Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This is the 2nd time that I've had to praise Cemal Aydin this season. Shock horror !!

He has brought ANKARAGUCU into the 21st Century at last and purchased a top of the range Club Bus.

No big deal some might say. However, not me. Driving into the `away` Stadium in your own bus will surely give the players a psychological advantage and send a message to the home team that they are a professional team who mean business.

Another interesting feature of the bus is that it has state of the art viewing for the players to keep them amused during long journies. Satellite TV and DVD facilities for watching previous matches of their opponents on the journey. I was also impressed with the bus plate number............ 06 AG 1910. I like it !

Perhaps the Gencler players will be a wee bit intimidated on Saturday when they see the ANKARAGUCU Bus roll into 19 Mayis Stadium. Worth a goal of a start me thinks !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hibs Keeper Curse Strikes Again

Last week Hibs fought an entertaining battle with Dunde Utd, the game finished 0-0 but everyone seemed to agree that it was a good game. Dundee Utds goalkeeper received many plaudits for a string of excellant saves that earned his side a point.

The Hibs keeper Eves Makalamby also made some good saves however there were a couple of times when he came out for cross balls and failed to get anywhere near the ball. A combination of luck and good back up defending saved the keepers blushes.

Roll on a week and Hibs were hosting Aberdeen at Easter Road. A good crowd were entertained and saw Hibs take an early lead after dominating possession.

For those who bother to read about Hibs on this blog you will remember my numerous tales of goalkeeping errors from last season! This season looks as if I will be repeating myself as we appear to have secured the services of another clown.

Thanks to some goalkeeping that would not even be seen at Oxgangs level, Hibs found themselves 2-1 down by halftime.

Plenty time to come back I thought but early in the second half our goalkeeper was posted missing again allowing Aberden to go 3-1 up. For a ten minute spell Makalamby could not touch the ball without dropping it.

Makalamby was struggling but to his relief his teammates staged a great comeback to earn a 3-3 draw. Amazingly Hibs could and should have won the game but after what had gone on before a point seemed like a bonus.

To be fair to the Hibs keeper, he has had seven clean sheets out of eight but always look capable of a howler.

More tales of goalkeeping woes to come me thinks!!

Safety practices at 19 Mayis are a joke

Sometimes it takes a Turkish football virgin to see that the way we are treated at matches at the 19 Mayis Stadium is an absolute disgrace. In this particular case our new man Cafuncello Kanka is not talking about the hassles that the cops give us if the Fisherman's Friends don't mask the smell of a beer or the fact that the Genclerbirligi won't sell us season tickets for where we want to sit.

Nope, this is about safety issues. And after having read Cafuncello Kanka's report, just reflect that this is a country that actually wants to hold the Olympics... madness. Cafuncello Kanka takes over:

"I would not want to distract the attention from the soul-searching (and the new forward searching) that appears necessary to remedy Gencler's somewhat uncertain start of the season, but I am writing to signal a logistic issue.

During the internecine game with Oftas (in the first round), I felt a bit sick at half-time (no judgement on the quality of the game until then), and decided to leave the stadium. That was easier said than done!!! I found myself, and my less than rudimentary understanding of Turkish, being shuttled by well-meaning police within the stadium back and forth between the exits 7, 8 and 9, which were alas all LOCKED from the outside!!!

It took a good twenty minutes from the police OUTSIDE the stadium to come and release some 10-15 supporters who, like me, had decided to leave. There was one fellow trapped between the revolving doors and the locked exit--he took the situation with philosophy, and waited orderly between one smoke and the next. But surely this policy of doors that can be opened only from the outside poses some unnecessary hazards, if--say--the normally peaceful supporters were to turn nervous or worse and an evacuation were to be needed?

Just a thought--maybe I lived too long in the States."

Monday, August 27, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The express train that was ANKARAGUCU started the match last night looking more like a freight train !!

Galatasaray 1 ANKARAGUCU 0

First up, we assembled in The Cappadokia Bar to watch the match on the big screen. Maniac Kanka Harun and his wife Asuman, Yankee Kanka, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, (Surprise Surprise……….. Mountaineering Kanka Robbie for his 1st match for …….. a while !!), Apple Kanka Erman (named by Maniac Kanka) and yours truly.

Why Apple Kanka I can hear you all asking ? First correct answer received will win a free beer from Maniac Kanka !

By the way, it has to be reported that I witnessed Maniac Kanka drinking Turkish coffee and water in the Cappadokia. A heinous crime for a Kanka ! I took a photo of this monstrous event which I hope we can display here soon !

Expectations were high in the Cappadokia on the back of Herr Briegel’s pre-match call for ANKARAGUCU to concentrate on containing the CimBom strikers and to play the match for 90 minutes and not start/stop as we witnessed last week against Denizli.

It was CimBom then who came out like an express train and had ANKARAGUCU with their backs against the wall. Thankfully, Serkan had found his normal confidence and he was in fine form stopping everthing that came his way.

Half way through the 1st half we had a `Time-Out` for water on the touch line. First time I’ve ever seen this in a footie match ! A good idea though.

It was all CimBom at this time apart from a brief flurry of attacking from ANKARAGUCU before the 45 minutes break. Cem Can had a great opportunity to score during this period when he sent in a screamer only for Orkun to make an acrobatic leap to his left and tip it over for a corner.

However, it was CimBom who opened the scoring with a fantastic strike from Lincoln outside the penalty box which swerved its way into the top left hand corner giving Serkan no chance. In fact, a similar goal to the strike from Yasin 2 weeks ago against Gokcekspor.

Bebbe was being well marshalled by Song (sometimes `mostly` unfairly) and it was being left to Kirita and Dursun to attempt long range efforts.

