Friday, August 10, 2007

Praying for rain

Hats off to a group of around 100 Ankaragucu supporters who today protested against Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek over the complete disaster that is his water management policy ie do nothing.

According to the Anatolian news agency the supporters gathered in Kizilay today carrying empty water bottles and shouted slogans such as "See at the voting booth," "We don't want you Melih Gokcek", "Melih Gokcek resign" and "Ankaragucu are the biggest in Ankara".

Gokcek is course the "honourary" chairman of the municipal-owned Ankaraspor, who happen to be playing Ankaragucu on Saturday night.

So while he goes spending money on a team that has no support he lets the capital go thirsty. It's been three days now that we haven't had any water and Gokcek's advice... "Pray for rain". Brilliant.


  1. Let's not be hasty.... let's take Mr Gokcek's advice and go on a holiday to ....... a place where there is too much water....

    where ?

    Easter Road Stadium in Edinburgh tomorrow to see Hibernian put Gretna to the sword yessssssssssssss !!!!

  2. ı m prayig for the resign of gökcek!!!!!!!!!