Monday, April 30, 2007

The joys of winning

You may recall a post a week or so ago where Sir Eski Kanka wrote about the end-to-end, dramatic climax, fans going crazy action that was the Ankaragucu - Genclerbirligi 0-0 draw.

As reported, after the match we went down to the Capadokia Bar for beers. While we were discussing things like the fact that the only interesting thing about the match itself was the Ankaragucu fans' singing, Flying Dutchman Kanka was furiously texting away and checking Maniac Kanka Harun's super dooper mobile phone to find out what was happening in the Dutch League.

Flying Dutchman's beloved AZ Alkmaar were 3-1 up and needed PSV to draw in order to take out the league. PSV were up at the time and them, with just a few minutes to go they conceded a goal and so AZ ended up winning the league on goal difference (something like that anyway).

Cue wild celebrations. Flying Dutchman let out a roar, and there was clearly a tear of emotion in his eyes. In fact he went completely mad and bought all 15 of us a beer.

Sir Eski Kanka then decided to remind us that he knew what feelings were welling up in Flying Dutchman's bosom and then gave us all yet another tale of Hibs winning the CIS Cup. I mentioned that I too knew what it felt like and mentioned when the Tigers back in 2005 in Sydney won the rugby league competition for the first time in my life. Spine, a Man. City supporter, said he too wished to experience such a feeling.

It was truely lovely stuff.

But then today I was reading the paper and it seems that Flying Dutchman was a week too early in his celebrations as the Dutch League still had a week to go. Sure AZ were massive favourities going in against a crap team but they managed to lose 3-2.

I'm so sorry Flying Dutchman, but thanks for the beer anyway.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

God spake to Maniac Kanka saying........ verily I say unto you my son, fear not, because I am here and I love ANKARAGUCU as much as you. Harken unto the table of facts and fear not. The day will not cometh when ANKARAGUCU are not praised throughout the lands and held in awe and supporters commeth to 19 Mayis to hail ANKARAGUCU in the Super League.

Oh ye of little faith. Abandon not ANKARAGUCU and you will be rewarded.

Here endeth the words of the Lord.

So, no need to worry then kankas.

All the best from believers, Maniac Kanka and Eski Kanka

(Oz Kanka here: Click on the table to get a big view and for those who don't know the Turkish abbreviations let me help)
O - games played
G - wins
B - draws
M - losses
A - goals for
Y - goals against
P - points
Yil - number of years (in the top flight I'm guessing)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

ANKARAGUCU - What we need now is....... DIVINE INTERVENTION !!!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Another gloomy weekend in Ankara on the weather front, and more imortantly, on the footie front.

Rizespor 3 ANKARAGUCU 1

Unfortunately, there was no report in Hurriyet today, but does it really matter anyway ?!

Rize was one up after 12 minutes with a goal from Zafer, and they added a second after 26 minutes through Altan.

Once again, Bebbe was on the subs bench (WHY ?) but he did come on for the second half. With 10 minutes to go, the ANKARAGUCU fight-back materialised and Tita scored to lift the spirits. However, the nail was driven into the coffin by Zafer almost on time to give the 3 points to Rize.

So, perhaps it is now time to start thinking about divine intervention !! After all, we can't always run to Kenan Evren when things are going wrong !!!

As I said in a previous post recently, I understand that God is a busy man, but I think the time is fast approaching when we must look to our prayer books to attract his attention !!

It is now extremely tight at the bottom of the league.

Sakarya is doomed, but the other 2 relegation issues are far from settled. Here is the situation -

Bursa 38 points
Antalya 37
Manisa 37
Ankaragucu 36
Gaziantep 36
Rize 35
Denizli 34
Erciyes 32

Above Bursa, there are 2 teams on 39 points, but I won't name them for fear of upsetting Oz Kanka !!!!

So, with only 4 matches remaining it is now looking like a dog-eat-dog situation at the bottom.

ANKARAGUCU Kankas.............. get down on your knees and start praying !!!

All the best from a worried Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, April 28, 2007

It has been quite a while

While having a beer in the Chopin today with Alpine Kanka Wolfgang, Little Alpine Kanka Christian and Spine we discussed when was the last time that Genclerbirligi had won a match. We couldn't actually remember. Hope was of course that today, against one of the relegation teams we might finally pull something out of the bag, instead it was Erciyes who sucker-punched us.

Genclerbirligi 1 Erciyesspor 2

Al Gore! You are peddling a load of bullshit. Global warming is purely in your imagination. Just come to Ankara to find out. Here we are at the end of April and it is bloody cold. Sure, not freezer cold but still enough to wish I had brought an extra jumper! So I blame the weather for the less than stellar turnout today. I've already mentioned who came along, we had a few beers, Little Alpine Kanka Christian was on the cola (I have to say that in case his mum reads this), and then we headed off to the stadium.

PHOTO: Little Alpine Kanka Christian, Alpine Kanka Wolfgang and Spine. In the row behind is Anna, a Spanish gal who we met at the match and who could well become a regular.

Considering this was Genclerbirligi and the fact we have nothing to play for this season I guess the crowd of four, perhaps five thousand was okay. What we lacked in numbers though we made up in spirit. For perhaps the same reasons as stated above we sang right through the match. We cheered the opposition, we cheered Genclerbirligi but perhaps most of all we jeered Ilhan Cavcav.

The match itself. Manager Mesut Bakkal decided to ring through the changes dropping forward Okan Ozturk, midfielder Mehmet Cakir and fullback Mr. Fish (Tuna). On came the Brazillian duo of Sandro and Tozo, and someone else.