Into the `3rd Half` and, again, it was CimBom who were looking the more likelier team. In fact, they reminded me of the CimBom team under Fatih Terim with their high speed footie and great running off the ball. They always seemed to have a man spare, and but for Serkan in goal (and the woodwork !) and Emre’s marshalling of the defence, would surely have scored again.

Another `Time Out` for water on the 65 minutes mark !!

However, all credit to ANKARAGUCU for chasing the game until the final whistle. It was encouraging that heads did not go down !

Having slipped from the lofty position of 2nd top in the league to 6th, the signs are still there that this could be a successful season for ANKARAGUCU. We left the Cappadokia disappointed but not dis-spirited !!

Next up is the BIG local derby against Genclerbirligi next Saturday 1st September. I checked with TRT this morning and the KO time is 8pm.

So, we will probably meet in the The Chopin Bar at about 5.30pm and go to the Stadium at 6.30pm. Not sure of the ticket arrangements yet but it is certain to be a full house in the Stadium, especially at the ANKARAGUCU end.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A quick update prior to Oz Kanka's report on his return from Istanbul.

Gencler 1 Bursaspor 3

Only 3 games into the season and that doesn't constitue a crisis. There is still lots of time for Gencler to turn things around. Perhaps an injection of some of their new blood might help ??!!

Sinan of Bursaspor did the damage last night with a hat-trick and Tuna scored Gencler's goal.

Cihan of Bursa was given a red card 15 minutes before the end which should have been the signal for a Gencler onslaught.

Perhaps if Bebbe scores a hat-trick for ANKARAGUCU tonight they can both be in Hurriyet's team of the weekend on Tuesday ??!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

EDIT: Just putting Spine's comments from the match here. I was away and not able to watch the slaughter:

The only good things from this game were Nick Carle and Mehmet Nas. In fact, the Gencler midfield looked fairly useful. Business, however, stops when they try to move into the final third. Okan can't hold up the ball and got some very heavy marking. I'm not saying anything controversial when I say we need another striker, or two.

Carle had a lovely game and put in some very nice corners, one of which produced our only goal.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Not to be outdone in the recent transfer market by Gencler, there has been some activity by ANKARAGUCU.

Kaba Diawara joins from Gaziantep and Jaba from Gokcekspor. Diawara is a class act and he will be a welcome addition to the squad. We also know a lot about Jaba, and if we can keep his `nightlife activities` under control then I'm sure he can pop a few goals in for us !

Ahmet Belal, the Prodigal Son, returns from Konya and we welcome him back !

So, it seems to me at this stage of the season that Herr Briegel is showing us that actions speak louder than words and he is going to make a serious assault on the Super League. I welcome his ambition, and now let battle commence !

For your diaries..................... the ANKARAGUCU v Gencler match will be played next Saturday at 9pm KO. Probably meeting in The Chopin Bar at about 6pm and going to the Stadium early for what should be a full-house. More definite details from Oz Kanka later.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Edit - Sunday 26 August.

I notice in Nathan's Blog that he has next week's KO time as 8pm. I'll check on this before Oz Kanka sends out his kanka mail about meeting details.

2nd Edit - Tuesday 28 August.

There has been a snag in the proposed transfer of Jaba. Apparently there is a financial difference of opinion between the player and Gokcekspor which has now been passed to FIFA to resolve. Details of the outcome will be given when known.

3rd Edit - Wednesday 29 August.

Problem now resolved. Jaba signed for Ankaragucu today. A strike force of Bebbe, Dursun and Jaba will be giving Gencler a few headaches on Saturday ??!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I know you are all anxiously awaiting my update on the latest news from the Hibernian Ladies camp ??!!

First the bad news..... Hibs Ladies were eliminated from the UEFA Cup Group Stage earlier this month. Lots of disappointment in Edinburgh after expectations were high. However, as we all know, there are no `easy` games in YooRo footie these days !

Good news..... Hibs Ladies began the defence of their Scottish Premier League Title with a resounding 6-2 win against Edinburgh Ladies last weekend. Eski Kanka's heroine, Kim Little, was on the scoresheet again !

More good news........ Pauline Hamill, who plays in midfield for Hibs Ladies, will win her 100th Scottish Cap on Sunday when Scotland Ladies play Belgium Ladies. She will be the first lady in Scottish footie history to bring up the 100. In fact, only one male player has ever won over 100 caps for Scotland. An easy quiz question with the answer being the great Kenny Dalglish who won 102 caps in his career.

Watch this space for more as the season gets underway.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New blood at Genclerbirligi

Belgium must be swarming with Genclerbirligi scouts. Each year we seem to pick up someone from there, not necessarily Belgian - Aussie Josip Skoko was playing there when we bought him - but still...

The latest is a 17 year-old bloke by the name of Umut Gundogan, who is clearly of Turkish origin but has already played for the Belgian Under 21 team and who was contracted to Anderlecht, according to the Anatolian news agency.

I did some checking to find out a bit more about the kid and according to he is a midfielder. and in the last year played for MVV (and he is listed on the MVV website). Perhaps he been on loan from Anderlecht.

Anyway, today he signed a four-year contract and Genclerbirligi's spin doctor Muammer Akyuz said he believed that Gundogan will be playing in the main side sometime soon.

In other transfer news Genclerbirligi are on the verge of signing another Brazilian. The 24 year-old (Anatolia says he is 25 but his birthday isn't until next week so he is still 24!) goes by the single name of Kahe and is a forward. He is due in Ankara some time this afternoon and is expected to sign a two-year contract in a day or two.

