and it turns out they were students at Bilkent University. So the Bilkent teachers were in the Ankaragucu stand and the students with us.

Match over and a good victory for Gencler. It wasn't brilliant but it probably saved Gencler coach Thomas Doll's job.

Back to the Beer Bus where the students and the teachers met up. More beers and in honour of Dave and Carol who were in town for the weekend we all decided to support West Bromich Albion who were playing away to Arsenal. The Alkaralar table also decided to support them and a surprise victory for Albion topped off a great day.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A penalty decides it

Just a quick note to say that Genclerbirligi have won the Ankara derby 1-0, thanks to a penalty well taken by Kiwi Shane Smeltz. More news on the match and the Beer Bus tomorrow

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's behave ourselves

As the events that occurred during Monday night's Gaziantep-Bursa match involved our brother team, as well as the fact that I can easily conceive of one of our fans doing the same thing the Gaziantep fan did, I decided to make a brief comment. First of all, if you don't know what happened, you'll probably want to take a look.

My plea to Gucu fans is simply the following:

"Let us not be a reason for Gucu losing any points. Let us not be shut out of our own stadium anymore. Remember, referees should be targets for linguistic creativity NOT for projectiles."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well, that was crap

All by my lonesome at the Beer Bus tonight. At least I had Efes to keep me company. The vast majority of the Alkaralar crowd were in Karabuk for the match and strangely the Karabukspor fans in the Beer Bus equalled the Gencler fans...

Karabukspor 3 - 0 Genclerbirligi

What can I say about a match in which we were rubbish. Our defence was crap, our midfield worse and our attacking players ... oh shit.

Yet again this is going to be a short report.

Besides one or two decent attacks, Shane Smeltz looked good at times, Gencler were not exactly inspiring.

I haven't seen any reports yet (most journos are probably still watching the Istanbul derby as I type) but my guess is that our coach Thomas Doll will not see out the week.

oh yeah, Hursut also got himself a red card for swearing... whatever happened to freedom of speech. I also saw in the papers today that the police are looking to identify (and charge) 20 people who booed PM Erdogan at the basketball world cup final. Yep, welcome to the new Turkey.

It was all forgettable stuff. Well done to Karabukspor, they deserved the victory.

As for the Ankara derby next week, I live in fear.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankara was bathed in sunshine yesterday as Ankaragucu collected 3 valuable points. However, the scoreline tends to flatter Ankaragucu and they will not have opponents as generous as Kasimpasa every week !

ANKARAGUCU 3 Kasimpasa 0

It was a large kanka gathering which turned-up at the Beer Bus Bar. Apart from the 'regulars' (Maniac, Battle Damaged and I) there was Romania Kankie Mary and 15 Bilkent Babes and Braves - too numerous to name ! I am sure that Martyn, Robbie, Steve and Jamie (our departed Bilkent Kankas) would have been proud to see such numbers show up !

Battle Damaged and I organised the taxi procession to the Stadium and in we went without any hitches. The Stadium was almost full in the Ankaragucu sections, but I counted only 3 lonely souls in the away section !!

Team -

Guven, Rajnoch, Klukowski and Muhammet
Weeks, Adem, Gabric and Sapara
Vittek and Metin

Substitutes - Ozgur for Gabric in the 1st half
Ugur and Meye in the 2nd half

The match started at a furious pace with both teams in attacking mode.

The pace slowed down a little after 15 minutes but it was still end to end stuff with both goalkeepers kept busy. Kasimpasa made it clear that they didn't come to be the whipping-dogs, and Ankaragucu made it clear that they were still learning how to pass the ball consistently and effectively !!

New signing Gabic went off on the half hour mark (injury ?) to be replaced by my Man of the Match, Ozgur, who had an impressive match, especially in the 2nd half. The Kasimpasa defenders were at a loss how to play him !

Vittek had a good match up front, but time and time again there was nobdy 'in the hole' to pick up his deft flicks and headers. Metin was lying too deep most of the time and that needs to be corrected if Ankaragucu is going to trouble defences.

The first goal came with sighs of relief and hi-fives all round and it was a classic predatory goal from Metin after great work by Vittek. Vittek eluded the Kasimpasa defender on the left and angled a shot for goal which Murat in goal did well to parry. However, Metin was lurking in the right place at the right time and he dived full length to head in. Great goal.

