Monday, April 30, 2007

The joys of winning

You may recall a post a week or so ago where Sir Eski Kanka wrote about the end-to-end, dramatic climax, fans going crazy action that was the Ankaragucu - Genclerbirligi 0-0 draw.

As reported, after the match we went down to the Capadokia Bar for beers. While we were discussing things like the fact that the only interesting thing about the match itself was the Ankaragucu fans' singing, Flying Dutchman Kanka was furiously texting away and checking Maniac Kanka Harun's super dooper mobile phone to find out what was happening in the Dutch League.

Flying Dutchman's beloved AZ Alkmaar were 3-1 up and needed PSV to draw in order to take out the league. PSV were up at the time and them, with just a few minutes to go they conceded a goal and so AZ ended up winning the league on goal difference (something like that anyway).

Cue wild celebrations. Flying Dutchman let out a roar, and there was clearly a tear of emotion in his eyes. In fact he went completely mad and bought all 15 of us a beer.

Sir Eski Kanka then decided to remind us that he knew what feelings were welling up in Flying Dutchman's bosom and then gave us all yet another tale of Hibs winning the CIS Cup. I mentioned that I too knew what it felt like and mentioned when the Tigers back in 2005 in Sydney won the rugby league competition for the first time in my life. Spine, a Man. City supporter, said he too wished to experience such a feeling.

It was truely lovely stuff.

But then today I was reading the paper and it seems that Flying Dutchman was a week too early in his celebrations as the Dutch League still had a week to go. Sure AZ were massive favourities going in against a crap team but they managed to lose 3-2.

I'm so sorry Flying Dutchman, but thanks for the beer anyway.


  1. I can feel a tear welling up in my eye !!

    Must try and remember to pay back the beer that Flying Dutchman bought me !!!

    Well...... I did say TRY !!!

  2. ı think that psv eindhoven gave to much money to the exelsior clup and to the referee!

  3. I don't believe that those luvvlie Holland people would do such nasty and illegal things ???!!!

    By the way, I think Spine Kanka should desist from `trying` to figure out mathematical formulae and be more positive about his famous team Manchester Shitty..... oooops....sorry... I mean City.

    I seem to recall that they achieved fame throughout the world when they won the LDV Vans Trophy (Northern Section) some time ago. Or perhaps I am thinking of Melchester City ??!! Whatever !!

  4. we last won a trophy 31 years ago, but despite that our global reputation is so mighty that Thaksin Sinawatra, the former Thai prime minister, wants to buy us. How's that for global appeal? no shifty american buyers for city, instead a shifty ... er ... anyway blue forever, Spine

  5. Thaksin who ???

    Anyway, apart from that, where is Thai ?

    Also, anyway, come back Denis Tuert, Francis Lee, et al.... remember them ???

    By the way, did you see The Mighty Reds tonight put the smile off Morinho's face ? Did you like it as much as I did ???!!!

  6. Anonymous10:24 am

    It was investigated if Ajax gave Excelsior a bonus to play better, but this was cancelled to less evidence.

    Az hasn't anything this season that's a pity for mr. van Gaal..
    And they play FC Twente in the playoffs.

    Come on Twente, Twente Enschede!
    Next year Twente will play CL hopefully haha