Good to see that management have finally woken up and discovered that we need a forward or two (at then moment with Isaac Promise injured we only have Okan Ozturk) but I'm not so sure if a fellow with a record of played 53 games, scored six is really the sort of forward we need.

Still we can only hope.

EDIT: Just found the Brazilian's full name: Carlos Eduardo de Souza Floresta. Our very own Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo will be pleased.

EDIT 2 (Friday afternoon): Kahe has just signed. Cavcav told reporters that Borussıa Mönchengladbach had paid 2.35 million euros for him but that Gencler had gotten him for much much less.

Kahe meanwhile pulled out all the cliches: "I'd heard Genclerbirligi's name in Europe. I'm very happy to come here. My aim is to score goals and for my team to have success."

Certainly looking forward to Kahe's post-match interviews. Although you have to give him credit for not referring to himself in the third person.

''Avrupa'da da Gençlerbirliği'nin adını duymuştum. Buraya geldiğim için mutluyum. En kısa sürede hocamıza ve yönetime kendimi ispatlayacağım. Çok gol atmayı ve takıma büyük başarı kazandırmayı hedefliyorum'' diye konuştu.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Thought you might be interested to know that Scottish Footie is still showing the way forward, and not just on the footie pitch.

Highland League Club, Deveronvale, is planning to be the first footie club in the UK to make their stadium and floodlights solely reliant on wind power. For your information there is wind aplenty in the east of Scotland, and I don't mean the variety that comes out of Eski Kanka's mouth !!

They have planning permission to install wind turbines on top of their floodlight pylons and they will generate enough power for the whole stadium. When not being used by the stadium, the power can also be channelled into the local town.

Is that innovation or what ?!

However, before we bring this great 21st Century idea to Turkey, we must bring the footie stadiums up to 20th Century standards !!!

Idea....... make a stadium people friendly and comfortable and the people will respect it !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, August 20, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A hard fought victory last night sees ANKARAGUCU sitting in 2nd top spot in the League, but looks can sometimes be deceptive !

ANKARAGUCU 3 Denizlispor 2

We met, as usual, in the Chopin Bar for pre-match `refreshments` and footie analysis. However, a very poor turn-out by kankas with only a few in attendance. Maniac Kanka Harun, Yankee Kanka, Oz Kanka and I were joined by a new kanka called Erman. He and I had struck-up a conversation about footie and he asked if he could join us. Welcome to the Kanka Group Erman !

Once again the Bilkent Kankas were posted missing. Perhaps Moutaineering Kanka Robbie was attempting to scale the heights of Elmadag Mountain and steal Eski Kanka’s glory ?!

Into the Stadium in Maraton and a full Stadium of ANKARAGUCU supporters. Needless to say, the `away end` was almost empty !

Similar to last week, ANKARAGUCU started the match like an express train and it was an onslaught on the Denizli goal with Denizli well and truly on the back foot. Also, and similar to last week, the Referee, Aytekin Durmaz, awarded a `soft` penalty after 5 minutes. However, on this occasion ANKARAGUCU were the recipients !

The referee decided that Bebbe had been tripped in the box when he was about to shoot – seemed to me that he stumbled ! No-matter, we must be thankful for small mercies !

Krita stepped up and despatched the penalty with Souleymanou well beaten. Cue…… raise the volume of the singing and put Denizli to the sword ? Wrong !!

Denizli started to play a bit and were threading passes around and giving ANKARAGUCU some problems at the back. Unlike last week, Serkan in goal was not having a good evening and looked unsure of himself.

It was no surprise therefore when Denizli equalised after 15 minutes. A free kick well outside the penalty box was struck low and hard by Selahattin and it zoomed into the goal with Serkan rooted to the spot. It may have taken a deflection, but the question has to be asked……. Where was the defensive wall ??!!

It was end to end stuff now and then 10 minutes before the break ANKARAGUCU struck with a fast flowing move out of defence with Bebbe and Krita exchanging passes to put Murat through and he put the ball away for a stunning goal.

The half-time whistle went and we were then entertained to a fantastic firework display just outside the Stadium. Was this going to be the touchpaper to ignite ANKARAGUCU into action in the 2nd half ? No !!!

Denizli resumed looking the stronger team and the more likely to score. However, ANKARAGUCU increased their lead against the run of play when Bebbe scored the goal of the match with a glancing header from another fast breakaway. Chants of `Beh-Beh-Beh-Beh` and another few choruses of the `Olay Olay Olay` song and the Stadium sensed a victory.

I have to give Denizli credit again. Their heads never went down and they continued to press forward looking to salvage something from the match. ANKARAGUCU were looking shaky at the back and the post and cross-bar came to their rescue a few times and Serkan was looking none too confident.

Denizli were rewarded in the last minute with a scrambled goal by Musa in a goalmouth melee when he poked the ball in with Serkan nowhere.

Time added on was a nerve racking experience with Denizli continuing to press forward in search of the equaliser.

ANKARAGUCU held on and won the 3 points, but I have to say that it was an extremely fortunate evening for ANKARAGUCU. Other teams may well have punished ANKARAGUCU and I’m sure Herr Briegel will be focusing his players minds this week on their defensive frailties and keeping ball possession in the run-up to next week’s match away to Galatasaray.

Yes, okay, 2 wins out of 2 is a good start to the season, but there are still weaknesses in the team which must be improved upon before we start dreaming about YooRo footie next
season !

Looking to next weekend, we will be watching the Galatasaray v ANKARAGUCU match in either The Cappadokia Bar or The Chopin Bar on Sunday KO 9.45pm. Oz Kanka will send out details nearer the time.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

The quickest post in English on Genclerbirligi's first win of the season

Rize Teamen 0 - Genclerbirligi 2

At the Ankaragucu match last night and I wasn't able to relax until right near the end when Maniac Kanka Harun told me that Genclerbirligi had scored two late goals to win their first match of the season. Actually I wasn't able to relax because the action on the field at the 19 Mayis stadium was fast and furious but I'll leave that for Sir Eski Kanka to describe.

Seems as if we didn't miss out on much not heading off to the Black Sea for this match. Looking at the Anatolian news agency report of the match in the first half we missed out on seeing three shots from Rize, all of which went out, and none from Gencler.

First shot on goal came in the 62nd minute which Gokhan saved, then a couple more shots which went out until the 79th minute when Okan Ozturk came in from the left, got a pass through to Mehmet Cakir who shot, and GOAL! 0-1.

Just a couple of minutes later and Mehmet Nas got a pass off to Engin who hit it hard to double the lead. 0-2.

From the dry minute-by-minute report supplied by Anatolia it sounds like it was one hell of a dull game.

Anatolia gave most of the Genclerbirligi players two stars out of three, except for Traore, Erken and Cakir, who all got three stars.

So, one win, one loss... still a long way to go.

Oh, and to "anonymous" who posted on the blog an hour or so ago the comment "update this shit". I can only suggest that you get all the latest up to date information from the TDN. Just remember mate, beggars can't be choosers.

More cliches later.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It is not often I get the opportunity to say this, but............. `thank you Cemal Aydin` !!

ANKARAGUCU season tickets (kombine bilet) are now on sale !

I will get all the details of prices and outlets from Maniac Kanka Harun tonight and make an `edit` on this post later tonight or tomorrow morning.

At last we are being a `professional` footie team !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


Writing this late Thursday night...............

If you want an ANKARAGUCU season ticket then you must contact me tomorrow. Oz Kanka is sending out an email on the subject with my cep telephone number. If you delay then it may be too late. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hibs 4 - 2 Gretna

Hibs continued their winning start to the new SPL season with a 4-2 win over last years first division champions.

Despite going two goals down early in the second half, Hibs could afford the luxuary of a missed penalty before scoring four goals to grab the three points.

From a Hibs perspective the two goals Gretna scored were down to slack defensive play, especially the second goal that was just a long ball over the top.

On a more positive note, once Fletcher and Zemama were introduced to the game Hibs began to spead the ball about the park. To be fair to Hibs they should have been infront before Gretna scored but poor finishing from Benji and Obrian kept the scoresheet blank.

In the end Hibs could have scored more than four but until the forth was scored there was always the worry that Gretna would get back in the game. Gretna were very keen to attack throughout the game and looked a tidy outfit but I think their defence will be their downfall.

It was not quite the performance we were hoping for from Hibs but four goals and three points cant be bad.

Next up Dundee Utd away

Hibbee Kanka

Monday, August 13, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Sad to say we have to bid a temporary farewell to Marash Kanka Hakan.

He is off to Istanbul today to begin his military service. Unfortunately, he won't be able to visit some of the more exotic touristic locatations in Turkey like Hakkari, Dee-aye-bay-kir or Tunceli !!!

Also, unfortunately, the sales of his fav drink, Fanta, will plummet in the Ankara area until his return in one year's time !!!

Welcome to the `real world` of military life Hakan and enjoy your stay in Istanbul.

Look forward to welcoming you back into the ANKARAGUCU fold next year.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Another long season for Genclerbirligi?

Genclerbirligi 1 - 2 Genclerbirligi Oftaş

A victory to Genclerbirligi Oftaş this evening has me slightly depressed. After Genclerbirligi went one-nil up thanks to a freaky goal Oftaş managed to score two very well taken goals later in the first half, and then defended brilliantly in the second, to run out deserved winners 1-2.

What a surreal situation, and one which definitely should not be allowed, but tonight we got to watch two Genclerbirligi teams. The supposedly senior team were all over the place. The so-called junior team out to prove that last week's victory in the Ankara (not all) Sportswriters Cup was not a fluke.

As usual we were down at the Chopin nice and early. Well, I was down at the Chopin nice and early, but soon I was surrounded by various Turkish mates from the Alkaralar forum.

The Alkaralar crowd, being serious gluttons for punishment, went off to watch the warm up. I, of course, ordered another beer and not long later our crowd arrived, Spine and his mate Gulcu (or is it Gucu?), Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave and Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Suzanne, and a few newcomers whom we hope to turn into true Gencler supporters... Davide, a wonderful Italian bloke who doesn't mind being reminded of the dive that cost Australia a place in the World Cup quarterfinals!!!! arrgghhh when the bloody hell will I get over it? Chad, a Canadian who has been here for only a week or so and truely reckons that he can find some valuable minerals in this country even though the company he works for hasn't found anything for the last 20 years, and Chad's lovely Bulgarian girlfriend/slash wife who regaled us with great tales of the drunken goings on at Bulgarian football games but who will no doubt kill me because in my drunken state I cannot remember her name, nor her marital status.

Also managed to meet Ertank and Oguz, amongst others at the match itself.

I stuffed up pretty badly on the timings. We left for the match at about 8:05 and really we could have stayed at the pub for one or two more beers. But at least it gave us some time to explain to our Gencler virgins the whole surreal situation of watching two Genclerbirligi teams playing in a top flight match.

I certainly don't want to get into that discussion again now but let me say it was great when the teams came out and the crowd in Maraton called them both over with the call "Gencler hand-in-hand"

National anthems over and it was time for some serious shouting. "Gokcek take us to the hamam" was one of the first songs to go up. As was the section-by-section rendition of "Gokcek... su, su, su". Su, being the Turkish for water.*

Having taken on Gokcek it was time to take on Ilhan Cavcav, the chairman of Genclerbirligi. I'm not going to go into the reasons yet again as to why we don't like the bloke... just take it for granted.

"Cavcav, Maraton kombine istiyoruz", (Cavcav, we want season tickets for the stand opposite where you sit) I think we shouted. "Gercek taraftarlar Maratonde" (the real fans are in Maraton).

They do sound rubbish in English but Cavcav would certainly have heard them and I really wonder for how long he is going to continue to punish us Genclerbirligi fans. The man must resign!!!!

The singing continued as the match kicked off and it was fairly good start for Genclerbirligi. In the fifth minute our new Aussie signing Nick Carle took a freekick that Traore managed to send onto the post and out.

Then we went 1-0 up thanks to something weird. Erhan (No. 44) had the ball on the right he tried to cross it in but it was a sort of limp-lettuce sort of kick. Somehow the defence failed to stop it, perhaps the cross was so bad that they had no chance, and Mehmet Cakir got onto it and from an angle had a shot that was even limper than the original cross... the ball went on to hit the post and then in. 1-0.

It didn't take long for Oftaş to not just get one back but to take the lead. The first goal from Serkan Atak (who did play contrary to Sir Eski Kanka's earlier report) was class. Sedat sent a lovely ball behind our defence from where Atak took a lovely shot. 1-1.

The second goal just a few minutes was rather similar but possibly even better. This time though it was Olgay who sent it on for Yildirim to score.

Three goals in the first half, but as Smart Arse Yanky Kanka said later on: "Even though there were three goals, I've never seen such a boring half of football"

The second half was more fun as Genclerbirligi sent everything up front looking for an equaliser, including towards the end of the match playing Zoric, a defender, in a position that Isaac Promise normally plays, but was all to no avail.

The match over and we, of course, called the Genclerbirligi Oftaş players over to offer our congratulations. They knew that we didn't want them to win and so when we called out the cry "siyah, kırmızı, en buyuk ..." they replied with not what we were expecting ie "Gencler" but instead "Oftaş". They were taking the piss. But tonight they had every right to. They were the "juniors", we were the "seniors" and they beat us up. One man in particular has to be mentioned and that is the Brazillian Tozo who had a great match for Oftaş, revenge for being given to Oftaş by us?

An indulgence please. As a fellow Australian I was very interested in how Nick Carle went tonight. First up we have to put his game in perspective because Genclerbirligi were rubbish. We haven't signed a forward this season and Okan Ozturk is not a fast player.

Carle showed signs of brilliance. He got past some players with some lovely moves and he threaded his passes with style. If we get Isaac Promise back in shape up front (or if we buy a half-decent forward) he could be very dangerous. He has clearly got the skill to get passes through to players running forward... we just need a running forward!!!

He also had a couple of shots on goal which were all blocked by defenders. If any of them had got through the defender they would have been screamers. Me.... I'm looking forward to screaming soon.

* For you non-Turkish fans reading this Gokcek is a w.... who happens to be the mayor of Ankara, as well as the honourary chairman of our hated rivals Ankaraspor, but who more than anything has been responsible for major water cuts in Ankara in the last week or so. For example, my area was without any water this week for about five days... for others it has been longer.

Photos from Smart Arse Yankee Kanka.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The 2007/2008 season kicked off for ANKARAGUCU at the Yenikent ASAS Stadium on the outskirts of Ankara (about 50 Kms) against Ankaraspor.

Ankaraspor 1 ANKARAGUCU 2

Only 4 stalwarts turned-up prior to our expedition into the unknown (only Oz Kanka had braved the journey last season), and as you may recall, his comments were not exactly complimentary !

Maniac Kanka Harun, Battle Hardened Kanka Damon and I met in The Cappadokia Bar and were then met by our exclusive driver for the evening, Yankee Kanka. His limousine was kitted-out with a private bar and we enjoyed cool EFES all the way to the Stadium. Battle Hardened Kanka, not being used to this type of luxury, managed to spill some EFES on his shirt going over the bumps in I. Melih Gokcek’s `new` road surfaces !!

Oz Kanka has described this `new` Stadium in a previous post, so I won’t elaborate, except to say that this `new` Stadium does not have a covering roof (hello... I.M. Gokcek, we do have severe winters in Ankara !!!), does not have a food or drink outlet and had only ONE entrance for the thousands of ANKARAGUCU punters who turned-up. Sad isn’t it ? But, after all, it was I. M. Gokcek’s brain child !!!

We met Salt Lake Kanka Safak (he is living in Holland at the moment) in the queue for the match and he hopes to join us next weekend for our first home match.

During the players pre-match warm-up, two Ankaraspor players approached the ANKARAGUCU Gecikondu end where we had all been `herded` into and threw 2 bouquets of flowers into the crowd. Needless to say, they were thrown back onto the pitch followed by some choice words for I. M. Gokcek !!!

I should also mention that I counted approximately 400 Gendarma (soldiers) inside the Stadium and God knows how many outside. A case of OTT (over the top) me thinks ?! Also, they far outnumbered the Ankaraspor punters !!

With the ANKARAGUCU supporters in full voice, it was into the match and ANKARAGUCU came out of their starting blocks like thoroughbreds and took the match to Ankaraspor.

Serkan, in the ANKARAGUCU goal, was rarely troubled and it was mainly one way traffic towards Ramazan who looked none too happy with his defenders.

The first goal arrived after 5 minutes. Yasin received a pass outside the penalty area and he hit a swerving half volley which had Ramazan clawing air. Fantastic goal and we were right behind the goal to fully appreciate it.

Bebbe, Krita and Ahmet Dursun were causing all sorts of problems for Ankaraspor with their one touch football, and Bebbe in particular, seemed to be everywhere. Definitely my man of the match !

The second goal came just before half-time and it was another contender for goal of the season. A quick break out of defence by the ANKARAGUCU midfield and the ball was slotted through the left channel to Bebbe who beat two defenders before cutting the ball back for the incoming Dursun. The slightest of an angled touch from Dursun wrong footed Ramazan and the inrushing defenders and the ball rolled in for Number Two.

Eruption of song and dance at the Gecikondu end and ANKARAGUCU went in at half-time with the fans in buoyant mood and more anti-I. M. Gokcek songs as the Protkol Section disappeared to enjoy I.M. Gokcek’s secret stash of water !!!

Have to mention an incident just before half-time when the Gendarma Commander made a tactical error of judgement. He decided to move some ANKARAGUCU fans who had entered the `neutral section` of the Stadium and this enraged the fans in the Gecikondu end who started to break the `new` I.M. Gokcek seats and throw them onto the pitch. (Maniac Kanka was NOT involved in this !!!). The Gendarma Commander wisely countermanded his order and peace was restored. He should have done his homework on the ANKARAGUCU Gecikondu Boys !!!

No water for the punters at half-time but it did not deter us from singing and shouting !

Into the second half and Ankaraspor were coming more into the match now, but Serkan and his defenders were dealing with everything that came at them, ably marshalled by Captain Emre. Then, half way through the 2nd half the referee, Cuneyt Cakir, who up until that moment had been having a good match, awarded a `soft` penalty to Ankaraspor. Ding ding ding……… alarm bells !!

However, Serkan was up for it, and judged the kick perfectly, diving to his left and punching the ball to Emre who cleared the danger.

With 10 minutes of the match left, Tayfun scored Ankaraspor’s consolation goal in a fast move which left Serkan and his defenders rooted to the spot. Good goal, and to be fair, on the balance of play, well deserved.

At this point, Bebbe left to a standing ovation and Augustine replaced him to a rousing welcome.

A few near misses by ANKARAGUCU in the final minutes with Krita going close with some long range efforts.

So, a satisfactory result and a good team performance from ANKARAGUCU which augers well for the season ahead.

Back to Ankara at about midnight in Yankee Kanka’s limo with more cool EFES from his in-car bar. Mmmmmmmmm Deeeeeeeelishus !!

Next up is ANKARAGUCU v Denizli next Sunday 19th August KO 9pm. Meeting at The Chopin Bar at about 6pm. Look forward to a big turn-out.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, August 10, 2007

Praying for rain

Hats off to a group of around 100 Ankaragucu supporters who today protested against Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek over the complete disaster that is his water management policy ie do nothing.

According to the Anatolian news agency the supporters gathered in Kizilay today carrying empty water bottles and shouted slogans such as "See at the voting booth," "We don't want you Melih Gokcek", "Melih Gokcek resign" and "Ankaragucu are the biggest in Ankara".

Gokcek is course the "honourary" chairman of the municipal-owned Ankaraspor, who happen to be playing Ankaragucu on Saturday night.

So while he goes spending money on a team that has no support he lets the capital go thirsty. It's been three days now that we haven't had any water and Gokcek's advice... "Pray for rain". Brilliant.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A very good turn-out for Pompey Kanka's `Surprise` Brirthday Party in the Cappadokia Bar last night.

In attendance were....... Pompey Kanka, his wife Yasmine, daughters Sophiya and Lara, sons Adam and Daniel, Maniac Kanka Harun, his wife Asuman and daughter Hazal, Murat Kanka and his wife Selin, Battle Hardened Kanka Damon, Oz Kanka Chris and Eski Kanka and his wife Aysen.

First up, Pompey Kanka was given a conducted tour of the Kanka `Watering Holes` by Eski Kanka. A visit to The Chopin was followed by a visit to Maniac Kanka's Shop (Esse Spor) to buy some ANKARAGUCU tops for Pompey Kanka and his sons.

Then it was on to The Cappadokia where an unsuspecting Darren was greeted by everyone. Gasps of surprise from Darren when he was welcomed with the Happy Birthday song.

This was Yasmine's idea for a 40th Birthday present for her husband !

The amber nectar was flowing and the entertainment was rivetting. On the Big Screen was the Hibs build-up to last season's Scottish League Cup Final. Then the lights were dimmed and the birthday cake arrived with sparklers and candles. It was yummy !

It was then `goeshomey time` for ladies and children and into the League Cup Final accompanied by yet more amber nectar. As a reminder (for those with short memories) we witnessed FIVE great goals from Hibs and the return of the League Cup to its rightful resting place......... Easter Road Stadium !!

A great night was had by all and the fact that Pompey Kanka, Oz Kanka and yours truly were `kicked out` of the Cappadokia at 12.30am speaks volumes !!

I think we came home in a taxi, but I'm not 100% sure !!!

Photos of the great event will appear soon courtesay of Oz Kanka.

and............. as we say in Scotland................ haste ye back to Ankara in the future Pompey Kanka !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu are back in the news today, and all for the right reasons.

The Hurriyet's Headline this morning.......

5. BUYUK ANKARAGUCU (loosely translated....... ANKARAGUCU is the 5th Biggest).

This is in relation to the super league performances since its formation with points allocated for winning. So, we can boast that ANKARAGUCU are the 5th most successful footie team in Turkey with 1576 points. No need to tell you which teams are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th I suppose ?!

I should also mention that our Ankara brother team, Genclerbirligi, made it into 8th position with 1162 points. Not a bad effort for Ankara's SECOND team !!!!

All eyes on Saturday now for ANKARAGUCU to prove to those `bassas` from Yenikent that those statistics don't lie !!!

All the best from the stats man, Eski Kanka Jim

Paradise claimed

Mountaineering Kanka Robbie has been using the summer holidays to make another claim for Ankaragucu. This time he was in was south-east Asia. From Mountaineering Kanka himself:

"The picture viewed is of yours truly at the top of Gunung Agung, at 3142 meters, Bali's tallest volcano. So now I guess we can say that Gucu can claim the entire island. The climb wasn't terribly difficult but the first two thirds of it was spent trudging through the jungle in the dark while climbing Banyan tree roots and walking into giant spiders' webs with only a crappy Panasonic torch to comfort me. Good fun! The crater was awesome and you can see the offerings to the mountain, as it is holy to the Balinese, in the lower left hand of the photo. I hope we have lots of folks turn up at Gucu games this season. I will see all of you there!"

This man is fast becoming a legend having earlier claimed Hasan Dag and then Kilimanjaro for Ankaragucu. As for Gencler, so far all we've got is Mt. Bolu (via a ski lift)

Hibbees of to a Flyer

Hibs kicked off their new season with a difficult away trip to Tynecastle to face local rivals Hearts.

It was a pretty poor game with both teams failing to hit the form of last season. Despite Hibs taking the lead after only two minutes through new signing Kerr, they fell out of the game towards halftime.

Benji was introduced for the second half and the difference was imediate. Hibs were finally able to move the ball forward where Benji would collect, hold onto it before distributing to supporting midfielders. This enabled Hibs to build some better attacks. Throughout the second half Hibs created the better chances while Hearts held the larger share of posession.

The game should have finished with Hearts throwing everything at Hibs as they looked for the equaliser but by this time the home crowd were abusing there own team and a great start for Hibs was assured.

Suffice to say whether it is the first game of the season or the last, its always good to stick it up the Hearts.

Glory to the Hibbees.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Oftaş take out the Cup

Genclerbirligi 2 - 3 Genclerbirligi Oftaş

There were probably more Kankas at the Capadokia Bar last night than there were spectators in wasteland that is the Yenikent Stadium which is so far out of town that it has gendarmes, military police responsible for security in rural areas, instead of police.

Why on earth we played the Ankara Sportswriters Cup out there I have no idea. It certainly doesn't make great TV to see just a few dozen people in the stands.

So saving the 30 TL in would have cost us in petrol to actually go to the game , myself, Flying Dutchman Kanka, Maniac Kanka, Yankee Kanka, Battle-hardened Kanka and Sir Eski Kanka headed off to the pub instead.

It was difficult to get excited over a match involving two Genclerbirligi teams and for a while I think the players had the same problem.

But it was the senior team that went ahead in the 5th minute with Okan Ozturk scoring a nice header. The Gencler seniors dominated for most of the first half and went into the break 1-0 up.
The second half was a completely different affair. The seniors went to sleep and juniors decided to stick one to their elder team.

The aptly named Serkan Atak scored a hat-trick for Oftaş and Tozo, the former Gencler player whom we discarded, sorry, loaned to Oftaş was clearly in the mood for revenge. All up a good performance for Oftaş.

We also finally got to see a bit of Nick Carle in action. Unfortunately he was brought on for the second half when Oftaş took the game over but he had one very good shot on goal that rebounded off the keeper to Isaac Promise who lived up to reputation by blasting the ball over the posts.

Next week we start the league proper:

Saturday August 11
Gokcekspor v. Ankaragucu
K.O. 9 pm at Yenikent

Sunday August 12
Genclerbirligi v. Genclerbirligi Oftaş
K.O. 9 p.m. at 19 Mayis stadium

I'll post more details of season tickets etc later on.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It was all going so well last night in Konya in the Konya Sportswriters Cup with ANKARAGUCU leading 1-0 against Sivas and then.......... ooops tilt. Sivas equalised in the last minute......... shit !

Into penalty kicks then and ....... oooops tilt again.......... Sivas 6 and ANKARAGUCU 5.

Kasimpasa beat hosts Konya 1-0. So, it will be left to ANKARAGUCU to play Konya tonight for the glory of 3rd place !!

Well, the upside is that this will allow Herr Briegel to concentrate all his energies on winning the Turkish League and Turkish Cup this season yessssssssssssss !!!

So, Maniac Kanka, Yankee Kanka and I will NOT be going to Konya tonight. We will instead be at the Cappadokia Bar at 7pm to support the underdogs, OFTAS, in the Ankara Sportswriters Cup Final. See you there footie fanatiks.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

EDIT (Sunday 5 August)............

ANKARAGUCU finally woke up and lifted the Bronze Medal in Konya last night. More details later.

2nd EDIT (Monday 6 August)...........

The result of the battle for 3rd Place was -

ANKARAGUCU 3 Konyaspor 2

Scorers for Ankaragucu were - Murat Durer, Ahmet Dursun (penalty) and Krita (free kick).

Friday, August 03, 2007

Young v. Old

GB Oftas 2- 1 Teamen Rize
Genclerbirligi 2 - 1 Ankaraspor

(I think these scores are right - I saw both matches on the telly but I was drunk by half time of the first match)

Genclerbirlgi Oftas and Genclerbirligi have both made it to the final of the "prestigious" Ankara Sports Writers Cup tournament. I'll write a bit more about the matches tomorrow when I'm sober. In the mean time though... Why doesn't this blog get a say in the way the tournament is run? Surely we are the only true "sports writers" in this whole country who give a shit about Ankara teams.

Having said that, let me just say that I'm not biased in any way but I would love to raise a glass of water to the fact that Gokcekspor will not be in the final. Shame there is no water left in Ankara. Thanks again Gokcek. First you destroyed our pub and now we face five months without water. I have to admit though, your advice today for us Ankara people on how to get over the water problems was brilliant. "Go on holiday", you said. I'll be sending you my bill from Antalya soon.

UPDATE: So... I've recovered and so can give a little info on the match.

We have to realise that this was a pre-season match and therefore can't be taken as an indication of how we will be playing later on. For a start we had six substitutions.

Having said that I was fairly impressed with Nicola Petkovic who was playing as a sort of left back but came forward quite often. In fact it was him coming forward that resulted in the first goal when he sent in a cross for Ferhat Kiraz to slot in past the keeper.

Mehmet Cakir also had a pretty good game in midfield and found himself once or twice with clear goal-scoring opportunities. He stuffed those up but made amends later on when he headed the ball onto the post and into the net.

This was about the 55th minute mark and I decided to head off and play some darts. In the background I saw that Ankaraspor got a consolation goal late in the game. Who cares though, we beat them.

I'm not sure why but we didn't get to see our new Aussie signing Nick Carle. Let's see if they play him in the final.

The final is on Saturday night, 8 p.m.. I was originally thinking of heading out but the Yenikent stadium is half-way to Istanbul so instead why don't we head off to the Capadokia?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Flamin' Galahs and the flamin' Guardian

I've already given my rant on the performance of the Australian football team in the Asian Cup where we managed to beat Thailand, draw with Oman and lose to Iraq and Japan. It was pathetic but I had already put it behind me until today when I checked out the daily football e-mail put out by The Guardian that had been sitting in my inbox.

Taking the piss is "The Fiver's" trademark and the Aussie footy team definitely deserve it from time to time. But what amazed me was that they actually named a Gencler player, Nick Carle, and in the process take the piss out of Genclerbirligi and the Turkish league. Impressive.


Every second summer, there's a major international football tournament for England's footballers to embarrass themselves in before blaming everyone and everything except themselves and their own misplaced arrogance. Of course this means that every second summer there isn't a major international etc and so on, forcing the Fiver to look elsewhere for big-headed prima donnas to pour scorn on.

Today's search took us to Australia, home of Alf's Bait Shop, Yahoo Serious, baby-eating dingos, flamin' galahs, didgeridoos and VB-drinking bludgers, where we were surprised to discover that a Sheilaroo has beaten Frank Lampard's world record for the lengthiest, most self-pitying whinge ever howled by a footballer.

It's not that much of a shock when you consider the fact that at this year's Asian Cup, the Sheilaroos performed an impersonation of England that Rory Bremner himself would have been proud of. Before it started they arrogantly bigged up their chances of winning, once it got under way they played like a particularly inept pub team, and long before it ended they crashed out on penalties in the quarter-finals.

However, despite getting sent off in his side's quarter-final defeat at the hands of Japan, midfielder Vince Grella has been quick to point out that none of this was his fault, blaming the Asian Football Confederation, Japan striker Naohiro Takahara, the referees, the weather, the antics of Australia's opponents, the press and the price of fish in Indonesia for his side's myriad shortcomings.

"He made such a fuss, it was like I'd broken his leg or something but I barely touched him," said Grella of Takahara, as a rattle, a Barbie doll and an Optimus Prime action figure came sailing out of his pram. "They all had a bad attitude. I've written the names of Oman, Iraq, Thailand and Japan down. And I'll be tying that note to my little finger, so it will be payback time when we meet again," he continued, waving a sheet of A4.

There was more. Finally showing the kind of passion that was conspicuous by its absence from Australia's Asian Cup performances, Vince continued banging on like a dunny door in a hurricane. "I don't know what they had against Australia but it was a joke," he spewed. "When Iraq scored against us they were jumping around like kangaroos - that's taking the pi$$. Oman scored a goal, then they go and celebrate in front of the Green and Gold army ... that's taking the pi$$. Then Japan called us a bunch of wrestlers before the game," he added, trash-talking like Hulk Hogan prior to the Royal Rumble.

"They were winding us up and, as an honourable nation, their people should be ashamed of the conduct of the national team. They drove me insane with their remarks, I'd want to kill them before the game even starts. The way they acted wasn't in the spirit of football. We have players in the best leagues in the world and I don't even know the names of half their team," he harrumphed, gazing at Nick Carle.

And the Fiver's two cents? Perhaps if the Sheilaroos had taken the time to learn a bit more about their opponents, they might have figured out how to beat them and not become a laughing stock for moaning about referees, Japanese players doing Skippy impersonations and the sun being too shiny.

EDIT: Just saw this reply in today's "Fiver"

"While fully in agreement with the trashing of Australia's dismal Asian Cup effort and Vinnie Grella's dummy spit (yesterday's Fiver) may I be the first pedant to point out that as a true-blue Aussie, Vincenzo would be banging on like a dunny door in a cyclone and not, as you stated, in a hurricane. These generally don't occur in the southern hemisphere (water running down the sink the other way etc)" - Tom Foster.

And then another:

"Vince Grella needs his eyes tested. He obviously didn't see 11 Japanese little fingers with notes attached after the World Cup game in 2006. At 1-0 down, Tim Cahill dismembered a Japan forward in the box and, incomprehensibly, the ref didn't give a penalty that would probably have made it 2-0 to Japan. Cue Cahill trotting up the other end to make it 1-1 to start of the Sheilaroos' comeback" - George Town.

And yet another:

"Re: Vince Grella's planned vendetta (yesterday's Fiver). Given Thailand's recent military coup, Japan's wealth and military power and the fact that the last man to look for payback on Iraq hasn't fared as well as he would have liked, should the good people of Oman be expecting a Rambo-style assault any day now?" - Alan O'Brien.