Sunday, November 27, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


I have to say that it is sad that in a city of over 5 Million people there was only a few small pockets of Gencler fans there last night, especially when you contrast that with the large Rize travelling support.       Things are looking bleak for those long suffering Gencler souls   !!!


It was a fairly even 1st half, but Rize looked the more dangerous of the two going forward and I was expecting them to up the pressure in the 2nd half, and that’s exactly what happened as they gradually took control of the match.


It was interesting to note that there were two Ankaragucu ‘old boys’ in the Rize line-up, ie, Alper Potuk and Kubilay Kanatsizkus, both of whom made positive contributions during the match   !!


Gencler will be looking for miracles before the mini Winter Break, and as I have said many times here, there are no ‘easy’ matches in The Championship League   !!


GENCLERBIRLIGI            1                        Rizespor             3


Team – Adiyaman, Metehan, Gokhan, Muhammed, Abdullah, Hrechyshkin, Aksel, Byelyayev, Baris, Ahmet and Ilker


Substitutes – Mert, Altiparmak, Baran and Seyit


Surprisingly, Gencler took the lead in the 6th minute through a well taken goal arising from a corner on the right.     The ball was swung over and Abdullah was first to it in front of the goalkeeper to head in unopposed.     The Rize defenders will not relish seeing a replay of that goal   !!!


20 minutes gone and a similar goal at the other end for Rize to snatch the equaliser.    A corner on the left was swung over and Emirhan, surrounded by 4 defenders, headed in with another defender on the goal line unable to reach it and Adiyaman caught out of position.


Approaching half time and Rize claimed handball against a Gencler defender in the box.    The referee consulted VAR and quite rightly ruled it out.    It looked to me like the defender had his back to the ball and it cannoned off his shoulder, so no doubt the correct decision was made  !


It was mostly all Rize in the 2nd half and it was Adiyaman to the rescue 10 minutes in when he made a spectacular save from a goal bound free kick.


However, it was no surprise when Rize took the lead half way through the 2nd half with a piece of predatory skill by Kubilay.   A cross came in from the left and Kubilay was in the right place at the right time to side-foot the ball in.


Into time added on and Rize put the sword in to consolidate their win.    There didn’t look any danger when a Rize player started an attack on left side of the halfway line.   He sent a pass to his right when he found his colleague (No 17 – couldn’t catch his name   !!) who surged forward into the box on the right avoiding 3 attempted tackles, cut the ball back into the centre for Farouk to score the easiest goal he will ever score   !!


Almost on the full time whistle and Kubilay missed a sitter inside the 6 yard box when he skied his shot off Adiyaman when a cool side-footed shot to either side was all that was needed   !


Gencler only had 2 shots on target in the entire match which is a poor return for a team looking to escape from the relegation zone   !!


It won’t get any easier for Gencler with an away trip next Saturday to play the surprise package of the season, Bodrumspor, who have only lost 4 matches this season and sit in 7th top position in the league.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, November 22, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Gencler hasn’t had as many Coaches as Watford in the past 2 seasons, but it may come to that soon   !!


The glaring deficiency in their miserable run of 1 win in 13 matches is a lack of goals to match their build-up play.


Ilker, Serdarcan, Altiparmak and Ahmet have all played in the striker’s role, but none have made that position their own.  


Gencler, still stuck in 2nd bottom position in the league, is now 7 points below the safety net and they only have 5 matches left to rectify the situation before we reach the halfway stage of the league and a mini winter break.


Last night in Izmir was another example of having 52%  possession, 9 shots on goal (2 on target), but nothing to show for it at the end of the match.     I don’t want to criticise their efforts but, after all, the end result is what really matters   ??!!


Altay                1                          GENCLERBIRLIGI         0


Team – Adiyaman, Muhammed, Mert, Gokhan, Metehan, Aksel, Hrechyshkin, Byelyayev, Ahmet Baris and Ilker


Substitutes – Altiparmak and Kagan


Gencler’s only serious effort on goal came in the 12th minute when a cross came in from the left and Ahmet’s header hit the post and was cleared.


The crucial goal came in the 20th minute and it was a rush of blood to the head by Gokhan who caused it.    An Altay attack and the cross came into a crowded box only for Gokhan to nudge the ball away to safety with his forearm.     A clear penalty, but the referee consulted VAR to be sure.      Marco stepped up and sent a fierce shot to the centre with Adiyaman diving to his left.