It seemed to have worked. In the first 25 minutes we were all over Erciyes. Passes were sticking, one-twos were working and Sandro in particular was brilliant. As usual though we couldn't get a decent shot on goal.

Total and utter domination on the pitch and then... arrrggghhh... Erciyes go on the attack, the ball falls to one of their forwards who seemingly has forever to take a shot from just outside the box. He takes it and Jesus in goal doesn't have a chance. 0-1.

We Gencler fans applauded, sang a few pro-Gencler songs and then got back to the reason why we actually go to the football, to tell Ilhan Cavcav to get f.....

We had a few chances in the first half. Isaac Promise (why couldn't Bakkal have dropped him today!) managed to hit the post. Draman stuffed up in front and there were a few other shots that were sent somewhere in the vicinity of the Havas terminal.

Down at half time but the general feeling was that this was still our match for the taking. I genuinely believe that we played well today, perhaps the best we have played for a long time. All we have to do is sort out the up front bit ... ie... lose Promise!

Therefore I couldn't stop laughing when our goal actually came. Draman was a fair way out, around 40 metres, when he sent in a pass to Isaac Promise. The Erciyes keeper, who clearly has never read this blog, decided to track Promise, who by this stage had decided not to bother to go for the ball. "Blast," I may have said, but my swearing was too early as the keeper had stuffed it up. The pass from Draman actually went into the back of the net. If this was planned then it was bloody brilliant. Somehow I doubt it though.

1-1 and we were singing away. The songs were mainly anti-Cavcav. "Padishah Cavcav", "Pickle your money Cavcav" etc etc. By the way, have I mentioned before that we don't like the Genclerbirligi chairman?

As I said before we were in total control. And then came the sucker-punch mentioned at the beginning of this tale.

Erciyes take a corner in the 89th minute, Jesus comes out and was clearly in 234 minds as to how to deal with it, he punches the ball, the ball goes back towards his own goal, an Erciyes players pounces ... and goal.

Match over and perhaps not surprisingly the Gencler players refused to come over as we called out "Buraya, buraya, Genclerbirligi buraya". The Erciyes players did come over though and we all sang "the cup will be yours" in reference to their upcoming Turkish Cup final against Besiktas. I hope they smash them.

Great match and great atmosphere but yet another loss. Does anyone out there remember the last time we won a match?

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As Oz Kanka mentioned in this morning’s email, Erciyes reached the final of the Turkish Cup last night – probably for the first time in their history.

So, congratulations to them from all of us here in Ankara.

Erciyes won the first match away in Trabzon 1-0 and last night ANKARAGUCU `old boy` Umut Bulut levelled the scores in Kayseri with a goal half way through the 2nd half.

It was into extra time therefore and it was not looking good for Erciyes when Ali Turan was given a red card on the 100 minute mark.

However, it remained goal-less and a penalty shoot-out was required. Erciyes won 5-4 after Omer and Huseyin missed for Trabzon.

It was a particularly satisfying result for us ANKARAGUCU fanatiks since TWO of our `old boys` who deserted us for The Black Sea Storm, Umut and Ceyhun, received what they deserved for the season…………… NOTHING !!!

OK, so they might quality for the UEFA Cup, but I’m sure the management of Galatasaray, Kayseri, Sivas and Gencler have not given up the chase ……… YET ??!!

Erciyes will play the winner of tonight’s match between Fener and Besiktas in the final.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim (not one of Trabzon’s fans !!)

Dunfermline Dump Hibs

Dunfermline knocked Hibs out of the Scottish Cup by one goal to nil last night thanks to a late penalty.

It was an entertaining game that mirrored the previous game in that Hibs created more chances from more posession but could not find the calmness or luck in front of goal.

Hibs had brought back most of their main players after resting them at the weekend. Damion Gray however retained his place after scoring against Aberdeen and Lewis Stevenson also had a starting place.

It was a game that was frustrating due to a lack of goals however there was no lack of incident or committment. The most controversial incident happened with five minutes to go.

First Hibs were denied a decent penalty claim when Dean Sheils was pushed over in the box. Dunfermline then went up the field and forced a corner.

From this corner the ball broke to Hammel who was sent tumbling for Dunfermlines penalty. A very cheeky chip down the middle from McIntyre sealed a cup final place for Dunfermline.

Looks like Hibs will have to wait another year for Scottish Cup glory. I suppose two cups in one year is just being plain greedy!

Hibbee Kanka

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Slough and Ankara - twin cities

Following a link from the Guardian I came across a blog concerning the life of a Slough Town supporter. Just read the following extract from the blog and tell me if there are any similarities between us here in Ankara and the poor Berks boys and girls.

It must be boring being a Chelsea/Man United/Arsenal fan, where a season of crisis usually means finishing third and only reaching two cup finals. When they do lose a game their whinging managers always blame everything else and cry that its not fair - ban FA Cup replays, international matches; blame injuries (ignoring the fact that they’ve got 16 internationals on the subs bench) or refs that have got it in for you. It’s like listening to some millionaire boss complaining about not having enough perks of the job. In fact I’m surprised one of them hasn’t complained that their opponents scored a goal cos the ball was too round.

For the rest of us plebs who have to put up with season after season of not-very-much, the anticipation of a fresh start brings out the optimist even in the most pessimist of people, telling ourselves ‘just wait till next season.’

Just replace Chelsea/Man United/Arsenal with Galatasaray/Fenerbahce/Besiktas and it could easily be a story of our own League here. Glad to see that we are not the only ones suffering in this cruel, cruel world.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Future is Bright, the Future is Green and White

Hibs travelled to Aberdeen to play a league game that meant more to 3rd placed Aberdeen than to middle table Hibs. With no hope of anything higher than fifth place to chase for Hibs, the Scottish Cup is what we are pinning our hopes on.

With the semi final replay scheduled for Tuesday night Hibs took the chance to try a few youngsters in the top team. There were seven players 21 or younger in the starting eleven and any thoughts Aberdeen had of having an easy game were blasted away in a high tempo opening period.

Hibs scored first through Gray, this was his first top team goal to add to his 28 in the reserves. Aberdeen quickly equalised through Anderson before Shiels restored Hibs lead with a well taken goal on the stroke of halftime.

The second half was only a couple of minutes old when Hibs Lynch was sent off for an over the top challange. A straight red card was shown where a yellow would have been enough. After that it was mainly Aberdeen with Hibs goal leading a charmed life. When the equaliser finally came it was through a glorious 30 yard strike from Foster.

Hibs were reduced to nine men with a couple of minutes to go when MacCaffery picked up a second yellow card.

A great learning experience for the next clutch of Hibs stars we hope to see coming through for next season.

Hibbee Kanka

Monday, April 23, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Congratulations to Hibernian Ladies on reaching their 2nd Cup Final of the season.

Last Thursday, they defeated Newburgh by 3-1 to move into the Scottish FA Cup Final against Glasgow City on 20th May.

Trailing by 0-1 at half time to a hard working Newburgh side, the Hibs girls came out for the 2nd half and kept their composure by playing their normal high speed passing game. Class tells in the end, and it was player of the season Kim Little who calmed the nerves by scoring twice. A late goal came to put thoughts of a replay out of Newburgh's mind !

Having lost in the final of the Scottish League Cup late last year, I'm sure that they will be better prepared for this one and bring another cup back to Edinburgh.

In the meantime, hopefully this result will have given the mens senior team some encouragement for tomorrow night's Scottish FA Cup semi final against Dunfermline at Hampden Park.

Watch this space for more of both matches.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A beautiful sunny Spring day in Ankara awaited the gathering of the kankas in The Chopin Bar where we sat ouside for the first time this year.

First up were the ANKARAGUCU kankas who were joined later by a `nervous` motley crew of Gencler kankas who were obviously intimidated by the sheer presence of the ANKARAGUCU kankas and so elected to sit on a separate table. However, the hand of friendship was extended and they soon joined us even though the slagging continued !

An impressive turnout of kankas were there – Mountaineering Kanka and Kankie, Mark (he supports Bristol Rovers (yazik) – so perhaps Blind Loyalty Kanka would be an appropriate name for him ??!!), Maniac Kanka, Ian and his wife (who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the match), Marash Kanka, Battle Hardened Kanka, Oz Kanka and Little Oz Kanka (he is becoming more famous – watch out for his photo appearing in the Gencler Magazine soon), Smart Arse Kanka and his beautiful wife, Spine Kanka, French Kankie, Flying Dutchman Kanka and his darling Saadet (kankie name ?) and yours truly. Apoligies for any omissions !

(Oz Kanka here: You forgot Lanky Kanka Jorg and his mate. Wolfgang and his two boys Christian and Christof - I think I got the spellings right)

PHOTO: Christian and Christof, two of the Sir Eski's "forgotton kankas". In the background is Wolfgang and French Kanka Hande.

The new arrivals into Ankara, Bonnie, Jim, James and his sister (name ?) from the Yoo-Ess-Ov-Ai couldn’t join us because they were seated in comfort in Protokol ! James plays footie for the ANKARAGUCU Youth Team and has obviously been quick to make the right connections (Torpil) !!

Off to the Stadium (opposite ends of course !) and, as usual for the ANKARAGUCU contingent – long queues to enter. We finally made it in 5 minutes into the match.

The Stadium was almost full of ANKARAGUCU supporters and their singing and dancing didn’t stop throughout the match. The small group of Gencler supporters at the away end were obviously in awe of such numbers and noise and were stunned into silence throughout. I counted about 50, but it could have been 51 ??!! (Oz Kanka here: Lucky Sir Eski Kanka is an English teacher because he certainly can't count!)

The match was pretty even in the first 30 minutes with both teams trying to control midfield, but it was ANKARAGUCU who were looking the most likely to score. Serkan in the ANKARAGUCU goal could have joined us in Gecikondu for all the action he was seeing !!

The high point (or sore point !) of the first half came after 20 minutes when Gokhan (Gencler goalkeeper) and his defender Erhan got into a muddle in defence with a clearance and Tita let fly with a ferocious shot which should have been buried in the net. However, he hit it straight into Gokhan’s `goolies` when it would have been easier to score. A great photo shot for the press cameramen with Gokhan doubled-up in pain clutching his `jewels` ! Not so funny for those of us who have suffered such pain and all credit to Gokhan for resuming after recovering in about 5 minutes.

Approaching half-time and Mustafa had a great effort saved by Gokhan who was in inspired form.

PHOTO: Wolfgang and French Kanka Hande

Into the 2nd half and it was all ANKARAGUCU now with Gencler on the back foot and trying to break out of defence without much success. It was only a matter of time before ANKARAGUCU scored, but unfortunately Gokhan continued to prove an impregnable barrier. ANKARAGUCU threw everything at him and the goal just wouldn’t come.

ANKARAGUCU brought Bebbe on half way through the 2nd half (why was he not on from the start I wonder ??!!) and as usual he foraged away up front, but without Tita’s guile to open spaces for him, he couldn’t find a way past a solid Gencler defence and……. Gokhan. The fact that Mustafa was obviously tiring towards the end didn’t help either.

For the supporters who might have been bored with the scoreline, there was plenty of entertainment from the ANKARAGUCU supporters performing their OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, ANKARA song and dance routine in super surround-sound. The antics of Gecekondu, Maraton and Kapali will long be remembered by those unused to this type of support !!!

PHOTO: Little Oz Kanka gives his verdict on the match as Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave looks on.

So the match ended 0-0, and without wishing to state the obvious, I am sure both teams will see new faces next season. What was painfully obvious from an ANKARAGUCU perspective was the lack of fire-power up front and Mr Cemal Aydin MUST put his hand in his pocket and find a strike partner or two for Bebbe.

It was off to The Cappadokia Bar for post-match refreshment and match analysis. The highlight of the evening was an impromtu Dutch Dance from Flying Dutchman Kanka on hearing that his beloved AZ Alkmaar had won the Dutch League for the first time since Nineteen Canteen !!! Hidden talent there – perhaps a stage career beckons ??!!

PHOTO: Sir Eski Kanka clearly has a drinking problem. Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and SMYK Dave in the background.

So, with Gencler lying in 9th position we can put aside Ankara’s UEFA Cup ambitions for another season. ANKARAGUCU is in 12th position but still only 4 points above Rize in 3rd bottom position. Therefore, next Saturday’s match in Rize will be another `SIX POINTER` for ANKARAGUCU.

Gencler will be at home against 2nd bottom Erciyes on Saturday KO 3.30pm. Hopefully a win for Gencler will ease the pressure on ANKARAGUCU.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Thursday, April 19, 2007

ANKARAGUCU v Genclerbirligi

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

You may recall that I gave some `interesting` statistics in a post a few months ago concerning historical scores between ANKARAGUCU and Gencler.

Well, it seems to me that I now have the proof that the Sports Editor of Hurriyet reads our Blog !

In this morning's (Thursday) Hurriyet was a set of mouth-watering statistics but no acknowledgement that they were `nicked` from The Round Ball in Ankara. Hurriyet must understand that as we are now `World Famous` we should be acknowledged as such !!

So, let's look at the statistics and see if it gives us a pointer for Sunday's match.

Since the formation of the Turkish Super League in its present form (1959), ANKARAGUCU and Gencler have played each other 64 times, and in the 1st match of the 1959 season ANKARAGUCU won 4-2.

In total, ANKARAGUCU has won 26 times, Gencler 18 times and 19 matches have been drawn. In all those matches, ANKARAGUCU scored 90 goals and Gencler 79.

The highest score recorded (and this is my favourite !!!) was in 1990/1991 when ANKARAGUCU put Gencler to the sword by 7-2 !!!

It should also be mentioned that ANKARAGUCU beat Gencler 5-1 in season 1965/1966.

Don't you just love those figures ???

So, what does it tell us about Sunday's match eh ?

Quite clear to me kankas...............

Using my renowned mathematical logic, it is another bumper win coming up for ANKARAGUCU. Also, it stands to reason that if CimBom can only score 3 against Gencler then ANKARAGUCU should be able to score at least SIX !!! QED !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim......... on a high !

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stalemate in Scottish Cup Semi

Hibs and Dunfermline could not muster a goal between them in this Scottish Cup semi final.

It was a good game with plenty of incidents however both teams lacked a bit of quality in front of goal. Dunfermline had two very good chances, one after about 10 minutes when they hit the post and the follow up attempt was well saved by the Hibs goalkeeper. Their second was 10 minutes from time but Masons shot skimmed the bar.

Hibs conjured up a number of chances but a combination of good goalkeeping and poor finishing meant we have to go into a replay. The replay is sheduled for Tuesday 24th April, hopefully Hibs will have their shooting boots on. There will be no mini hibbee kankas at the replay as it is a evening kick off and also through in Glasgow however I will be attending with Hibbee Kanka Brother Neil (Am I allowed to give out a Kanka name).

My daughter Charlotte came to the semi final, she makes Mini Red Card Hooligan Kanka look tame so any suggestions of a name for her?

Hibs have gone into a bit of a mini slump in form since winning the CIS cup last month, remember that Sir Eski? Two defeats and a draw meant the only route to the UEFA cup is to get to the Scottish cup final. One of these defeats was against our local rivals Hearts, that was a hard one to take and to make matters worse the Hearts fans refused to leave the ground thus holding up Hibs parading the CIS cup for their fans.

If the results were not bad enough a crisi developed at Easter Road when the players apparently complained to the Chairman about the managers training methods. The Glasgow based press jumped on this story and blew it out of proportion (I hope). After a few days the players issued a public appology to the manager and club which seems to have been accepted. One player has been sacked and a couple of others repremanded, hopefully the whole sorry saga is finished and we can settle down and win the semi final.

I will try and be more prompt with the semi final replay report.

Hibbee Kanka

Monday, April 16, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Well, after the depression of Friday night, some good news.............. at last, I can hear you all say !!

Erciyes 0 ANKARAGUCU 1

This was never going to be an easy `six pointer` for ANKARAGUCU against an Erciyes side who had already knocked Galatasaray out of the cup (oooopss.... sorry Gulay, you didn't need reminding of that did you ??!!) and they have `almost` knocked Trabzon out of the cup in the semi finals.

According to Oktay Ensari of the Hurriyet, Erciyes played quite well in the first half but were thwarted time and again by a great display of goalkeeping by Serkan who is obviously back to his best form again, and at the right time. Cenk and Ergun has good chances to open the scoring by were denied by Serkan.

ANKARAGUCU came more into the match in the 2nd half. I am beginning to believe that Hikmet Bey is now reading the Blog and taking my advice and telling the team to ............ attack !!

The winning goal came with 15 minutes of the match left. An ANKARAGUCU attack down the right wing and Bebbe passed the ball to Tita who headed into the path of Burak who fired the ball in with the goalkeeper having no chance. Celebrations all round ! Maniac Kanka Harun told me that he might go to Kayseri to watch the match, and if did, then perhaps we will have some comments from him later ?!

After the match, it was reported that Bulent Korkmaz (the coach of Erciyes) was seen crying in the Dressing Room ! Tears of sadness for Erciyes, or............. tears of happiness for ANKARAGUCU ??!!

So, is there hope on the horizon ? Mmmmmm......... possibly !

It is looking very tight down at the bottom of the league with only Sakarya looking like relegation fodder at the moment. From 2nd bottom to mid-table there are only 9 points in it !

ANKARAGUCU lie in 12th position only 4 points above 3rd bottom Denizli, so there is no chance of complacency setting in........... yet !

Looking forward to the `Big One` next weekend, ANKARAGUCU go `head-to-head` with our local rivals Gencler on Sunday KO 3pm.

This is another `must win` match for ANKARAGUCU, however, it seems that Gencler will only be playing for pride after their recent dismal run of 4 defeats leaving them only an outside chance of UEFA Cup qualification.

Watch out for meeting details at The Chopin Bar from Oz Kanka soon.

All the best from `a happier than normal` Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Four matches without a win

Just one victory against an Istanbul side this season. Just one! Is it too much to ask for? Obviously yes, as Genclerbirligi stuffed up yet again.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 3 Galatasaray

I'm not sure where all the kankas are at the moment, still on holidays celebrating the execution of a do-good hippy? Only God knows. But Sir Eski Kanka, Ertank Kanka, French Kanka Hande and myself made it down to the Chopin for a few pre-match drinks and then back into the traffic jam that is Ankara nowadays - I blame Melih Gokcek - and into the stadium.

A decent crowd, around about the 12,000 mark (if you count the Ankara yalakalar supporting Galatasaray) and we all cheered as the Genclerbirligi players came on to the field with a banner sponsored by the UNHCR in support of refugees. Was this an attempt to humilate the Australian government's totally inhumane policies when it comes to people merely trying to better themselves? I doubt it, but I certainly support the idea.

According to an Anatolian news agency report I have just read at the end of the national anthem both teams supporters shouted "Martyrs do not die, the country will not be divided".

While it is clear that almost all the Galatasaray fans shouted this, only a vey small minority of Gencler fans joined in. I'm not criticising the Cim Bom fans here, just pointing out that us Gencler fans do not buy into this petty nationalism.

Match on and blaaahhhhhhhh

A few good moves by Draman which resulted in nothing. Gencler were playing fast for the first 10 minutes or so but nothing was getting anywhere near the Galatasaray goal.

Then Cem Deda decided it was time to earn some money when he awarded Galatasaray a penalty for God knows what.

Penalty converted and hearts sank.

Not long later Galatasaray had a corner and whoever was supposed to be covering Necati should hang their head in shame. 2-0

We weren't playing all that badly, although we weren't playing all that well either, but the referee was so clearly biased. We couldn't believe the fouls he was awarding to the Galatasaray players who were falling left, right and centre. Pathetic performance Cem Deda. You are a joke.

Half time and we had still not had a single shot on goal. In fact, I'm pretty sure we hadn't had a single shot... anywhere near goal.

During the half time break we went down to get a cup of tea and while in line and someone called out "Jimmmmm". It seems as if some Ankaragucu supporter, wearing his scarf, was at the match and recognised our very own Sir Eski Kanka. Can't take him anywhere!

Second half and the Ankara born and bred Galatasaray supporters were in full voice. Of course we shouted our "You are all Istanbul children" chants at them to piss them off, and pissed off they were, but the fact was they were winning and we were in our normal state of depression.

This was only added to when Galatasaray pulled off a very nice goal. They had the ball in or around the box, players were being pulled every which way and then Hasan Sas (wanker, I'd like to point out) put in a nice ball to former Gencler man Umit Karan who headed it in. Where the hell was our defence? Who was watching Karan? Oh dear oh dear.

So, 3-0 down and still Mondragon had yet to be troubled by a shot. Pathetic stuff.

Finally we got a shot on goal, and actually into the goal, in the 76th minute when Erkan got a nice pass in past Mondragon and to Isaac Promise (who had come on as a substitute) who merely tapped it in.

3-1, match nearly over, and we clearly didn't have a chance. IE: time to take the piss out of the management.

Anyone who has read my reports about Genclerbirligi knows that I am no longer a fan of Genclerbirligi chairman Ilhan Cavcav. The man may have done wonderful things for the club in the past but he is now too old and too stupid to run a bakkal, let alone a football club.

So it was with great voice that French Kanka Hande and myself joined in the denounciations of a bloke who, quite simply, should bloody well retire.

"We do not want a Cim Bom chairman", we shouted, in reference to the fact that Cavcav only got re-elected at the end of last season thanks to signing up to the club some 1,200 Galatasaray supporters.

"Pickle your money, Cavcav", in response to the fact that Cavcav prefers to sell all of our best players rather than try and win the league, or at least get us into Europe.

"Risp, Risp, Risp", for the same reason as above. Our best defender, who was quite happy to stay at Gencler for the season was sold to Trabzon mid season.

"Cem Onuk, get your hands off Genclerbirligi," a reference to the bloke who replaced our dearly beloved Hasan Cetinkaya (the bloke who kissed Zagreb Kanka)

"Diyadin, Diyadin, Diyadin", the very popular and successful coach of Genclerbirligi Oftas who was sacked two weeks ago by ... you guessed it ... Cavcav.

Match over and we are told by the police to get out quickly. I assumed that this was because they were afraid that there might be fights between us and the Ankara Galatasaray fans. Once again the police didn't have a clue. As much as I hate the Ankara Galatasaray fans, they are not hooligans looking for a fight. They were there tonight supporting their team, singing and jumping up and down. They were extremely pissed off with our calling them "yalakalar" and "Istanbul cocuklar" but at no time was a single object thrown at us (the distance between us and the Galatasaray fans was very little).

So we got out of the Maraton stand to find that it wasn't the Galatasaray fans ready to take us on but Cavcav's supporters. Don't worry, nothing happened. But it was clear that the group of around 50-100 Cavcav thugs were looking for a fight. It has happened before but luckily it didn't kick off tonight.

Later on Sir Eski Kanka was very critical of our fans behaivour, saying we should be supporting our boys on the pitch. I get the point but quite frankly I don't see how we can go anywhere until Cavcav is gone.

We finally got out without getting into any fights and Sir Eski, French Kanka and myself went off to the Red Lion Club for a few more Efes beers. There was one quite good looking girl at the bar who had a very short denim mini-skirt... aaahhh that's a story for a different kind of blog.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I had a good belly laugh at an article in a recent Weekly Telegraph, which I'm sure will also amuse Oz Kanka !

QUOTE.... A Tourism Australia advertising campaign, which used the catchphrase ''Where the bloody hell are you ?'', has been banned after complaints. The Advertising Standards Authority ordered the removal of the ''offensive'' posters after 32 complaints about the use of a swear word. Tourism Australia said that it had intended to extend a hospitable welcome in ''a uniquely Australian manner''. UNQUOTE.

Some of those ''goody goody'' Aussies should come to 19 Mayis Stadium, Chopin Bar or Cappadokia Bar where they will hear ''real'' offensive swear words. Eski Kanka, for one, is infamous for his expletives !!!

Strewth ! Get real you olde fuddy-duddies !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I propose that Messrs Karaman and Baykal make a spying trip to Edinburgh to watch the tactics of the Hibernian Ladies Team. Me thinks that they might learn a thing or two about scoring goals and WINNING matches consistently !

Last weekend saw the Hibs Ladies put Newburgh to the sword in the league 6-2 to maintain their position at the top of the league ahead of Glasgow City on goal difference.

Super star Kim Little was on target 4 times and has now scored 36 goals this season. A fantastic achievement.

I should also mention that in midweek the Scottish Ladies defeated Italy Ladies 2-1 which will no doubt be raising a few eyebrows around the world. Six Hibs players were in the squad which speaks volumes about the credentials of the whole Hibs team.

Well done girls.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Massaging the figures

Attendance figures are never announced at Turkish football games and so I was slightly surprised at seeing a post on Nathan's Fenerbahce blog comparing crowds at various teams.

As you can see in the table, originally published by Today's Zaman, Fener gets the biggest crowds in. The rest is pretty pathetic.

But my question is where on earth do they get the figures and also just what do some of the terms mean.

First up, lets take a look at Genclerbirligi. According to the table Gencler has had 10,238 people on average at its games. I'm not sure we have even hit a crowd of 10,000 this year, let alone be averaging above it. Then there is the figure under the title "Maximum fans". What the hell does "maximum fans" mean.

If it is the highest attendance this year then they are well wrong. As I said before the biggest crowd we have had was probably 10,000 and that includes the away fans. In any case, the capacity of the 19 Mayis stadium is only 20,000, less than what the table says is our "maximum fans".

Then there is the fact that Gencler are above Ankaragucu on the average number of fans per match column (300 less than Gencler), with maximum fans put at 13,000. The only way that Ankaragucu could be said to have had less fans at matches would be if you include the not infrequent times when they are ordered to play behind close doors, even then I'd still say they get more fans in.

The only way I can think that Gencler has so many fans is that they count every single season ticket holder as attending every single match, which is clearly a load of bollocks.

So how the hell did they put this together. As the quote says, "there are lies and statistics", not sure what which category this study should be classified under.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Allow me to join Oz Kanka in the depression club !! Yesterday afternoon.......

Konyaspor 2 ANKARAGUCU 0

Sorry to say that I don't have a report (thank you Hurriyet !!). However, I can tell you that Aytekin conceded a penalty in the 35th minute of the match and was rewarded with a Red Card (Sir Eski's fav colour !!).

The penalty was converted and Konya further extended their lead on the stroke of half time.

I also noticed that Tita was demoted to the bench and came on half way through the 2nd half, so it appears that Hikmet Bey's plan of making him the `new Ceyhun` has not materialised !

This result now plunges ANKARAGUCU into crisis and only 3 points above 3rd bottom Rize. With 7 league matches remaining and with our last match away to Fener it is not a happy time to be an ANKARAGUCU supporter !

However, on an optimistic note, I have to say that I still have faith in Hikmet Bey's ability to motivate the team and am hopeful that the present crisis will not materialise into a disaster !

ANKARAGUCU is away to 2nd bottom team Erciyes next Sunday in a classic case of the `SIX POINTER` !!

Genclerbirligi will be at home against the disappointing Galatasaray on Friday night KO 8pm. Oz Kanka will be advising more details nearer the time. That UEFA Cup place is still up for grabs in my opinion and 3 points for Gencler will be a MUST.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The end of the European dream?

Certainly is getting depressing being a Genclerbirligi fan.

Trabzon 4 - 3 Genclerbirligi

I missed most of the first half thanks to taking Little Oz Kanka to the park. So afraid I can't really comment on the first three goals, two from Trabzon and one from Gencler.

Second half though and I quite liked what I saw, admittedly this is only being said in comparison to the absolute rubbish we saw in last week's match against Besiktas.

Trabzon opened up the second half with a goal making it seemingly impossible for us and then we were given a penalty when former Gencler man Ayman took down Cakir (I think) in the box. A silly foul really as Cakir was not in a very dangerous position (ie back to goal somewhere near the corner of the box).

Okan Ozturk stood up and scored.

Then my heart sank as Isaac Promise came on. He didn't really do anything besides stuff up a few good half-chances when he had men in the clear but failed to pass properly.

But what was this. A free-kick taken by Mehmet Cakir from quite a way out gets around the wall and bounces off the goalkeeper's head and into the goal.

Amazing stuff. 3-3 and we were playing the better football, although Trabzon were always looking dangerous on the counterattack.

Then comes heartbreak No. 1.. Trabzon are given a penalty for handball when it was clear that the ball had hit Cakir in upper breast region. Penalty converted.

Full on attack from Gencler and in the 93rd minute Draman gets a cross in and Okan was brought down scissors-style.

Okan steps up and gives us heartbreak No. 2.. Okan has a jerky style when going for his penalties and despite sending it high to the right of the keeper, their man made the stop.

The result means Trabzon leap above us on the table and the dream of a UEFA Cup spot is looking further and further away.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hibees Struggle

After the euphoria of clinching their first piece of silverware for 16 years, the Hibees have struggled to transform their cup form into the league games.

In what is turning out to be a disappointing league campaign, the cups are a welcome distraction. lets hope more sucess in teh Scottish cup is to follow.

Last weekends game against Hearts loked to be going our way until Hearts sneaked a late winner against the run of play. Derby games over the last few years have been eagerly awaited as they have tended to be full of action and goals. Unfortunately Hearts tactics for this game were to waste time and stifle any open football from the first minute.

I can understand Hearts thinking as a very uncertain future lies infront of them with their Lithuanian owner making strange decisions every week. Personally I hope Hearts come out the okay as Derby games are the best, in saying that they are also the worst if you loose.

Hibs played again on Wednesday against St Mirren, a game we hoped to win to keep any faint hopes of finishing fourth. Hibs took the lead in the first half through Rob Jones but that just inspired St Mirren to raise their game in order help them stay in the SPL. A deserved equalsier came in the last minute, unlucky for Hibs or justice for St Mirren!

Hibs play Dunfermline tomorrow, surley they can beat the leagues bottom team? One thing you must know by now is that by following Hibs nothing is certain.

I think Hibs main aim for the remainder of the season will be to secure firth place and get to the Scottish cup final. We play Dunfermline again next week in the semi final at Hampden, hopefully another cup final is on the cards. Can Oz Kanka take more Hibs stories???

Hibbee Kanka

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sir Eski v Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka Liam

As you can see, poor Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka Liam is receiving his marching orders from Sir Eski. There was only ever going to be one winner there!

Not even a goal of the game of the underside of the bar could save him, there is no justice says Mini Red Card Holigan Kanka Liam.


Typical really. Nordic Kanka Stian had a while ago bought Genclerbirligi scarves for his neice and nephew. This week they happened to be visiting Turkey and so Stian gave them a surprise by bringing them along to the football (along with their Dad).

Then we had what was perhaps a first for the kanka group, Two-match (as of this evening) Kanka Suzan decided what a better way to woo her new squeeze Savaş than to bring him along to the football.

Ever happy to ruin the dreams of kiddies and those in love, not to mention me and Ertank Kanka (who aren't in love but who both gave up playing football this evening), Gencler played like rubbish.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 2 Besiktas

I really am getting depressed this season. We haven't won a single match against an Istanbul team yet. Fingers crossed for two weeks later when we take on Galatasaray (I think that is two weeks later) but really I'm not that hopeful.

First half and I guess you could say we were okay. We had a fair bit of possession but as we have been moaning for the last year and a half our midfield really needs sorting out. The Brazillian defender Tozo was in for the injured Traore and quite frankly I reckon we would have been better off playing the injured man. Our coach Mesut Bakkal obviously thought the same replacing Tozo before the half-time break.

We had a couple of chances on goal but nothing too demanding for the Besiktas keeper.

God-knows how many offside rulings were made against us. Clearly our attackers seemed to have forgotten what the offside rule is. Same with the linesman in one instance when he ruled that Engin was offside from a ball that was headed by a Besiktas player.

Nordic Kanka Stian at one point noted that Besiktas seemed to be auto-mode, doing enough just to win the game and not much else. That was enough though to score two goals. On the 20th minute mark Delgado sent a ball in which was headed into the top post, the ball somehow fell for Nobhead who put it in.

The second goal was another one of those that rips your heart out: an own goal. Some Besiktas player had a shot and Adem Dursun stuck his leg out to push it into the net.

Second-half and Bakkal had obviously taught our forwards some offside rule basics. Seems he taught them too well however as they never got anywhere near the goal again. In fact, I'm not sure if the Besiktas goalkeeper had to make a single save in the second half.

This wasn't due to Genclerbirligi not trying, just that they were rubbish. I think the best shot we had was when Mehmet Cakir had a go from just outside the box and slightly to the right of the goal. Somehow Cakir managed to send the ball flying off to the left somewhere near where the photographers were - ie near the bloody left corner post.

As I said, I'm depressed.

Anyway, Happy Easter next week for all those who celebrate it. As I'm an atheist I won't be getting Little Oz Kanka any chocolate Easter Eggs. I am a hypocrite though and everyone is more than welcome to get me one.

Savaş took some photos at the match and hopefully I'll be able to post them here soon.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

You may remember some time ago a post by Oz Kanka on a report that `the authorities` were considering a ban on smoking siggies inside the 19 Mayis Stadium, Ankara.

We have already seen Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and soon England, ban smoking in pubs, restaurants, public buildings and (shame on them) footie stadiums. So, will it happen in Turkey I ask ? A few years ago I would have said…….. no way jose !

However, I am starting to fret a wee bit after having read the following report in a recent Weekly Telegraph. It also caused me to almost choke on the smoke of my Parliament siggie, which by the way, tasted deeeeeelishus –

QUOTE….. It has never been tougher to be a smoker in Australia, as restaurants, pubs, beaches and even some pavements are declared off-limits to those who want to light up.

Now even lighting up at home has come under threat following a landmark legal decision. A tribunal has ordered a Sydney couple to stop smoking inside their city centre apartment because the smell was upsetting neighbours.

The order has been welcomed by the anti-smoking lobby but condemned by civil libertarians.

Chris May and Linda Crossan chose not to abide by the ruling and moved out of their flat, which boasted a view of Sydney Harbour and cost 300 quid a week. UNQUOTE.

I might have believed this happening in Malaysia, but………. In Oz ??? C’mon you Aussies, it is time to wake up to reality. Surely a person’s home is sacrosanct, especially in Oz ???

Can we believe (and hope) that we will still be smoking our siggies in Sakarya Caddesi, Menekse Sokak 2 and 19 Mayis Stadium next season ????!!!

All the best from a worried Eski Kanka Jim


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After the euphoria of winning away to Trabzon two weeks ago, ANKARAGUCU came crashing back down to earth with a reality shock last night in Ankara. After going ahead early in the second half, they finally `presented` the points to Galatasaray.

ANKARAGUCU 1 Galatasaray 2

Oz Kanka and I were in the Cappadokia Bar to watch the match live on TV and we were well satisfied with ANKARAGUCU’s first half performance. It was pretty much end to end stuff, but ANKARAGUCU were looking the more likely team to score, and they almost did when a looping shot from Dereli almost caught Mondragon out, but he scrambled back to tip the ball away for a corner as it was heading into the top left hand corner for a goal.

Serkan at the other end was never troubled, and in fact, it has to be said that Galatasaray looked `out of sorts` with Hakan Suker running around like a headless chicken.

Into the 2nd half and there was reason to be otimistic as ANKARAGUCU continued to attack and look the likelier team. The goal came when Galatasaray tried to engage their offside trap, but it went horribly wrong for them when Mustafa played on, despite the protests from the Galatasaray defenders, and sent Mondragon the wrong way for a well deserved opening goal.

However, a double substitution by Galatasaray was to prove the turning point when Hasan Sas and Necati came on for the ineffective Sukur and Cihan. Galatasaray were now a different team and it was as though they had received a `wake up call`.

ANKARAGUCU were now on the back-foot and having to defend desperately as Galatasaray came more and more into the game.

The equaliser soon arrived but it really should have been prevented. An outswinging cross came in from the left wing which should have been attacked by the defence. However, Serkan foolishly came out for it and only managed to `half` punch it clear direct to Necati who volleyed in with only a defender on the goal-line helpless to stop it.

I’m sure Hikmet Bey will be stressing to Serkan that he can attack inswinging crosses, but outswingers should always be left to defenders to deal with !!

Galatasaray had their tails up now and sensed victory. It came shortly after the equaliser, and yet again, was caused by another defensive blunder.

Hasan had the ball on the left touchline, and with Devran marking Necati running into the penalty box, there seemed no danger. However, Hasan beat the defender who was marking him and fired in a cross which went straight to the unmarked Necati to score an easy goal with Serkan helpless.

A `school boy` error from Devran `ball watching` instead of following and marking Necati, so perhaps Hikmet Bey will be having a `few choice words` with him in training sessions this week !!!

Some of the players started to become ill-tempered in the closing minutes, and inevitably it was Hasan Sas who was causing the problems. He and Sedat were throwing handbags at each other and eventually a pushing and shoving session occurred which brought the red card out for both players.

Erdal Keser, who was trying to defuse the situation, also received a red card. Obviously, the referee thought differently !!

One of these days Hasan Sas might stop being a moaning `cry baby` and grow up. Then again, perhaps it is too late for him to change the habits of a lifetime !!!

With all the yellow and red cards being waved around yesterday, it means that ANKARAGUCU will be without Emre and Sedat next week. Not a happy prospect with TWO of our best defenders suspended !

ANKARAGUCU is now only 5 points above 3rd bottom Denizli, and with 2 away games coming up in Konya and Erciyes respectively, they are still in a critical situation.

Good luck to Genclerbirligi tonight against Besiktas in their quest for UEFA Cup qualification. Oz Kanka will give his report on the match tomorrow.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim