Monday, November 30, 2009

Hibs 2-0 Falkirk

After two draws against Hearts and St Mirren Hibs got back on winning ways against Falkirk with a goal in each half.

This victory brings Hibs unbeaten run to nine games.

The second goal came with only a few minutes left after a rather nervy second half which Falkirk had made a spirited fight.

Hibs did not really get going in this match and can thank Derek Riordan for being the main difference between the teams. He scored his first with the help of a deflection off the defenders shin but his second gave the goalkeeper no chace after Wotherspoon had delivered a tremendous cross which left the keeper stranded.

This win puts Hibs level on points with Rangers in second place two points behind Celtic. Us Hibs fans are in danger of getting vertigo being this high up the league, hopefully it will continue for a while yet.

Hibbie Kanka

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As Oz Kanka reported in the previous post ........

ANKARAGUCU 1 Denizlispor 0

Having laid siege to the Denizli goal for most of the 2nd half it took until the last few minutes of the match to make the break through.

Our giant defender, Mercimek, (built like a brick shit house) came up for a free kick and rose above everyone in the crowded penalty box to power it in, much to the relief of an almost full house.

More details tomorrow afternoon (had a late night at The Knight and Flight after the match !!).

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Again Kankas and Kankies.

The 'fantastic four' (Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Yankee Kanka, Huso Kanka and Eski) met up in the Chopin on a cloudy Ankara autumn day with rain threatening. Later the clouds didn't disappoint us and the rain poured out of them !

Because of the local Kurban Bayram holiday the streets were unusually quiet and I was the only customer in the Chopin until the others arrived.

However, when we arrived at the Stadium it was just like deja vu, ie, teaming with Ankaragucu punters ! The Stadium was almost full and the 5 tribunes were in full voice in expectation of a vicoreeee. btw, as I've said many times, being an optimist is a pre-requisite for supporting Ankaragucu !!

New Captain, Hurriyet, led the team out -

El-Yasa, Ediz, Baki Mercimek and Broggi
Hurriyet, Adem Koc, Mehmet Cakir and Aydin
Vassell and Meye

2nd half substitutes used were Konate (who showed some great touches when he came on), Emre and Barbaros.

The first half was a bore, and with Ankaragucu attacking the Gecikondu End we expected more.

Mehmet Cakir had a good oppotunity but he shot over. Aydin, attacking from the left midfield position also had a couple of chances but he tried to do too much on his own when an early ball into the centre was the best option. However, having said that, he had a good match and could well have cemented his place in the team.

The 2nd half was a different story with Ankaragucu on all out attack and Denizli restricted to sporadic breakaways. However, the Ankaragucu defence was solid, and with Senecky also looking and playing confidently, there was never any danger of Denizli causing an upset.

I lost count of the number of corners which Ankaragucu forced, and as the clock showed 10 minutes to go we were beginning to despair. But, I remember telling Kaleci Kanka that a goal was inevitable (there's that optimism again !!).

Then with 5 minutes to go from a free kick on the left, expertly taken by Broggi, the ball was floated into the crowded penalty area and Baki the Giant rose above everyone to fire in a bullet of a header. Goaaaaaaal and relief and celebrations all round !!

A great 2nd half team performance. However, on the downside it has to be said that Vassell and Meye both had quiet matches and rarely threatened. Most of the goal attempts came from Broggi, El-Yasa and midfield, and of course, the goal scorer Baki. OK, evey player has an off-day but we will need more penetration up front from our 2 strikers next weekend in Trabzon.

Final whistle and cue for all the players to do an Ankara Misket Dance in the centre circle. Fantastic !

So, the MUST WIN match was won and thank God for that !

Back to The Knight and Flight for Kaleci and Eski to have lottsa celebrations drinkies !

Looking forward to next week then and Ankaragucu travel to Trabzon. As far as I'm aware at the moment, this match will take place on Sunday KO 4pm. So, we will probably watch it in The Chopin. See you all there.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Antalyaspor v Genclerbirligi

Afternoon all and bad news already.

