Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ethiopia feels the power of Ankara!

This relates the story of yet more mountains claimed for our beloved team for Ankara! Ankara Gucu!!!!!! The two peaks in question are called Imet Gogo (3926 meters) and Bwahit (4443 meters). These peaks were claimed as part of a five day trek in northern Ethiopia's Simien mountains. It was one of the best treks I and my kankie have ever had the pleasure of doing. We saw lots of animals as well.

The first picture is of myself with the flag of champions on the top of Imet Gogo, gaping chasm in the background. The second is of myself, Bini (our guide), and yet another gun-toting scout. If anyone out there can tell me what kind of gun he's holding I'd appreciate it. They only knew the Amharic word for it which translated into "snake killer".

The next big challenge is of a different sort. I will attempt to take the flag of Gucu an astonishing 40 meters BELOW seal level. It will be the lowest the Gucu flag has ever been (even though all I'd really need is a bathtub). Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Miss you guys.


Mountaineering Kanka


  1. Another great achievement for the Mountaineering Kankas and that flag which has been all around and up and down the world !

    Can't wait to see those underwater shots !

    Well done you two heroes.

  2. Nice one Kankas and apologies for posting this here but I thought it would interest you all:

    Former England striker Darius Vassell was facing an evening of uncertainty
    after being evicted from his Turkish hotel today as his club Ankaragucu were
    plunged into financial turmoil.
    The 29-year-old moved to the Ankara-based club in July on a two-year contract
    after four seasons at Manchester City - now among the world's richest clubs -
    and has scored twice in eight games in the Super Lig.
    Now Vassell - who netted six goals in 22 England appearances, the last of which
    came during Euro 2004 - has gathered his belongings from the hotel where he has
    lived since moving to Ankaragucu and admits to a dilemma over which direction
    ``I don't know really what to do now,'' he said.
    ``My heart tells me to stay here and play football for the fans, but my bags
    are all packed and I wonder sometimes if I should just go, go back home.''
    Vassell has found it difficult to follow developments because he does not speak
    Turkish, but believes the predicament he finds himself in could be due to a
    change of ownership at Ankaragucu and he hopes the situation will be resolved
    ``I'm a bit confused, to be honest,'' the former Aston Villa forward said on
    Sky Sports News.

  3. I don't know if you guys can take Gucu any lower than Gokcek already has, although we have yet to sink into relegation.

    We miss you as well. We'll toast you from Eskisehir.