The 2nd half started with Kasimpasa taking the game to Ankaragucu and with Ozden in fine form they soaked it up for the first 10 minutes or so before the match was turned on its head.

A straight red card was shown to Bebbe for hauling back (Ozgur or Vittek - couldn't see clearly) just outside the penalty box as he broke through and was about to shoot. Sapara took on the responsibility for the free kick and sent it past 'the wall' into the bottom left hand corner. A well executed free kick and cue to up the volume. The tribunes were in full cry now !

Ten minutes later and it was three. Meye beat two defenders on the right, looked up, and swung over a perfect cross for the inrushing Vittek. However, the defender, Dos Santos, beat him to the ball and headed a great goal which Vittek would have been proud of !!

It was all Ankaragucu now and those first half passes which went astray were now a distant memory !

A 2nd Red Card came with 10 minutes to go when Sancak put his boot into Ozgur's face presumably going for the same ball. Whether it was deliberate or not is open to conjecture, but the fact is that the referee saw it as deliberate and off he went.

With Kasimpasa down to 9 men the tribunes were screaming and baying for more ....bes bes bes (5, 5, 5) the call rang round the Stadium. However, for some strange reason Ankaragucu took their foot off the gas and played practice passing ! Kasimpasa too were happy to see the match out and settle for 3-0. So, the match petered out to the final whistle.

So, yes, 3 goals and 3 points, but in all honesty there needs to be some hard work done this week on the training ground in preparation for the Ankara Derby next Saturday ........ KO 3.30pm.

After the final whistle and a chance for the players to salute the tribunes with a dance and a song. Then out came a few bagloads of Ankaragucu footballs which the players kicked into Maraton and Gecikondu. Unbelievable stuff - just like Christmas in September ! One of our kankies (Sophie ?) managed to catch one.

Back to the Beer Bus Bar to celebrate and that doesn't happen too often.

Bring on Gencler next week yesssssssssssssssss !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The following resport on last night's match is from Oz Kanka Chris. He's having a few wee problems with his computer but ....... Eski to the rescue.

QUOTE .....

A shot!

With the referendum and the basketball out of the way it was back to the league Monday night and all was good in the world as Gencler finally got themselves together and not only came up with shots on goal but also shots in the goal.

Genclerbirlgi 2 - 1 Istanbul BBS

A lonely turnout at the Beer Bus with just myself and newbie Victor from the Magyar Embassy. A couple of beers there and then we headed off to the Genclik Spor Lokal (I think that's what it is called) to meet up with Emin and Oguz and a couple more beers.

It was just like the good ol' days at the Sahil Pub in Genclik Park. ie crap music but drinking beer until five minutes before kick-off.

A small crowd but we were in for a treat as Gencler came flying out of the gate. The Istanbul keeper was forced to save a header in the second minute from new signing Shane Smeltz and then a minute later Zec sent across a lovely ball only to see Billy Mehmet send it out when it should have gone into the back of the net.

The crowd was in good cheer but not a lot was happening until Zec was brought down in the box and the referee rightly pointed to the spot.

Mr. Mehmet stood up and calmly potted it. Gencler 1 - 0.

Dan the Man then arrived at the stadium and therefore the rest of the half was crap. Oh yes, Istanbul scored just before half time from a free kick. It looked to us as if Serdar hadn't set the wall right but according to talk at half-time Billy Mehmet had moved out of the wall and it was into that gap that the ball flew through.

The second half was mainly forgettable except for the referee and linesman who were doing there best Laural and Hardy impersonation. My God the referee was crap. There were clear fouls that weren't given, fouls against us that go unpunished in the Under 6' and then one clear failure to play advantage when we were on goal. It isn't to often that you here the fans all shouting "hakem disari" when their own team has just been awarded a free-kick.

It had the makings of a 1-1 draw when Gencler won a corner in the 80th after some good play. I can't remember who sent it in but Orhan Sam got onto the end of it and ..... hooray.

Cue cheering from the fans and a not so tense last 10 minutes, Istanbul weren't very good really, and then the final whistle. Hooray again. Another chant of "acemi hakem" and then the Gencler players came over to celebrate with the fans. It may have just been Istanbul but for us it was if we had won the league. Until last night Gencler have been playing like amateurs. It may not have been brilliant football but for us it was a brilliant result.


All the best from Oz Kanka Chris via Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

If you like Basketball then it was a good night to be in Turkey last night. However, us long suffering Ankaragucu fanatiks had absolutely nothing to cheer about last night !

Besiktas 4 ANKARAGUCU 0

Besiktas is not the best team around at the moment, but it looked like Ankaragucu wanted them to be just that !

Apart from the first 30 minutes of the match when Meye scored and we were all up on our feet hugging and giving hi-fives, that was to be the last time you saw anything approaching a smile from us. btw, Meye was offside !

The kankas (Maniac Harun, Battle Damaged Damon, Liverpool Dan and I) had to sit through the remaining 60 minutes and watch as Ankaragucu was humiliated. It was grim.

The damning statistic, which speaks volumes, was that Ankaragucu had 39% of possession, and apart from Meye's 'goal' and a shot from Vittek which rebounded off a post, Ankaragucu never threatened 'new boy' Cenk in the Besiktas goal.

Team -

Ugur, Klukowski, Zewlakow, Aydin
Hurriyet, Murat, Sapara, Guven
Mehmet and Meye

Substitutes used - Ozgur, Vittek and Adem

The goals were all well taken by a team which out-ran, out-fought and out-thought Ankaragucu.

Bobo scored after 30 minutes and then when Besiktas ran riot in the 2nd half, Bobo added another. Toraman and Nobre finished the demolishion job !

Some of the kankas may disagree with me, but I'm not going to blame Ozden for any of the goals. The first one for example was a well placed header from Bobo which wrong-footed Ozden. He was left unguarded by an inept performance from the whole team, especially his 'defenders'.

So, what now ? Well for one thing, if I was the Kasimpasa Coach I would be licking my lips in anticipation of an easy win next Saturday ! I've decided not to take my optimism pills next week and will go to the Stadium fearing the worst !

We anticipate having a few lady kankies with us next week, so we will meet in the Beer Bus Bar at 3pm next Saturday and go to the Stadium at 4.30pm. Notwithstanding last night's result, the Stadium is expected to be full for the 'first' home league match of the season.

All the best from a 'depressed' (I've pinched Oz Kanka's word !!) Eski Kanka Jim

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After Oz Kanka's justifiable rant a few weeks ago prior to his aborted trip to Eski's City, the TFF has finally seen sense and taken up our suggestion of giving fixtures well ahead of schedule.

Not only do we have this weekend's fixtures well in advance, but now the following weekend.

So, diaries out and .............

Saturday 18 September - KO 6pm - Ankaragucu v Kasimpasa

Sunday 19 September - KO 6pm - Karabuk v Gencler

Is this just a glitch in the TFF corridors of power, or ........ will this efficient pre-planning and pre-warning continue ? Time will tell me thinks !

Anyway, and for the time being, well done TFF !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This is normally a taboo subject for me, but it got me to thinking when I saw the fixture list for next weekend.

Footie on Friday, Saturday and Monday. But, NOT on Sunday !

Why drag out all those luvvlie Gencler fans on a Monday night when they could have been at the Stadium on Sunday ? Good question !

The answer is that a certain person in the Government decided to hold a Referendum on the Turkish Constitution on Sunday 12 September which means that there will be no footie that day, and more importantly for Eski, all pubs will be closed arghhhhh !!!

For those with bad memories, the 12th of September 1980 was a special day in Turkish history when Eski Kanka's hero figure (no .... not Sir William Wallace !!) changed the course of Turkey's direction and put Turkey on the right path !

I will say no more on the subject because all the left-wingers in the kanka group will be poised like coiled springs ready to comment when they read this !!!

Anyway, back to footie and the fixtures for this weekend are .......

Saturday 11 September KO 9.30pm - Beshiktrash v ANKARAGUCU (watching in The Beer Bus Bar)

Monday 13 September KO 9.30pm - Gencler v Istanbul BBS (meeting in the Beer Bus Bar prior to the match as normal - Oz Kanka will say when).

All the best from The Right Winger Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, September 03, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Here is an excellent article from Bellshill Kanka Nadeem tracing the African connection with Ankaragucu in recent times.

Some you will remember and some will be a distant haze, but I've put my favourite African's photo up as a reminder. Of course, it is Augustine Ahinful.

Quote ........

Ive just wrote a wee article for the blog in tribute to Africa. The club has had a lot of African players and i thought it would be nice to hear peoples views on them.

Ankaragucu is a club that has seen players from many countries pull on the Yellow and Blue Jersey, i felt it would be nice to remember the African players who have played for the club and see what the Kankas memories are of them.

One of the first players i came across was N'Dayi Kalenga is a former Zaire international who played 87 Games for the club scoring 24 goals. A midfielder who played for three seasons in Ankara from 1994-97 before moving onto Altay.

Fans favourite and Ghana international Augustine Ahinful had two spells with Ankaragucu playing 133 games and scoring 44 goals, a good record for Augustine, a quick and powerful forward who would be a key player in the team today. Also had a spell with Trabzonspor, Borussia Dortmund, Fc Zurich amongst a few clubs but his best time in his career was with Ankaragucu.

Stephen Baidoo was a Ghana international signed from Ashanti Gold in 1996, the midfielder had a fantastic career at the club and had two spells playing 160 games scoring 38 goals. Baidoo spent 7 years at the club and also had a spell with Samsunspor before moving back home to King Faisal in 2006.

The 1997-98 season saw a small but quick forward in Ferdinand Coulibaly from Mali sign for the club from Gaziantepspor. He only played one season in Ankara playing 27 games and scoring 13 goals before moving back to Gaziantepspor.

Ankaragucu fans were delighted when we signed former Arsenal and Paris SG striker from Guinea, Kabba Diawara. It proved to be a poor signing though as Kabba played 12 games and only the 1 goal in a game against Bursaspor.

Another striker from Ghana Ohene Kennedy spent 5 years at the club. Kennedy was highly rated when he came to Ankara after a fantastic spell in Saudi Arabia with Al Nasr. Gave good service to the club before moving to Adanaspor in 2002.

Nil Lamptey when he broke into the Ghana squad at 17 was tipped as one of the most talanted players in world football. At the age 0f 16 he was playing first team football for Anderlecht and then won a big move to PSV. In his first and only season for the dutch club he was sensational scoring 10 goals. All the top clubs in Europe wanted him, he agreed a move to the premiership with Aston Villa. From then on his career was never the same and he never reached the heights that he promised so much. The death of his 2 kids and a young african player messed about by greedy agents sadly saw the gifted player turn into a journeyman. Nil pulled on the Ankaragucu jersey in the 1997-98 season scoring 1 goal in his 10 appearances.

In 1995-96 Ankaragucu welcomed Congo striker Bunene Ngaduane to the club, he went on to play 26 games and score 9 goals before moving onto Qwa Qwa Stars. Another member of the Zaire national team along with Ankaragucu team mate N'Dayi Kalenga.

Gustav Bebbe, Cameroon international player who also has had two spells at the club. His first spell was a successful one playing 66 games with 25 goals, skillfull strong player who could also play out wide. Had a poor second stint at the club last season. Now playing with Kasimpasa.

Last January the club signed Cameroon international Geremi Nijtap from Newcastle. An important player who helped the team avoid relagation. Played at right back and scored a couple of important penalties. Currently without a club.

The current Ankaragucu squad have three Africans, Roguy Meye from Gabon, and Liberian duo Theo weeks and Tonia Tisdell. They will be hoping they can be as succesfull as there fellow africans have been in the past.

Among other africans who have wore the Blue and Yellow colours are Victor Agali (Nigeria), Ismael Bouzid (Algeria), James Debbah (Liberia), Mohamed Farouk (Egypt), Mohamed Ali Ghairani (Tunisia), Mohamed Gouda (Tunisia), Tchiressoua Guel (Senegal), Norman Mapeza (Zimbabwe), Helman Mkhalele (South Africa), Madiou Konate (Senegal), Habib Mohamed (Ghana), Tarek Mostafa (Egypt), Dumisa Ngobe (South Africa), Calvin Sosibo (South Africa), Abdoul Salam Sow (Guinea), Godfrey Sapula (South Africa), Jean Effa Owona (Cameroon), Edouard Ndeki (Cameroon), David Nyathi (South Africa)

It really is fantastic when you see the amount of different nationalites who have played for the club and this is just from Africa itself. We will also look at Europe and South America in the coming months and see how they have influenced the club.



Thanks for this 'history lesson' Nadeem and look forward to the next one !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim