Sunday, September 26, 2010

The derby goes to Gencler

The sun was shining and was good in the world as the Kankas filed into the Beer Bus. There were way to many people to mention but let's just say that us Gencler lot comprised solely of Dan the Man, myself and Little Oz Kanka. Having to get tickets, the poor old Ankaragucu lot had to leave a good half hour before we did. Even then we had time to go have another beer at the TSYD Lokal next to the stadium where we found Oguz.

Enjoying the beer a few minutes before kick-off and we noticed that Gencler Chairman Ilhan Cavcav was sitting at the next table. Never one to allow my principles to get in the way of anything I got my photo taken with the man. Little Oz Kanka refused to be photographed - a stance that was later much appreciated by various Gencler supporters who have been calling on Cavcav to resign for the past five years.

The photo that brought good luck to Cavcav and therefore to Gencler.

Got to our seats, well... the top of Maraton where we were standing, just in time for the national anthem.

First 20 minutes or so were a bit boring with neither team really getting out of first gear. I don't think there was a single shot on goal from either side but Ankaragucu were probably in a more attacking mood. Things changed a bit and Gencler started attacking. Aussie Jedinak had a shot saved by the Ankaragucu keeper in the 25th or so and Smeltz was unable to convert a good chance after the ball hit the post. Still, not much happening, except for poor old Gencler keeper Serdar who had to leave the stadium in an ambulance after a collision with Meye who was shown a yellow card for his troubles.

Then came the fun when Serkan was taken down in the box and the ref pointed to the spot. It looked pretty clear to me but I've yet to see any replays. Shane Smetlz stepped up and scored the first ever goal by Kiwi in the Turkish Super Lig. An historic day!

One up at half-time and all was good with the world.

Second half and Ankaragucu attempted a fight back only to be rumbled time and again by Ante Kulusic and Aykut Demir at the back. This was text book defending and both players and great stuff to watch.

The Ankaragucu fans started to get a pissed off by now and the first cries of "Umut istifa" started up. Not long later it was "Yonetim istifa" and then went up the cry of "satilik degiliz ankaragucluyuz", the last one getting a warm applause from the Gencler fans.

There were quite a few Ankaragucu fans in the Gencler section, including Kaleci Kanka Tansu but as always there were no problems.

At one stage Tansu noted that there seemed to be some foreigners in the stand (as we were above them the only evidence he had was the colour of their hair on the back of their heads). I went and annoyed them and it turns out they were students at Bilkent University. So the Bilkent teachers were in the Ankaragucu stand and the students with us.

Match over and a good victory for Gencler. It wasn't brilliant but it probably saved Gencler coach Thomas Doll's job.

Back to the Beer Bus where the students and the teachers met up. More beers and in honour of Dave and Carol who were in town for the weekend we all decided to support West Bromich Albion who were playing away to Arsenal. The Alkaralar table also decided to support them and a surprise victory for Albion topped off a great day.


  1. One other thing I've now seen is that an old man who was in Protokol attacked the referee with a walking stick. Klasspor are reporting that it wouldn't be a surprise if the Ankaragucu-Konya match will be played in front of an empty stadium.

  2. And another...

    Vittek looks like he is out for at least six weeks after tearing some tendons somewhere or other.

  3. An upbeat report from Oz, and why not ? Gencler had one chance and took it. That's the name of the game. One to nil !

    As for Ankaragucu. What a disappointing performance when so much was expected. Apart from Sapara, they were all garbage !

    Even Vittek was in the pocket of Gencler's No6 (can't remember his name) and didn't threaten. The fact that he has a serious injury is not the sort of news we were hoping for at this stage of the season.

    The 2nd string goalie of Gencler pulled off 2 great saves from Sapara's free kicks which were heading for the back of the net.

    Sestak came on in the 2nd half and showed some promise of things to come. With Meye having an off day I guess that Sestak and Metin will lead the attack next week.

    Didn't notice the 'old codger' with the walking stick ....... and before anyone comments ...... no, it wasn't ME !!! No doubt Nadeem will be knashing his teeth in frustration at this news. Let's wait and see what happens this week.

    The Ankaragucu v Konya match is scheduled for a 7pm KO next Saturday.

  4. Good writing as usual.

    I wanted to ask if it could be possible that you guys can try to interview some of the players for your respective teams. Maybe record it and send it to me so I can put it into the podcast. Or maybe that would be too much to ask?

  5. Oh yeah, Cavcav looks annoyed standing next to you.

  6. Just found a wonderful link.

    They've got youtube videos of the various football chants along with the lyrics. Unfortunately, while they have a decent selection of Ankaragucu chants, they have no Gencler ones yet. C'mon Gencler fans.

  7. Anonymous2:50 pm

    well done to gencler, but ankaragucu were awful apart from sapara. Must do better for all the posession we had. Oh my god why do the Turkish Fa insist on banning all the fans instead of going after the fans who are causing the trouble ?


  8. There is no news of a punishment for Ankaragucu so far. No news is good news after all !

    I guess the police dealt with the matter and so it has probably been put to bed.

    Therefore, it's still on for a 4.30pm - 5pm meeting at The Beer Bus on Saturday.