Monday, November 23, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Eskisehirspor 0 ANKARAGUCU 0

It was off to Eski's home city yesterday when the kankas went to Eski City on the High Speed Train. Thanks for arranging the train tickets go to Battle Damaged Kanka and for the Match tickets to Onur in Eski City (Roger's brother-in-law).

In attendance was Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Connect Kanka Steve, Philly Kanka Jamie, TaffyBach Kanka Richy and yours truly.

We left at 9am and arrived in Eski City at 10.30 after a smooth and comfortable train journey. We met up with Oz Kanka Chris and Eskisehir Kanka Roger for some pre-match refreshments after a walk around this very impressive city and a walk along the river side.

The Stadium is a bit spartan with only one side covered, and needless to say, the away end was like a pig-sty. It had wooden walkways and about 1,000 plastic seats resting on metal struts. Well, there WAS about 1,000 when we arrived, but only about 700 when we left the Stadium after the match !! Those 300 'missing' plastic seats had been trashed and destroyed during the course of the match by the Ankaragucu Gecikondu and Anti-X Boys. Photos of that, courtesay of Connect Kanka, coming soon !

In the pre-match build-up in the Stadium, I was thinking it was going to be another Battle of Kayseri when the Gecikondu Boys started to chant obsenities to the Eskisehir Tribunes and vice versa. Then came the plastic seats being ripped-up and thrown down to the peritrack. Scary moments, especially when a large brick came flying over the 'protective fence' and landed not far from us, which fortunately didn't hit anyone.

The match was underway by this time and I must confess to having only one eye on the match and the other watching for the shadows of any missiles heading towards us !

The team -

El-Yasa, Abdullah, Broggi, Brabec
Hurriyet, Mehmet Cakir, Aydin, Adem
Vassell and Meye

You will be forgiven if the think that is the Ankaraspor team !!!

Well, to be honest, it didn't really matter too much about the nonsence going on all around us because the footie was abysmal to say the least. The was little or no cohesion in Ankaragucu's footie and the same could be said for Eskisehir. At least Eskisehir was creating the more dangerous moves in the first half and Senecky saved us on several occasions - a big improvement on his performance from the Kasimpasa match 2 weeks ago !

Ankaragucu made no impact on the Eskisehir goal in the first half and giant goalkeeper Ivesa had practically nothing to do except eat-up all the speculative high balls being pumped into his vicinity.

Half time came as a relief and still more oral hatred was being vented back and forward between the tribunes. One of the main reason for this was no doubt connected to the almost fatal stabbing of two Ankaragucu supporters in the city prior to kick-off which Oz Kanka mentioned in his brief report. More of that when details emerge.

The 2nd half was a different story with Ankaragucu taking the initiative and playing the ball around a bit more. However, Vassell was not having an easy time of it out on the right wing - admittedly, not his preferred position. But, Meye was starting to look more dangerous and he almost opened the scoring with a screamer which Ivesa tipped over.

Again, Meye was put through but he sent a lame shot at Ivesa when the cool-head would have taken the obvious route to the corner of the goal. Other chances came and went for Ankaragucu but Man of the Match, Ivesa, kept a clean sheet.

There were two red cards. Doga of Eskisehir had the first one half way through the 2nd half - I must admit to missing that one with all the problems and bedlam going on around us. Brabec received the other 10 minutes from the end for a 'fair' challenge, in my opinion.

The referee, Cuneyt Cakir, couldn't hide the fact (from me anyway) that he had forgotten about the 1st half yellow he gave Brabec. There was a delay in pulling out the red card after the 2nd yellow. In my opinion he had obviously forgotten about the earlier yellow and had no other option but to follow through with his TWO mistakes by giving him a red. Rough justice, but of course, he will never admit it !!

Back to the City Centre one hour later to join up with Oz and Roger. We were 'detained' by the Police for our own safety !!!

However, apart from only winning one point, it was a really enjoyable visit to a great city. The riverside walkways with its many cafes, restaurants and pubs would put many other Yooro cities to shame. Shall we go again next year ? Mmmmmm, I suppose it will depend on how deeply the animosity develops after yesterday's stabbings.

If I was an Eskisehir supporter, I would NOT come to Ankara in the 2nd half of the season !!!

Next up is the home match against 2nd bottome Club Denizlispor next Sunday KO 2pm.

Most of the kankas will be out of town next weekend during the Kurban Bayram holiday so I may well be there on my own. I'll be in The Chopin at midday if anyone can make it.

Photos coming up - taken by Connect Kanka Steve and posted by Oz Kanka Chris.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. As an Eskisehirspor supporter, I seriously think about using Trojan way to sneak into 19 Mayıs in the second round of this bloody and absolutely meaningless war. If you see someone not happy after Gucu goal in 19 Mayıs it is a Trojan soldier :)

  2. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Nice report Jim.Eskisehir sounds like a pleasant place,OUTSIDE of the stadium anyway.Seems to be a lot of fan animosity in the Turkish league and ripping up of seats almost a national past time for some supporters!Did Vassell,admittedly out of position,have another quiet game?Overall though a point away to Eskisehir isnt to be sniffed at imo.
    Dublin Neil.

  3. Anonymous10:24 pm

    a point away at Eski is not a bad point. We need to take three points against Denizli though. Any news on when the new manager is in Jim? and naythng else on Basturk ?


  4. thank god you guys came back without any harm our wound!!!one of our guys that had been stabbed by raving eskişehir suppoorters is still under the custody of doctors cus his situation keeps importance right away.and probably he will take his bayram vacation within a goddamn hospital on account of inglourious eskişehir assaultives.his family will get through bad nights over their sons's bed instead of a nice period, as well.

    there are plenty of think to say in respect to eskişehir match,the happenings hours ago match got started and their hypocrite and rat admirers but as i start to do this my hands begin to wobble so let's skip this rememberance ''just for a moment'' and let them live with this stain upon their name.

    it's so pathetic that people call'em as ''elite-intellectual mass supporters of whole anatolian soccer teams'' and ''boozer-deadbeat bastards of ankara'' towards us...i give the comment right to football lovers in my country , cus everything is apparent before their eyes : 2 individual came to eskişehir by their own handles and had nothing to do bad as visitors but ''apreciative'' residents that are seeking to spill some amount of blood of ankara people...and many other act filled up by pure hatred against us just for the fact that we are originated in capital city...

    what a nauseous attribute...we hope you will rot in your shitty stadium...

  5. Anonymous10:27 am

    I do not support any violence or bad words regarding any football game or incident in anywhere.

    Some supporters of A.Gucu wrote many bad things through internet and that increased the tension before the game. Unlike A.Gucu fans, ESES fans wrote through their forums about the avoidance of any incident since ESES's next home game (against Fenerbahce which is more important than A.Gucu game) may be banned by TFF.

    So when A.Gucu fans said many many bad words from the moment they entered to the stadium till they left it ESES's supporters did do nothing but applaused the A.Gucu's troubled fans.

    As I learned through my friends stabbings happenned because a drunk A.Gucu fan said some things to ESES's girls. As you know that is the worst thing to do in away match in Turkey. Please remember the game Leeds United-Galatasaray. 2 stabbed because of the same reason.

    Also it is better to mentioned that Wherever A.Gucu fans go, there are some incidents unlike ESES supporters. As long as you do not touch to any sensitive issue against ESES fans they are one of the most admirable fans of Turkey. With shows, bands and respect to opponent. Many teams come to Eskisehir without single problem or incident. Even EsEs fans have already forgotten many big issues from the past.

    It is always better to listen both side before reaching to any conclusion.

    The most important thing is Football is just a sport, nothing more..........

  6. Philly Kanka12:00 pm

    No no no. There are not two sides to this. Someone was STABBED. Simple as that. There is a different between verbal diarrhea and physical violence. We all almost got nailed by a giant brick in the stadium as well. Does that sound like a rational reaction to some jackassess yelling obscenities? Please. And dont be anonymous.

  7. Anonymous12:49 pm

    This is a usual way of Eses fans to divert/twist the facts inorder to support/hide their violences.
    There is no doubt about the discussions and even threats through internet forums between both sides , but this doesn't give right to someone to bash to the others.
    I also admire to the ''Anonymous '', for his capacity of making Joke.
    This one is the best ever.

    ''A.Gucu fans, ESES fans wrote through their forums about the avoidance of any incident since ESES's next home game (against Fenerbahce which is more important than A.Gucu game) may be banned by TFF.''


  8. Anonymous7:51 pm

    I wouldnt dare to judge any of this as I am not informed enough to do so.Just let me say this on ANY form of football violence.If it wasnt committed in the surrounds of a football stadium but in a normal city street it would be treated as what it is - a CRIME.Always angers me that assaults or stabbings etc at football matches, whilst not being acceptable,somehow seem to be considered less of an outrage because it happened at a football match.A crime is a crime and a criminal should be punished accordingly,regardless of where the offence took place.

    Dublin Neil.