1:43 pm: A bit late I'm afraid as my son has been playing PES 2010 on the computer and I've had to kick him off so I can report on the report from the radio. Anyway, the match kicked-off at 1:30 pm and just four minutes in saw Mile Jedinak score for Antalyaspor. Does make you wonder why we loaned the fellow to Antalya at the beginning of the season. According to the radio it has been all Antalya. A long afternoon ahead of me? Antalyaspor 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi

1:54 pm: As usual, TRT radio don't have a dedicated feed of the match and so I'm currently listening to coverage of some lower division match. I did manage to get a team list though: Serdar-Ilhan-Ivan-Aykut-Orhan-Cem Can-Hurşut-Kerem-Burhan-Kahe-Sando.

1:56 pm: Lack of coverage gives me the chance to explain the latest regarding Hurşit. It seems that when he was playing back in Belgium (or somewhere) the coach decided his name was not appropriate, for obvious reasons, and he now wants to be known as Hurşut. At least that is what I sort of understood from a quick read of a Gencler forum report.

2:00 pm: Still not a single chance for Gencler, half an hour in... what has happened?

2:05 pm: Gencler have a go! Kahe shoots, off the post and then Burhan sends it just out. 36 minutes in and it was our first proper chance.

2:15 pm: Just on half-time and Jedinak scores again.
Antalyaspor 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi

2:33 pm: Second-half starts and Mustafa Pektemek and Harbuzi are brought on for Gencler. Sandro and Kerem off. I think it may all be a lost cause though.

2:35 pm: Hello to whoever is commenting below. Unfortunately the match isn't on the telly. I'm listening to the radio.

2:44 pm: Seems as if Antalya have just missed a very good chance. Not much to report as the radio is concentrating on every game but this one. Meanwhile half-time in Ankara. Ankaragucu 0 - 0 Denizlispor. Sounds like a big and very loud Ankaragucu crowd.

2:56 pm: The commentator has just said that Genclerbirligi's biggest problem seems to be an inability to concentrate. It's not that difficult is it? Aussie Bruce has been brought on.

2:59 pm Still not much to report. And to our friend commenting below the line - I'll put up a youtube video of the goals once someone or other posts them. Normally it takes a day before that happens. Just remember to come back some time tomorrow.

3:13 pm: Another missed chance for Gencler. Aussie Bruce this time hits the post. Commentator says the match has lost all purpose. Little Oz Kanka is badgering me to get off the computer as he wants to get back to playing Pro-Evolution Soccer. Gencler are certainly doing better in the PES league with Little Oz Kanka just registering a 6-0 win over Fenerbahce.

3:20 pm: Peep, peep, peep and an end to my misery. Bye all and good luck to Ankaragucu who are still drawing 0-0 with Denizli.

Final Score
Antalyaspor 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi

And full time at the 19 Mayis.

Ankaragucu 1 - 0 Denizlispor
Report from Sir Eski later on.

Here is the youtube highlights clip

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

What the bloody hell is Trond Sollied on about ?!

From The Hurriyet newspaper this morning it is still unclear if he will coach Ankaragucu or not.

He's quoted as saing that he doesn't want his career reputation tarnished if Ankaragucu lose their next four matches, ie, up until the winter break.

Naturally 'Baby' Gokcek is unhappy with this and is blaming Sollied for breaking a promise to join the Club.

Not a good start for Mr Sollied me thinks, and it will not go down well with the supporters. I say to him ..... put up or shut up !

More on this as developments unfold, but I would guess that Ankaragucu will be looking for a new coach again fairly soon.

Another bloody mess !

Other news ..... good and bad ........

Ceyhun has left the Club and Hurriyet will assume the captaincy tomorrow.

Vassell is staying. Sighs of relief all round ??!!

A good win tomorrow against Denizli will show Mr Sollied a thing or two me thinks !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Will a football match in Turkey become an event you can take the whole family to?

After reading the comments following Eski's post on our match with Eskişehir, I thought it would be appropriate to post the link to an article I read this morning in the Hürriyet Daily News. The title in the paper this morning was Federation will act tough on thugs while the title on the online version is Football federation moves to curb violence. Give it a read and see what you think.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gencler goes into sixth

As I was in Eskisehir this weekend I can't say much about Genclerbirligi's 3-1 win over Istanbul BBS. But I can post a youtube goals clip. Hopefully someone who was actually at the match will be able to fill in the blanks sometime soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Eskisehirspor 0 ANKARAGUCU 0

It was off to Eski's home city yesterday when the kankas went to Eski City on the High Speed Train. Thanks for arranging the train tickets go to Battle Damaged Kanka and for the Match tickets to Onur in Eski City (Roger's brother-in-law).

In attendance was Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Connect Kanka Steve, Philly Kanka Jamie, TaffyBach Kanka Richy and yours truly.

We left at 9am and arrived in Eski City at 10.30 after a smooth and comfortable train journey. We met up with Oz Kanka Chris and Eskisehir Kanka Roger for some pre-match refreshments after a walk around this very impressive city and a walk along the river side.

The Stadium is a bit spartan with only one side covered, and needless to say, the away end was like a pig-sty. It had wooden walkways and about 1,000 plastic seats resting on metal struts. Well, there WAS about 1,000 when we arrived, but only about 700 when we left the Stadium after the match !! Those 300 'missing' plastic seats had been trashed and destroyed during the course of the match by the Ankaragucu Gecikondu and Anti-X Boys. Photos of that, courtesay of Connect Kanka, coming soon !

In the pre-match build-up in the Stadium, I was thinking it was going to be another Battle of Kayseri when the Gecikondu Boys started to chant obsenities to the Eskisehir Tribunes and vice versa. Then came the plastic seats being ripped-up and thrown down to the peritrack. Scary moments, especially when a large brick came flying over the 'protective fence' and landed not far from us, which fortunately didn't hit anyone.

The match was underway by this time and I must confess to having only one eye on the match and the other watching for the shadows of any missiles heading towards us !

The team -

El-Yasa, Abdullah, Broggi, Brabec
Hurriyet, Mehmet Cakir, Aydin, Adem
Vassell and Meye

You will be forgiven if the think that is the Ankaraspor team !!!

Well, to be honest, it didn't really matter too much about the nonsence going on all around us because the footie was abysmal to say the least. The was little or no cohesion in Ankaragucu's footie and the same could be said for Eskisehir. At least Eskisehir was creating the more dangerous moves in the first half and Senecky saved us on several occasions - a big improvement on his performance from the Kasimpasa match 2 weeks ago !

Ankaragucu made no impact on the Eskisehir goal in the first half and giant goalkeeper Ivesa had practically nothing to do except eat-up all the speculative high balls being pumped into his vicinity.

Half time came as a relief and still more oral hatred was being vented back and forward between the tribunes. One of the main reason for this was no doubt connected to the almost fatal stabbing of two Ankaragucu supporters in the city prior to kick-off which Oz Kanka mentioned in his brief report. More of that when details emerge.

The 2nd half was a different story with Ankaragucu taking the initiative and playing the ball around a bit more. However, Vassell was not having an easy time of it out on the right wing - admittedly, not his preferred position. But, Meye was starting to look more dangerous and he almost opened the scoring with a screamer which Ivesa tipped over.

Again, Meye was put through but he sent a lame shot at Ivesa when the cool-head would have taken the obvious route to the corner of the goal. Other chances came and went for Ankaragucu but Man of the Match, Ivesa, kept a clean sheet.

There were two red cards. Doga of Eskisehir had the first one half way through the 2nd half - I must admit to missing that one with all the problems and bedlam going on around us. Brabec received the other 10 minutes from the end for a 'fair' challenge, in my opinion.

The referee, Cuneyt Cakir, couldn't hide the fact (from me anyway) that he had forgotten about the 1st half yellow he gave Brabec. There was a delay in pulling out the red card after the 2nd yellow. In my opinion he had obviously forgotten about the earlier yellow and had no other option but to follow through with his TWO mistakes by giving him a red. Rough justice, but of course, he will never admit it !!

Back to the City Centre one hour later to join up with Oz and Roger. We were 'detained' by the Police for our own safety !!!

However, apart from only winning one point, it was a really enjoyable visit to a great city. The riverside walkways with its many cafes, restaurants and pubs would put many other Yooro cities to shame. Shall we go again next year ? Mmmmmm, I suppose it will depend on how deeply the animosity develops after yesterday's stabbings.

If I was an Eskisehir supporter, I would NOT come to Ankara in the 2nd half of the season !!!

Next up is the home match against 2nd bottome Club Denizlispor next Sunday KO 2pm.

Most of the kankas will be out of town next weekend during the Kurban Bayram holiday so I may well be there on my own. I'll be in The Chopin at midday if anyone can make it.

Photos coming up - taken by Connect Kanka Steve and posted by Oz Kanka Chris.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The weekend action

Just a short note from Eskisehir where Ankaragucu played out a boring 0-0 draw in a match that was marred by some stabbings before the game. Back in the capital Genclerbirligi defeated Istanbul BBS 3-1. Reports from Flying Dutchman Kanka and Sir Eski will be coming soon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The draw has been made for the Group Stage of the Turkish Cup. Ankaragucu's Group is as follows -

Denizli BBS

Yes, a tough group, but aren't they all at this stage ? Notwithstanding the turmoil within the Club at the moment, I would say that we have nothing to fear. No doubt Battle Damaged is thinking .......... but, Eski would say that wouldn't he ???!!!

So, diaries out ....... and these are the important dates in the Group Stage, but as there are 5 teams in the group I don't know which date is the Ankaragucu (rest or by match). I'll make a post when the details are known.

23 December - Denizli BBS v ANKARAGUCU
10 January
13 January
17 January
27 January

The Quarter Finals will be played home and away on 3 and 10 February.

The Semi Finals will be played home and away on 24 March and 14 April.

The Final will be played on 5 May.

Hope the Final is in Izmir so that we can all go and see Ankaragucu win the Cup in their Centenery Year and then celebrate in Kibris Sokak after the match !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vassell's Turkish Nightmare

According to News of the World, Darius Vassell is looking for an escape route out of Ankara and Turkey. That escape route may very well lead to Bolton. For more on the story, here is the link.

Are Bebbe, Serkan, and Ceyhun also looking for a way out? Is Ankaragucu becoming less Ankaragucu and more Ankaraspor with each passing day? At what point does the team stop being the team?

Ankaragucu’s Logo Wars

The current Ankaragucu emblem: depending on how you look at it, it can represent either a shield or a projectile. This signifies an impregnable defense and an armor piercing offense. Don't forget what the team's origins are:

According to former Ankaragucu chairman and current member of the board of directors Serdar Ozersin (as quoted in Haber Turk, Hurriyet, Fanatik and a number of other sources), Ahmet Gökcek and his regime are planning to change the Ankaragucu logo.

The former chairman said, "There have even been a variety of meetings held on this topic. Such a thing is not even open to discussion. As long as there are Ankaragucu fans, no one has enough power to change either the team's name or its logo. No power in Ankara would dare change Ankaragucu's name or logo."

Sound familiar?

Can you think of any power in Ankara who has tried to change an important traditional symbol in Ankara? Need a hint?

Pretty clear Ahmet is not a terribly original thinker.
Note: photos nicked from the newspaper Radikal

Friday, November 13, 2009

Now Karaman has been kicked out

You would be crying, if you weren't laughing. Actually, it is probably the other way around.

What the hell is happening at Ankaragucu? In the last two days we have had the coach and players showing up to training sessions that were apparently cancelled by the management. We have had Bebbe and Vassell kicked out of their hotel rooms at the Crowne Plaza after the club reportedly failed to pay. Now we have reports that Karaman has been sacked.

Actually, it is a bit more than that... Karaman has been sacked by Little Gokcek.

Speaking to the press this afternoon, Little Gokcek says he is after Hagi. A man who has done nothing.

Bloody sad stuff but all predicted here by at least some of us at "The round ball in Ankara". Mess with them Gokcek's at your own peril. This isn't about politics, it is about competence.

In the meantime though. Enjoy the fun and games of Darius Vassell's website.

Having been kicked out of the Crown Plaza, Vassell has been inundated with offers to take up the couch at various Gucu houses. (please note that Eski Kanka would have offered a place to stay but the Dragon wasn't really that enthusiastic)

Unfortunately we have parted company with our coach this week. It is always a bad situation to say goodbye but we can now look forward to a new beginning and continue to push this team in the right direction... (I'm sure Hikmet shares those sentiments - Oz Kanka) I personally thank him for his efforts and hard work and wish him the best of luck in his future..

Alot of questions have been asked to me recently about me leaving my hotel and unfortunately i dont have any answers i have been honest and forthcoming about everything and i will make the necessary steps to resolve my problems. Ankaragucu fans have offered me their help and support via email and i really appreciate their offers but i have found refuge in another hotel for the time being.

Ankaragucu kankas! Time to start voicing your opinion. Was Karaman a bucket of lard? Is Gokcek still the messiah? Do you have a spare room? Are you all fucking mad?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vassell kicked out of hotel

Thanks to Spine for alerting us to this news. I thought it was of sufficient importance to make a post. Here's a snippet from The Guardian. Click on the link for the full story.

The former England striker Darius Vassell has been evicted from his Ankara hotel after his club Ankaragucu failed to pay the bill.

The 29-year-old was heralded as a landmark signing – and given a hero's welcome – when joining the Turkish club in the summer following the end of his contract with Manchester City.

Vassell has scored twice in seven games for Ankaragucu, but has since voiced concerns over the club's financial problems following a recent change in ownership.

According to Vassell, players' wages have frequently been paid late, training has been cancelled and the player has been thrown out of his hotel room.

"I don't know what's happening," he said on Sky Sports News. "I have been told today that I have to leave the hotel. I have asked the managers did I do something wrong? The hotel manager said 'no you didn't do anything wrong' but they had a meeting today with the club and now I must leave the hotel.

"I don't really know what to do, I have not spoken to anybody yet.

"I have all my bags packed. My heart tells me to stay here and play football for the fans but my bags are all packed and I wonder sometimes whether I should go back home. But tomorrow I hope somebody will explain to me what is happening and we can resolve the situation.

"I'm not sure [if I will return to England]. It's difficult. First of all I don't speak the language so I can't hear anything that's happening."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ethiopia feels the power of Ankara!

This relates the story of yet more mountains claimed for our beloved team for Ankara! Ankara Gucu!!!!!! The two peaks in question are called Imet Gogo (3926 meters) and Bwahit (4443 meters). These peaks were claimed as part of a five day trek in northern Ethiopia's Simien mountains. It was one of the best treks I and my kankie have ever had the pleasure of doing. We saw lots of animals as well.

The first picture is of myself with the flag of champions on the top of Imet Gogo, gaping chasm in the background. The second is of myself, Bini (our guide), and yet another gun-toting scout. If anyone out there can tell me what kind of gun he's holding I'd appreciate it. They only knew the Amharic word for it which translated into "snake killer".

The next big challenge is of a different sort. I will attempt to take the flag of Gucu an astonishing 40 meters BELOW seal level. It will be the lowest the Gucu flag has ever been (even though all I'd really need is a bathtub). Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Miss you guys.


Mountaineering Kanka

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Yes, but ..............

ANKARAGUCU 2 Kasimpasa 2

Remember the late great Bill Shankley, the Liverpool Manager ? He was the one who kept stating the obvious .... the game of footie is for 90 plus minutes, and how many times did Liverpool prove that to opponesnts in their heyday under Shanks ?!

This is one of the basic errors being made by Ankaragucu and so it proved again yesterday when they took their foot off the gas for most of the 2nd half in the assumption that 1-0 was enough to see-off Kasimpasa.

The kankas met up in The Chopin - Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Connect Kanka Steve, Phillie Kanka Jamie, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Noojoysay Kankie Natalie, Sweet Mini Kankie Kate, Arizona Cowboy Kanka Charlie and yours truly.

The 'Indian Summer' weather brought out a big crowd and we were lucky to find seats in Maraton. Jackets had to come off in this unusually warm November sunshine ! Lots of singing from all the tribunes, who like us, obviously expected a comfortable win, especially with our first choice strike force in the starting line-up for the first time.

Koray, Ediz, Broggi, and Brabec
Hurriyet, Barbaros and Adem
Vassell and Meye

2nd half substitutes used - Murat, Emre and Konate

It was not an auspicious start at the kick-off when Ceyhun passed the ball to the referee, but that was a sign of things to come for him on a rare off-day !

However, Ankaragucu was quickly into their stride and had Kasimpasa back-pedalling for most of the first half.

Vassell had a great chance to open the scoring after 10 minutes when the ball was crossed from the left wing to the unmarked Vassell at the back post. Unfortunately he headed over when it looked simpler to head the ball down and into the unguarded corner of the goal.

Ankaragucu was passsing the ball around in fine style and mouting waves of attacks but it just wouldn't happen for them. Then, with time running out before the half time whistle, Koray made the break through. Again the cross from the left and the unmarked in-rushing Koray showed Vassell how it should be done with a powerful header.

So, lots of happy smiling faces at half time and we were all licking our lips in anticipation of more goals to come.

Yes, but ............... NOT from Kasimpasa ....... grrrrrrrr !!

All credit to them though for coming out in the 2nd half and having a go at Ankaragucu.

Ankaragucu passes started to go astray and Kasimpasa began to win more tackles and more possession in midfield from the sloppy Ankaragucu midfield and defence.

Senecky was irritating the hell out of me with his speculative high balls to Vassell and Meye which were being swallowed-up by the Kasimpasa defence. Also, his handling was not too confident and there appeared to be a lack of communication with his defenders which caused a few scares during the match. Time for Serkan to return PDQ me thinks !!

The arrival of the Kasimpasa goals were therefore not surprising and they were not flukes either.

The first from Gokhan was a long range shot which arguably could have been saved. The second was an unusual goal, but if Moritz meant it, then it was brilliant. The cross from the left which seemed to be covered by Senecky, but he didn't expect the back header which looped over his head and flew into the net.

Stunned silence for a few minutes, the cue for Ankaragucu to wake up !!!

Better late than never I thought !

It was all Ankaragucu now in the last 10 minutes of the match which saw them camped inside the Kasimpasa half. Corner kick followed corner kick until the dying minutes when Meye poked in the equaliser when he pounced on a loose ball in a goalmouth melee.

Relief ? Yes, but if we had been blowing hot for bloody 90 plus minutes there would have been no need for Ankaragucu to scramble in a goal to save a match which should have been won much earlier !

My Man of the Match was the busy bee, Hurriyet, who didn't stop running, which was just as well with Ceyhun having an off-day. In fact he almost scored near the end with a fierce shot which Tolga did well to tip over the bar.

So, as I said, a disappointing performance in the 2nd half and something which Hikmet Bey needs to rectify over the next 2 weeks in the training ground and, dare I say it, in the classroom !

Ankaragucu's next match is away to Eskisehirspor on 22 November and a few of the kankas will be making the journey there on the Hizli Tren (High Speed Train). Looking for a 90 plus minute performance from the team to give us cause for celebration in Eskisehir's many pleasant watering holes !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, November 07, 2009

What a difference a week makes

Back to normal pleasant autumn weather in Ankara and back to Gencler being in good form.

Bursaspor 1 - 2 Genclerbirligi

A slight change from normal as Lanky Kanka Jorg and myself joined up with the Alkaralar crowd at the wonderfully-named Beer Bus to watch Gencler play out of their skins.

Gencler started a million miles faster than Bursa and were unlucky not to have scored twice in the first 20 minutes, with Hursit having the best chance when a great shot from down the left hit the cross bar.

Not long after that though saw Bursa go ahead from a corner. All a bit depressing but then just before the half-time mark Gencler got back into it thanks to a great run by Burhan and a shot from Hursit that the Bursa keeper couldn't hold on to.

Second half and we had a great game on our hands with both sides playing good attacking football. In the end though it was Mustafa Pektemek who had us on our feet after heading in the ball from a corner.

More beers and then a warning that the police were tear gassing people protesting against YOK. Managed to somehow get home though.

Last night's performance was the best I've seen Gencler in quite a while. Makes you wonder what the hell has been going on in the last few weeks that have seen us lose to Diyarbakir, Istanbul and Manisa. Next week we are at home to Istanbul BBS. Fingers crossed.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Hibs 2-0 Aberdeen

Hibs moved into second place in the SPL thanks to a hard fought win over Aberdeen and the weather causing Rangers game to be abandoned at half time.

Aberdeen came to Easter Road with a game plan more of stopping Hibs playing good football rather than trying to entertain themselves. Their physical approach certainly gave them the edge in the first 45 minutes but at a cost of some yellow cards that later proved to be their downfall.

Early in the second half Ross lunged in on Ian Murry to pick up a second yellow card and Aberdeen were down to ten men. Five minutes later Maguire was late with his tackle on McBride, this time the referee gave a straight red. A booking would have been enough but as Maguire was already booked the end result would remain the same.

Down to 9 men everyone expected Aberdeen to fold but to their credit they held out and even tested the Hibs goalie a couple of times.

Hibs eventually scored on 88 minutes, tough on Aberdeen but a big relief for the Hibees. A good cross was met by Nish's head and the keeper was left helpless. Miller added a second in added time, a deflection leaving the keeper blameless again.

A great three point for Hibs but we must start playing more imaginative football if we are to stay at the top end of the league.

Hearts at tynecastle on Saturday, 3 points for Hibs would mean at the end of the first quarter we would be right on the heels of the leaders. Also would be well clear of our local rivals which is always good for work banter!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

That was a bit crap

A bitterly cold day in Ankara on Sunday afternoon certainly kept the numbers down with just Dan the Man joining me at the Chopin. Alpine Kanka Wolfgang and his mate Mustafa met us at the stadium, but really, we should all have stayed home.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 2 Manisaspor

We kicked off and I thought the tap between the forwards was a good one. Unfortunately less than 40 seconds later the ball was in the back of our net. Gencler clearly had their minds elsewhere, Cloud Kuzbain for all I know, but this was pathetic.

Much shaking of heads but then we started to dominate. We still couldn't get anywhere near their goal though.

At half-time there was still hope but that was dashed out after some very poor defending let Manisa go 2-0 up.

Heads in hands as we started to give the ball away time and time again. Problem was we were a million miles too slow and I don't think we got a shot on goal all match.

Our best chance fell to Aussie Bruce who came on as a sub at some stage in the second half but he managed to send his header wide of the post.

All up it was very depressing stuff and clearly the worst I've seen Gencler play in quite a long time.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I still have a wee bit of a hangover from last night, but I'm reasonably sober to write a few paragraphs.

What is it about The Inonu Stadium ? Does Besiktas raise their game for Ankaragucu ? Does Ankaragucu have a death wish about this Stadium ? Whatever the reason, we lost again and I couldn't tell you the last time Ankaragucu won a match there, so don't ask !

Besiktas 1 ANKARAGUCU 0

Hopes were high in The Chopin Bar where we all met up. Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Oz Kanka Chris, Spine Kanka Steve, Kaleci Kanka Tansu and ............ surprise surprise ...... Maniac Kanka Harun turned up to surprise us all. We also had a visit from one of Eski's old students, the beautiful and charming Merve, who has just returned to Ankara after graduating from a Uni in Oz.

Battle Damaged was first to point out the good news that Serkan was back in goal for Ankaragucu. So, as I said, hopes were high even without the injured Vassell. The team -

El-Yasa, Ediz, Koray and Adem
Murat, Hurriyet, Weeks and Broggi
Ceyhun and Meye

2nd half substitutes used were - Emre, Aydin and Barbaros

Ankaragucu came out of the traps fast and took the game to Besiktas. I think Hikmet Bey has learned that this is the only way to play the Istanbul 3 !

The match looked pretty even until the 17th minute when lady luck played a part in the match. Ismail of Besiktas picked up a loose ball well outside the penalty area (about 40 metres I would say) and fired in a speculative shot which had lots of power in it. However, that's when lady luck intervened and the ball hit El-Yasa to be deflected out of reach of Serkan's dive. I could see from the replay that Serkan had the ball covered but it was a wicked deflection and he was helpless to reach the ball as it entered the opposite side of the goal from which it was intended.

No criticism of Ismail who had a very good match, but there is no way that the goal should be creditted to him !

Ankaragucu continued to press forward for the remainder of the match, but apart from good opportunities which fell to Meye and Hurriyet, they rarely troubled the Besiktas back four or 'the giraffe' in goal.

Disappointing not to have taken at least one point from this match, but as I said earlier, there must be a hoodoo hanging over the Inonu Stadium for Ankaragucu.

Memories of our fantastic performance against Galatasaray are fading fast, so it becomes crucial to win next week's home match against Kasimpasa.

Hopefully Vassell will be fit by then. I am anxious to see how Vassell and Meye play together with Ceyhun supplying the bullets from midfield.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim