Monday, April 02, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

You may remember some time ago a post by Oz Kanka on a report that `the authorities` were considering a ban on smoking siggies inside the 19 Mayis Stadium, Ankara.

We have already seen Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and soon England, ban smoking in pubs, restaurants, public buildings and (shame on them) footie stadiums. So, will it happen in Turkey I ask ? A few years ago I would have said…….. no way jose !

However, I am starting to fret a wee bit after having read the following report in a recent Weekly Telegraph. It also caused me to almost choke on the smoke of my Parliament siggie, which by the way, tasted deeeeeelishus –

QUOTE….. It has never been tougher to be a smoker in Australia, as restaurants, pubs, beaches and even some pavements are declared off-limits to those who want to light up.

Now even lighting up at home has come under threat following a landmark legal decision. A tribunal has ordered a Sydney couple to stop smoking inside their city centre apartment because the smell was upsetting neighbours.

The order has been welcomed by the anti-smoking lobby but condemned by civil libertarians.

Chris May and Linda Crossan chose not to abide by the ruling and moved out of their flat, which boasted a view of Sydney Harbour and cost 300 quid a week. UNQUOTE.

I might have believed this happening in Malaysia, but………. In Oz ??? C’mon you Aussies, it is time to wake up to reality. Surely a person’s home is sacrosanct, especially in Oz ???

Can we believe (and hope) that we will still be smoking our siggies in Sakarya Caddesi, Menekse Sokak 2 and 19 Mayis Stadium next season ????!!!

All the best from a worried Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Spine and French Kanka have quit. But if the ban happens, there's an easy solution: Oz can distribute mint nicotine gum instead of Fisherman's Friends pre-match. What an attractive

  2. On the other hand, perhaps NOT !!

    I say........ let's continue to blow our smoke into the faces of Spine and his luvvlie kankie heh heh heh !!!

  3. At least they haven't banned selling beer at the stadiums.

  4. Oh yes they have - in Scotland.

    Not surprising really when you consider the prospect of a drunken Jock at a footie match !!!

    At least the Jocks haven't banned Bovril !!!

  5. Very interesting....I didn't know you could smoke at the stadiums there. The USA is going through something similar. 10 years ago you could smoke most anywhere, but now most cities have ordinances banning smoking from all public buildings, including outdoor stadiums. In some cities here you cannot smoke in public parks (outside) either.

  6. Disgraceful I say !

    Come and live in civilised Turkey is the answer !!!