Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The draw has been made for the Group Stage of the Turkish Cup. Ankaragucu's Group is as follows -

Denizli BBS

Yes, a tough group, but aren't they all at this stage ? Notwithstanding the turmoil within the Club at the moment, I would say that we have nothing to fear. No doubt Battle Damaged is thinking .......... but, Eski would say that wouldn't he ???!!!

So, diaries out ....... and these are the important dates in the Group Stage, but as there are 5 teams in the group I don't know which date is the Ankaragucu (rest or by match). I'll make a post when the details are known.

23 December - Denizli BBS v ANKARAGUCU
10 January
13 January
17 January
27 January

The Quarter Finals will be played home and away on 3 and 10 February.

The Semi Finals will be played home and away on 24 March and 14 April.

The Final will be played on 5 May.

Hope the Final is in Izmir so that we can all go and see Ankaragucu win the Cup in their Centenery Year and then celebrate in Kibris Sokak after the match !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anatolian news agency says Trond Sollied will be in Ankara today for talks aimed at a signing on Thursday.

  2. Let's hope that 'the little boy' receives extra monies from 'daddy' to cover not only Sollied's contract .... BUT ..... those of Ceyhun, Vassell, Bebbe and Serkan !!!

    If not, we could always live in hope that 'daddy' ups the price of electricity and water in Ankara to help fund all the deals ... (cue ..... Oz Kanka's favourite subject !!!).

  3. Actually, this may seem to be a bit of a turnaround, but as good as Mr. Sollied's record is, I trust him to do what's best--with one condition: Ahmet doesn't butt (butt being the operative word where Ahmet is concerned) in and try to tell Sollied how to do his job.

    Something tells me though, once Sollied sees these four men's abilities, he will keep them on (if he is allowed to that is). If he is not allowed to make his own decisions, I don't think he himself will want to stay around very long.

  4. Mountaineering Kanka6:20 am

    Gokcek can't keep his nose out of professional managers' business! He is like Steinbrenner without the results!

  5. From what I read in the papers today, the infighting within the Ankaragucu ranks will, by all indications, continue to escalate.

    This is exactly what Oz Kanka was predicting about two months ago.

  6. Anonymous1:22 pm

    According to reports Yildiray Basturk and Fatih Tekke have agreed deals to sign in January.


  7. If true, and if it goes ahead, quite a coup for 'the little boy' and his 'daddy'.

    However, if the Club can't or won't pay Vassell what they promised, how can they find the dosh to pay two high profile players like Basturk and Tekke ??!!

    Me says ..... seeing is believing !!

  8. Interesting. Ahmet once said something about admiring Turks who are able to succeed outside of Turkey. I guess both of these guys qualify.

    It is certainly not boring being an Gucu fan this season.