Nothing much to say about the 2nd half except ............... watching Gencler trying to score is fast becoming a real chore   !!!


I also have to admit that I lost interest in the 2nd half watching Altay protecting their lead and Gencler’s huffing and puffing   !!


It’s eyes forward now to Saturday and the visit of 5th top Rize who have only lost once this season.     Yet another difficult nut for Gencler to crack and, based on last night’s performance, the most they can hope for is winning one point   !!!


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, November 14, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


The season has not yet reached the halfway stage, but Gencler seem to be cast adrift at the bottom of the league with only one win in 12 matches to show for their endeavours so far.


Gencler has staged late recoveries in the past and that’s what they must do this season ........ and soon   !     The consequences of relegation to the 2nd league is not worthy of consideration, eg, no TV money, no foreign players allowed and a vicious scrap to bounce back to The Championship League at the first time of asking   !!


It looked likely at one point in the 2nd half last night that Gencler might hold out and salvage a point, but a silly hand-ball by Muhammed and the subsequent penalty put paid to that   !!


GENCLERBIRLIGI             0                           Eyupspor               2


Team – Adiyaman, Metehan, Gokhan, Mert, Muhammed, Hrechyshkin, Baris, Byelyayev, Serdarcan, Abdullah and Altiparmak


Substitutes – Ahmet and Aksel


The 1st half was a ..............yawn ..............yawn .............. bore.      One shot by both teams with both off target was the only action of note.    Also, I have to say that Eyup didn’t look like a team sitting on top of the league.     Thankfully there was a little more action in the 2nd half, with most of it coming from Eyup.


Serdarcan and Babel should both have done better with their shots when in ideal positions.    Serdarcan sent his shot over the bar and Babel sent his shot past the post.


A mistake by an Eyup defender almost gifted Gencler the opening goal 10 minutes into the 2nd half.     The ball was played to Altiparmak but he blasted the ball high and wide when in a good scoring position.


It was Gencler’s turn to screw up in defence 5 minutes later.   Dibba latched onto the ball and his shot went from left to right past the post.


5 minutes later and that unnecessary hand-ball by Abdullah which gifted Eyup a penalty.    A harmless looking cross came in from the right and Abdullah sent it out of play with his hand.    A VAR check was made, but it clearly was a hand-ball and the penalty was quite rightly given.


Babel stepped up and sent his fierce shot to the top left with Adiyaman diving the wrong way.


Eyup ‘smelled blood’ and went on full-on attack.   5 minutes later it was Adiyaman to the rescue when he saved a goal bound free kick.


It was no surprise when the 2nd goal came 5 minutes before the final whistle.    A fast break and the ball was sent to Dibba who had found space on the left.     He surged forward and just inside the box curled an exquisite shot around Adiyaman inside the right post.


There will be no World Cup Break for Gencler to ‘catch their breath’   !         They must travel to Izmir on Monday 21st November to play mid-table Altay.     Another mountain for Gencler to climb and they need to start picking up points now before the half way stage in the league   !


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, November 12, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu, although only claiming one point, gave the reigning champions as good as they got last night.


Ankaragucu didn’t set-up to defend, as some teams would against Trabzon, but made it quite clear from the kick-off that they wanted all 3 points   !


Ankaragucu played some slick one-touch passing moves at times, but they came unstuck in the final 3rd for the most part, and unfortunately didn’t really test Ugurcan, the Trabzon goalkeeper.    This will be one of the things that Omer Bey must work on in the next month.


However, having said that, they fought for every ball during the entire match which was well appreciated by the full house at the Eryaman Stadium.


ANKARAGUCU           1                    Trabzonspor             1


Team – Bahadir, Malcuit, Uros, Nihad, Yasin, Taylan, Tolga, Pedrinho, Emre, Beridze and Ali Sowe


Substitutes – Jese, Zahid, Tasos, Diack and Oguz


10 minutes in and Trabzon was the first to threaten when Abdulkadir received a pass on the right and from an acute angle his shot was saved by Bahadir at the near post


Taylan should have done better 5 minutes later when he was put through in the centre of the box, but instead of passing to an unmarked colleague on the right, he was dispossessed and the chance was lost.


5 minutes later and it was Bahadir to the rescue again when he punched a goal bound shot clear and from the rebound a Trabzon attacker blasted the ball well over the bar.


The 1st half fizzled out with Ankaragucu failing to put a shot on target, and for that the Trabzon defence must take some of the credit   !


Trabzon started the 2nd half looking dangerous going forward and almost opened the scoring 10 minutes in, but Yasin made a great tackle and clearance as the Trabzon attacker was about to pull the trigger.


However, the goal did arrive half way through the 2nd half when a fast Trabzon attack caught Ankaragucu on the back foot.   The cross came in from the right and Bardhi was first to the ball ahead of two Ankaragucu defenders and poked the ball in.


Did the heads go down   ?      No    !!!       Ankaragucu re-doubled their efforts and were rewarded 5 minutes later with a penalty when a Trabzon defender used an arm in defending a corner.      Captain Tolga took responsibility and sent his fierce shot into the centre of the goal with Ugurcan having no chance of saving it.


It was mostly all Ankaragucu in the last 15 minutes when they attacked relentlessly but for the most part their attacks kept breaking down in the final 3rd, and the Trabzon defending denied Ankaragucu the winner they searched for.


Notwithstanding, Omer Bey in his post-match interview was pleased with the team’s performance, as rightly he should be.    He also said that when he arrived to take over the team it wasn’t in a good shape, but he has steadily built the team with his own player selection and is hopeful of consolidating their position in The Super League.    He was critical of the state of the pitch last night.     However, I suppose it isn’t surprising given the number of League and Cup matches played on it recently by both Ankara teams.    Finally, he said that he would use the World Cup break to bring Ankaragucu back stronger than at present.


We now have to suffer a 5 week break for the World Cup .........yawn ........ yawn    !!!      League business will resume on 24/25 December when Ankaragucu will travel to play mid-table Antalyaspor.


However, prior to that on the week commencing 20 December, Ankaragucu will be at home to Tuzlaspor in the 5th Round of The Turkish Cup.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, November 09, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


With TEN 4th Round Turkish Cup matches taking place around the same time today, it was perhaps unsurprising that the Gencler match didn’t feature on TV   !!


Therefore the details I have are sketchy to say the least   !!


GENCLERBIRLIGI           1                   Bayburt        0


Team – Atalay, Ibrahim, Abdullah, Musa, Arda, Seyit, Ulusoy, Byelyayev, Ataberk, Ahmet and Baran


Substitutes – Dogukan, Kagan, Zafer and Ismail


Gencler could only manage one goal against lower league Bayburt, but it was enough to be in the hat for the next round.


The goal was scored by Baran in the 4th minute.


The 5th Round of the Turkish Cup will be played during the week of the 20th of December.


However, it’s back to league business this Sunday when 2nd bottom of the league Gencler will be at home to league leader Eyupspor who have only lost once in 12 outings this season.    Therefore this will be another test of Gencler’s fighting qualities.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu moved safely into the 5th Round of The Turkish Cup yesterday and that will commence during the week of the 20th of December.


6 excellent goals by Ankaragucu and the only criticism being their lapse in concentration near the end to allow Amed two consolation goals.    I’m sure that Omer Bey will be advising against ‘running the clock down’ in future matches, especially against more superior teams than Amed.


ANKARAGUCU            6                 Amed                    2


Team – Bahadir, Atakan, Oguz, Sinan, Firatcan, Diack, Zadid, Jese, Tasos, Pedro and Ariyibi


Substitutes – Nurullah, Frederico, Alperen and Sahverdi


Ankaragucu started the match yesterday as though their lives depended on winning it, and they almost went into the lead from the kick off when Zahid blasted over when it was easier to score  !


However, the goal came 5 minutes later when a cross came in from the right to the impressive Jese who avoided the attempted tackles and shot inside the left post.


2 minutes later and it was 2 when Sinan scored one of his trademark goals with a header into the top right from a corner on the left.


Approaching the half hour mark and a fast flowing move by Ankaragucu saw the ball played long from left to right.    The ball was sent into the centre to Zahid who evaded 2 attempted tackles and shot inside the right post.


It was almost 4 a few minutes later when Tasos sent his shot from the left edge of the box just past the right post.


Into time added on in the 1st half and still time for the 4th goal.     Another fast and sweeping move from left to right and then came the classic cut-back for Jese to tap in.


Ankaragucu changed goalkeepers at half time, Nurullah replacing Bahadir.


Straight from the resumption, Ankaragucu made it 5 when Tasos played a one-two with a team mate and shot inside the right post.


15 minutes to go and the Amed goalkeeper sent a clearance to an Ankaragucu player with his mis-kick.    He surged forward and cut the ball back to the unmarked Zahid who stroked it in for No 6.


Ankaragucu then took their ‘foot off the gas’ and started to stroke the ball around to ‘run the clock down’, which although perhaps understandable, is not very professional.


Ankaragucu paid the penalty when Sinan headed in for an own goal from a corner on the left.    He won’t want to see a replay of it   !!!


Almost on the full time whistle and Amed scored an excellent 2nd goal when a cross came in from the right and Gumus was first to react and head the ball in at the near post.     In all honesty it was no more than they deserved for not dropping their heads after the goal avalanche   !!


Time to put the focus back on league business before the World Cup Break when Trabzon come calling on Friday night.


The Trabzon defence won’t be as generous as Amed’s, but if Ankaragucu can play with the pace and cutting edge that they did yesterday, then there are grounds for remaining confident of taking all 3 points.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, November 06, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


The relegation dog-fight ended all square in an almost empty stadium in Malatya last night.


I was unable to watch the first half, but it seems like it was pretty even with only one shot on target by both teams.


The first goal came from a penalty to Malatya after the referee consulted VAR and the penalty was sent by Basdas to the top right in a perfectly executed penalty kick.


Malatya             2                 GENCLERBIRLIGI             2


Team – Adiyaman, Mert, Muhammed, Altiparmak, Gokhan, Musa, Metehan, Byelyayev, Hrechshykin, Baris and Serdarcan


Substitutes – Aksel, Ahmet and Zafer


Only 4 minutes into the 2nd half and Malatya extended their lead with some fancy footwork by Osman in the centre who waltzed his way past three attempted tackles and shot inside the right post.


At this point I thought that Gencler would capitulate, but I should not have doubted  Gencler’s fighting spirit.     They roared back with two well executed goals to turn the match on its head and put Malatya on the back foot.


10 minutes after the 2nd Malatya goal and from a corner on the right, the ball was sent to the centre of the box where it was back headed to Gokhan at the far post and he powered in a header to give the goalkeeper no chance.


10 minutes later and the equaliser arrived and it was clearly the goal of the match.   Gencler was awarded a free kick on the left which came into the centre of the box but was not cleared.   The ball was returned into the box and Altiparmak was ideally placed to send an exquisite overhead kick into the top right for a truly great goal.


Bastas of Malatya was shown a RED card after bringing down Ahmet on the edge of the box, but Ahmet scorned the chance to put Gencler ahead by sending his free kick high over the bar.


A great fight-back by Gencler after seemingly being down and out, but they are still stuck in 2nd bottom position in the league.


As I’ve said many times here, it doesn’t get any easier in this league and the next visitors to Ankara will be league leaders Eyupspor on the 13th of November.


However, prior to that crucial match, Gencler will host lower league Bayburt on the 9th of November in the 4th Round of the Turkish Cup.


As always, watch this space for the outcome of both matches.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, November 05, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


However, have said that in the headline, Ankaragucu should have put the match to bed even before the half time whistle.    Unlike last week against Hatay, they scorned lots of chances with the normally prolific Giorgi the main culprit.  


Ankaragucu will rue the loss of 2 points, but towards the end of the match with defeat staring them in the face, they snatched a point which, to be honest, didn’t look likely as the match approached the final stages.


So, Ankaragucu remain just above the relegation zone, but there is still a long way to go for this team to find mid-table security.   Coach, Omer Erdogan, has Ankaragucu attempting to play football even when they went behind last night.    Sometimes their one-touch passing was sublime, but they must convert this into goals and be more clinical in the final third.    60% possession for Ankaragucu last night only produced 2 shots on target   !!


The kankas met-up in The Bira Park Bar full of confidence – Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Maniac Kanka Harun, Gorgeous Kankie Hazal, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Horseman Kanka Osman, Kemal Kanka and yours truly.


Kasimpasa               1                         ANKARAGUCU              1


It came as no surprise that Ankaragucu started with a similar formation to last week –


Gokhan, Yasin, Nihad, Uros, Kevin, Tolga, Taylan, Jese, Pedrinho, Giorgi and Ali Sowe


Substitutes – Pepe, Tasos, Emre and Bahadir


The first chance of the match fell to Ankaragucu when Ali produced some great footwork and passed to Giorgi in a good position, but he scuffed his shot past the post.


A few minutes later and Kasimpasa had a penalty claim rightly turned down.    The referee consulted VAR and waved the claim away.    It was a great piece of acting by the player conveniently named ........... FALL ............ who made a classic dive   !!


Just before half time and again it was Ali who made space for himself in the box by evading 3 defenders and passed to Giorgi who blasted his shot well over the bar.


3 minutes into the 2nd half and we were all up and cheering what we thought was a great goal when Ali received a pass from the right, powered forward and slotted in.    However, the referee consulted VAR again and ruled the goal out for offside in the build-up.


10 minutes later and Kasimpasa went ahead against the run of play.    There was calamity in the Ankaragucu defence from a cross ball into the box which Gokhan could only parry.    It was sent into the danger area again and Gokhan in attempting to fist the ball away was challenged by Koita who knocked Gokhan to the ground, collected the loose ball, and slid the ball in.     A blatant foul against Gokhan who had both feet off the ground in the 6 yard box when challenged by Koita.     However, the referee consulted VAR and unbelievably gave the goal   !       A disgraceful decision and one which I hope Ankaragucu will appeal to the TFF, not that it will change anything   !!!


10 minutes later and it was almost 2 when the dangerous Ahmet Engin send over a great pinpoint cross to an attacker, but his header was well saved by Gokhan.   5 minutes later and Gokhan to the rescue again with a point blank save following a corner.


At the other end, Uros and Tolga both wasted chances as the match was winding down.


However, with only 5 minutes to go, Ankaragucu found the deserved equaliser that their play merited.     It was substitute Tasos who found space at the far post from a right wing cross to nick the ball away from a defender and tap in   !!


Into time added on and Ankaragucu almost found the winner.    First Pedrinho had a long range shot whiz just past the post, and then Tasos had 2 efforts which went just past the post.


It was a relief to have at least taken one point, but as I said before, it really should have been all 3 points.     Dare I say ............ we must be thankful for small mercies   ??!!!


Onwards to our next match before the World Cup break and it is another tough one.      Aren’t they all I ask   ??!!


It is another Friday night match at home to last season’s champions, Trabzonspor, who are currently sitting in 6th top position in the league.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, November 01, 2022




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Genclerbirligi is sinking deeper into the relegation zone after another home defeat last night  !


10 matches into the season and only ONE win speaks volumes for Gencler’s woes, and to be honest, I can’t see a ray of sunshine on the horizon.


As we all know from past experience, this is a league with some really good teams and the competition is fierce with the reward of greater fortunes in the Super League after promotion..   At the other end of the scale, relegation to the 2nd League is like a ‘kick in the nuts’ and a shock for the Club finances.     Bursa is a classic example of the stigma attached to playing in the 2nd League   !!


As for last night, the result was a fair reflection on the balance of play.


GENCLERBIRLIGI         1                     Manisa              3


Team – Adiyaman, Zafer, Metehan, Gokhan, Musa, Hrechyshkin, Baris, Aksel, Byelyayev, Ahmet and Serdarcan


Substitutes – Mert, Ilker and Seyit


Both teams started in attacking mode and it was Gencler who threatened first in the 18th minute when a Manisa defender lost the ball to Serdercan who was then one on one with the goalkeeper, but he made a great save to block the shot.


One minute later and Manisa took the lead with a well constructed goal.    A cross came in from the left to Adem in the centre.    He swivelled and sent a deft pass to Burak who stroked the ball in.    There was a VAR call for the build up to the goal, but it was correctly given.


4 minutes later and Gencler was level.    A cross was sent over from the right towards Ahmet in the centre and he sent his angled header over a defender and the goalkeeper and into the top left.


Gencler’s defence was their undoing on the half hour mark when a cross coming in from the left was not dealt with.    Adem picked up the pieces and sent his shot from the centre of the box to the top right with Adiyaman too far off his line to attempt a save.


Into the 2nd half and it seemed that the match was drifting to an anti-climax when another comedy of errors in the Gencler defence gifted Manisa the cushion of a 3rd goal.     A pass was made from the centre of the box to just inside the box on the left.    Adiyaman made the decision to come out and intercept but was beaten to the ball by an attacker who crossed for another attacker to shoot.     His shot was blocked on the goal line and the rebound went to Nizametin in the centre who fired in off the despairing legs of a defender   !


Manisa always looked the more dangerous of the two teams, especially going forward.     They always looked like they were going to score.     Gencler on the other hand, although they played some good football, always lacked the firepower in the final 3rd.


It is going to be a long and difficult season for Gencler on this performance and it won’t get any easier on Saturday when they travel to 3rd bottom Malatya in the relegation dog-fight.    Gencler’s fighting qualities will surely be put to the test.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim