Saturday, March 31, 2012

A simple victory for Gencler

If there is one good thing about this play-off malarchy it is that us fans actually sort of care a bit concerning the arrangement of the mid-table. As Spine pointed out today, by this stage of the season us Gencler fans are normally singing "No one can stop us from coming eighth."

Genclerbirligi 3 - 0 Manisaspor

There was rarely any doubt that Gencler weren't going to come away with the three points from this one. Manisa have already been relegated and we still gave a damn. It was also Gencler's last home match of the season - although if we make the play-offs I guess we will have a couple more.

Manisa started out the better side. They controlled the ball better and the referee seemed to give them quite a few dodgy fouls. This was nothing to get angry over but it was frustrating. After deflecting the initial forays Gencler started to attack. There wasn't a lot in our attacks, at one stage it seemed as if the game plan consisted of "put it onto Herve Tum's head" and not much else.

It isn't the worse plan in the world, Tum has scored a damn lot of headers this season, but a bit of variety would have been appreciated.

That variety came just before half-time when Hursut Meric had a shot which came off the top post. It came back into play and one of our players (I'm not sure whom) controlled it and was going to have a shot when he was clearly pulled down. The referee wasted no time in pulling out the red card and pointing to the spot. Hursut took the penalty and we went into the break 1-0 up.

Second half and it was all Gencler. Manisa were a deflated side. Down a man and their coach pulled off Kahe who was playing up front.

It was really only a matter of time before we scored again and this time. Ermin Zec had come on for Yasin and we seemed to be crossing the ball in from the left to players in the box only for them to completely miss with their shots. Finally Zec was one of the recipients of one of these crosses and he put the ball away.

At times I really am amazed we don't use Zec more often.

Anyway the match was pretty much over when the icing on the cake was delivered thanks to great pressure from the Gencler forwards forced the Manisa defenders to pass back to their goalkeeper. Herve Tum kept going, managed to steal the ball off the keeper and the ball dribbled over the line.

All up a good result which puts us into fifth place. A draw next week away against Istanbul BBS will guarantee us a place in the play-offs. We might not even need that.

As for how the play-offs work? I have no idea.        



Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu withstood an onslaught from Gaziantep for the most of the match, and but for some heroics from Bayram, and some woeful finishing from Antep, it could have been a slaughter.

It was one-way traffic for the most part, but yet again, the 'Youth Team' gave their all for the 90 minutes. Aydin was also a hero in central defence and he held his line together throughout.

Gaziantepspor 1 Ankaragucu 0

I should mention that we saw lots of 'olde boys' in Antep colours last night. Of course, much travelled, and ex-Ankaragucu Coach, Hikmet Karaman, also playing last night was El-Yasa, Turgut Dogan and ex-Ankaragucu Captain Sapara.

Team -

Bayram, Aydin, Umit, Volkan, Bilal, Mehmet, Veli, Serkan, Muhammed, Gokhan and Sinan.

Substitutes - Mert, Kaan and Atilla

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Cider Kanka John, No name kanka Simon and I met up in The Chopin to watch the match, but like I said, there was little to cheer apart from some fantastic reflex saves from Man of the Match, Bayram.

Bayram was brought into the action as early as the 2nd minute when he saved a goalbound header. Then, 9 minutes later Antep should have been one up when a screamer of a shot hit the post and rebounded to safety.

Two more headers went narrowly past the post on 21 and 30 minutes, and then 5 minutes later a defender made a goal-line clearance with Bayram beaten.

A goal had to come with the constant Antep pressure and it arrived in the 38th minute. An attack down the left wing, the cut-back into the centre for Cenk to first-time the ball from right to left completely deceiving Bayram.

With half time beckoning, there was another goal-line clearance and Ankaragucu (especially the defenders) went in for a well earned break !

There was no respite in the 2nd half with Antep continuing to attack and going for the jugular. 8 minutes in and Bayram tipped a goalbound shot round the post, and then shortly after, he saved bravely at the feet of an attacker bearing in on goal.

On the 70th minute Antep should have made it 2 when an attacker missed an open goal sending his header wide. 7 minutes later another golden opportunity was missed when Bayram pulled off the save of the match from a point blank shot from El-Yasa.

We did manage a cheer with Ankaragucu's only serious effort on goal in the 85th minute when Karce tipped a goalbound shot over the bar.

I think the possession stats says it all. 63 to 37. Like I said, a great backs against the wall performance from Ankaragucu. Some of the young lads in the team are learning the harsh realities of life in the Super League the hard way, and like I said in my report last week, it will not get any easier in The Bank Aysa League next season !

Ankaragucu will play their last match at home next weekend against Kayseri. Details in the comments section when known.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, March 26, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

There was another 'love-in' at the 19 Mayis Stadium yesterday, when first Gecikondu welcomed their old favourite, Jaba, (but significantly not Tita !) back to Ankara prior to kick-off, and then the large Antalyaspor supporter contingent (300) started singing Ankaragucu songs much to the delight of the Ankaragucu faithful !

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I met up in the Stadium. As usual, Gecikondu was full and in good voice throughout. Maraton and Kapali had a disappointing turn-out.

A few new 'young boys' in the team, who it has to be said, looked out of their depth. Only Bayram, Aydin, Ishak and Veli seemed to know what they were doing. No criticism intended for the remainder of the team who gave their all for the 90 minutes.

Ankaragucu 0 Antalyaspor 3

Team -

Bayram, Veli, Aydin, Umit, Ishak, Muhammed, Mert, Serkan, Bilal, Gokhan and Sinan.

Substitutes - Hasan, Atilla and Orhan

The writing was on the wall from as early as the 8th minute when a culmination of errors in defence allowed Mehmet Eren a 2nd bite of the cherry to score a simple goal in a calamitous goalmouth melee.

From this point on it was all Antalya playing some nice footie and giving Ankaragucu the run-around. In the 21st minute from an Antalya corner a header was sent goalbound with Bayram well beaten, but a headed goal-line clearance (couldn't see who) saved the moment.

However, it only delayed the inevitable until the 33rd minute when Antalya put the game beyond Ankaragucu. From a well taken free kick, Bayram came for it but didn't connect with the ball which fell kindly for Kerem to tap-in.

Half time came with the Antalya goalkeeper, Omer, still to join the action ! In fact, he only had one save to make in the match on 55 minutes which didn't trouble him unduly.

Coincidentally, during the half time break Damon and I were discussing footie tactics in general and I was extolling the virtues of the cut-back and how difficult it is to defend against. Then, in the 60th minute Antalya gave a classic example of just such a move.

The ball was brought down the righ wing, and the attacker dummied his cross, continued to the goal line, looked up and sent in a great cut-back for the incoming Tita to fire in and kill the match stone-dead.

To their credit, Ankaragucu kept plugging away but getting nowhere near to Omer to cause any damage. Antalya continued to dictate play and it took another goal-line clearance from Veli on 77 minutes to deny Antalya a 4th goal with Bayram beaten again.

I did say that the Ankaragucu 'boys' gave their all and they were rewarded at the end by Gecikonduc calling them over to be applauded for their efforts. All well and good, but to be brutally honest this Ankaragucu team will have a mega problem in the Bank Asya League up against the likes of Konya, Bolu, Karsiyaka, Denizli to name but a few !

Ankaragucu will be away in Gaziantep next weekend. I think the match is on Friday evening but I'll confirm this in the comments section when the details are known.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Antalyaspor Match Preview !

Ankaragucu take on Antalyaspor at home this weekend at the 19 Mayis Stadium in Ankara.

Ankaragucu have been playing well of late without getting the results they deserve. A hard fought 2-0 defeat at home to Fenerbahce where they deserved a draw from the game, and a 2-1 defeat at Bursaspor last weekend where Bursa scored the winner in the last minute.

There is no doubting this young Ankaragucu side are improving as the weeks go by and a victory at home to Antalyaspor will give them the confidence they need and the fans a deserved victory. Ankaragucu will be without Serkan Sirin, Gurkan Alver, Mehmet Cogum and Abdullah Keseroglu through injury, but will be able to rely on Captain Aydin Toscali who has received from a neck injury.

Antalyaspor are going through tough times themselves as they are involved in the relegation battle. Only 1 win in there last 6 in the league although they won 2-1 at Trabzonspor in the Cup on Tuesday night.

The last time the two sides met Antalyaspor won 1-0 thanks to a late goal from Ali Zitouni. Antalyaspor will go into the game with former Ankaragucu players Tita and Jaba in there squad. Jaba the Brazilian striker signed for Antalyaspor in January and was a fans favourite with the Ankaragucu Tribunes.

Key players for Antalyaspor are Karim Seras and Tita Gokcek who Ankaragucu will be disappointed to have lost at the start of the season due to the financial situation.

Ishak Dogan could be asked to play as a Striker at the weekend for Ankaragucu due to Atilla Aybars picking up a knock and is struggling to make the game. Mehmet Tasci would fill in at left back allowing Ishak to push forward.

In other news Atilla Aybars Garhan is a target for Ankaraspor in the summer and could join Tonia Tisdell, Theo Weeks, Jose Sardon, Santiago Vizio and Serol Demirhan at the club.

Anti X Mentioned on there website about the fans who are staying away from the stadium in protest. This is not doing any good for the club and i urge as many fans to go and support the team if possible.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It was another of those 'almost but not quite' matches last night. A great defensive display from the Ankaragucu Youth Team almost won a point against an impressive Bursa team.

However, the door was unlocked by Bursa late in the match to claim all 3 points.

There was no doubting Ankaragucu's commitment, but a momentary lapse was costly, especially allowing Pinto a free pot at goal.

Bursaspor 2 Ankaragucu 1

Team -

Bayram, Veli, Aydin, Umit, Ishak, Serkan, Bilal, Muhammed, Mert, Kaan and Atilla.

Substitues - Orhan, Mehmet and Volkan

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon (recently recovered from his illness I'm pleased to say) and I watched the match in The Chopin, or should I say ......... outside the Chopin. The place was crawling with Fener...spit...bahce and Galata....spit....saray 'supporters' who came out of the woodwork and reserved all the bloody tables inside the Pub. Grrrrrr .... Damon and I were, as you can imagine, not best pleased to put it mildly !!!

The match burst into life as early as the 4th minute when an Ankaragucu defender was caught in possession (fiddling and undecided what to do with the ball !!). The Bursa player took off, looked up, and sent an inviting cross in which was gratefully received by a Bursa attacker and ..... whack ! The ball hit the post and rebounded kindly to Pinto who was lurking unmarked and he tapped in for a sucker goal.

The Ankaragucu heads didn't go down and they were trying to play their way out of defence whenever possible and 6 minutes later the deserved equaliser arrived.

A free kick on the left, and a perfectly flighted ball into the danger area where Ishak ghosted in unmarked to head in with the Bursa defence caught napping.

Bursa continued to have the lion's share of possession and they looked very dangerous at times. However, Ankaragucu had Bayram in impressive form and he saved two goalbound shots before the half time whistle.

The 2nd half was fairly even with both teams on all out attack, but it's fair to say that the Ankaragucu defence was the busiest. There were a few panic moments when the ball was hoofed away from the danger area, but as I said before, they were trying to bring the ball out and set up attacking moves.

It's fair to say that as the match entered the final moments Damon and I were quite happy to settle for a point which arguably was a fair result. But .......... that man Pinto had other ideas, and with only 2 minutes of the match left to play he was on the end of a free kick to slot in the winner.

Rough justice on the Ankaragucu players who gave their all but Pinto showed exactly what a predatory striker should do, ie, score goals !!

If Ankaragucu play with the same commitment next weekend I have high hopes of a win against Antalyaspor.

Bellshill Kanka Nadeem mentioned in a previous post that the Stadium Ban had been lifted, so it seems as though we will attend. I will give details of match day and KO time here in the comments section when known.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

On a bitterly cold evening last night, Gencler snatched a point from Trabzon.

Genclerbirligi 1 Trabzonspor 1

Spine's excellent report follows, and in typical fashion for him, he owns up to the fact that he didn't attend the match. Who can blame him in the sub-zero temperatures that are Ankara at the moment.

Quote -

I take back everything I've ever said about Herve Tum. The 33 year old Cameroonian striker has falsified every hypothesis I issued about him after making up my mind in the first 20 minutes of the season. If he's slow, it doesn't stop him being in the right place and if he has a poor first touch it hasn't prevented him from scoring goals with it, and with his shiny bald head. Bless him.

Thanks to Tum honors were even last night at 19 Mayis, as Cavcavbirligi drew 1-1 against Trabzonspor AS, the best performing football share on the Istanbul Stock Exchange this year. In the 89th minute he put away a goal following a scramble caused by a cross from Mehmet Akgun, according to match reports.

It's at this point I should note that I didn't see the game. We had the builders in on Friday and Mrs. Spine kept me at home vacuuming and dusting. I am entirely comfortable sharing this fact with the world wide web. When I was growing up, being a New Man was all the rage.

Tum's goal was a much-needed equaliser. Alan Carlos Gomes Da Costa, aka Alanzinho. had put Trabzonspor Kulubu, aka Trazinho, ahead in the 29th after what CNN Turk describes as “not tackling by three defensive players”.

Trabzon's erratically amazing Burak Yilmaz failed to convert a penalty in the 78th, and Zec missed a sitter in the 92nd that would have been a winner. Burak's failed penalty allowed Big Herve to slightly close the gap in the race for the Golden Boot award this season. Burak leads with 30 goals in the league this season, followed by big Herve with 14. This is not a situation I would have expected when I laid down my valuable opinion on Herve's footballing merits in September. (Fact fans, nine of Herve's goals came off his head, compared to only one from Yilmaz, according to data on the TFF website. And he's doing better for us than any of his previous teams in Turkey. At Sivas he scored 0.4 goals a game and the same at IBB – rounded to a decimal place. For Genclerbirliginho he's scoring every other game.)

So, a point at home against a side ranked third to our sixth. That's a sort of B or B- in my book. It just keeps us in contention for a place in the second playoff group at the end of the season. We need to finish eighth or above. At present the eighth-placed team have 43 points to our 45, with a game in hand as I write. There's a large pack on 43, including Bursa and IBB. In fact, it looks as if the race for that second playoff group could be the real drama at the end of this season.

In other news, Gencler lead the Gentlemenlik League by some way.


Me says ...... well done Gencler. 3 points next weekend against Orduspor should cement their position for that play-off group !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Bursaspor Match Preview !

Ankaragucu travel to Bursa on Sunday as the club prepare for there last trip to Bursaspor in the Super Lig until the Foreseeable future.

Ankaragucu vs Bursaspor is one of the strangest fixtures in the Turkish Calendar. Both sets of supporters support each other and even sing each others songs.

It all goes back to the early 90's when Texas leader Abdulkerim Bayraktar went to study in Ankara. He would regularly attend Ankaragucu matches and the two clubs formed a friendship. The friendship grew even stronger when sadly Abdulkerim Bayraktar was killed while serving for the Turkish Army. Both sets of fans attended the funeral and Ankaragucu fans walked onto the Bursa pitch with a banner that read ' Our brother Abdul will never die, he lives in our hearts forever '

The mayor of Bursa has welcomed the Ankaragucu fans to there city for the weekends games and will help with Accommodation and transport as a gesture during these tough times for Ankaragucu. Indeed Bursaspor had there own financial problems a few years back when they were also relegated. They have come back stronger and Won the league just over a year ago and have represented Turkey in the Champions League.

Both sides met in Ankara in the first match between the two sides this season. The game ended in a 0-0 draw in which Ankaragucu were unlucky not to have taken the three points. From the team that started that night only Aydin Toscali, Ishak Dogan and Mehmet Tasci remain at Ankaragucu. The club have failed to win in there last 13 games although there have been signs of improvement.

A 2-0 home to defeat against Fenerbahce at the weekend saw a lot of positives as Ankaragucu passed the ball well and created a few good chances. Bursaspor have hit good form as they look to fight for a UEFA Cup place and also have an outside chance of a Champions league place. They are unbeaten in there last 6 games and will be hoping to add another victory.

Sebastian Pinto has been a big part of the resurgence up the table for Bursaspor. He has scored 4 goals in 9 games and looks a very good player, Scott Carson has been solid in goal and Pablo Battala continues to pull the strings in midfield. Ankaragucu will be looking for players like Aydin Toscali, Bilal Gulden and Ishak Dogan to step up and play but they will be without Serol Demirhan who has rejected a new contract with the club and looks set for a move to Ankaraspor.

Ankaragucu dont have a great record in the BursAnkara derby, and with Bursa playing for Europe there looks to be only one winner in this match.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Serol Demirhan rejects new contract !

Very Disappointed at this after all we have done for him. As Hakan Kutlu said, he was in the third league a few months back. Good riddance if you dont want to be here.

Two Ankaragucu players agreed to one year extensions on there contract, but one star player rejected his offer.

Mert Erdogan and Veli Torun have both agreed to 1 year extensions of there current contracts keeping them at the club to June 2013. Mert has come through the Ankaragucu youth team while Veli Torun returned from a loan spell at Yozgatspor.

Serol Demirhan has rejected a new contract at the club much to the anger of his boss Hakan Kutlu. The Manager stated " We have brought Serol from the third division and gave him experience in the Super Lig, we are disappointed and he wont be in the team for the moment if he doesn't want to be here.. "

Ahmet Gokcek and Cemal Aydin are also locked in bitter words blaming each other for the debt at Ankaragucu.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ankaragucu owed £8 Mllion !

The Turkish FA and Spor Toto owe Ankaragucu £8 Million but haven't gathered the money yet.

So here we have a club unable to pay there players wages, pay electricity bills at there training facility, and unable to feed there players. Yet we are owed £8 Million and the Turkish FA are amongst those that owe us the money.

Ankaragucu also received money at the start of the season for TV Money from DigiTurk and other Sponsorship money, where has this money gone ? There are debts of £90 Million Turkish Lira and a transfer ban, yet the management can explain where this debt has come from ?

Its time UEFA stepped in and had a look at what goes on in Turkish Football, or Corruption will kill there game.

In other news, Yeni Malatayaspor will be playing in the amateur league next season after dicussions between the TFA and UEFA. Yeni have also got huge financial problems like us and it wasnt that long ago they were in the Turkish Super Lig and the UEFA Cup. Sad times.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ultimately Ankaragucu succummed to two clinically constructed and well taken goals from Fenerbahce. However, it might so eaily have been a different tale had Ankaragucu taken a few of their many chances.

The Ankaragucu players can hold their heads up after giving Fenerbahce a few scares, especially in the 2nd half when some of their footie was a delight to watch. They had Fenerbahce on the back-foot and wavering right up until that 2nd goal went in.

Ankaragucu 0 Fenerbahce 2

Team -

Bayram, Veli, Aydin, Umit, Ishak, Serkan, Mert, Bilal, Gokhan, Serol and Atilla.

Substitutes - Orhan and Abdullah

Two of the kankas were on the sick-list yesterday and were unable to make it to the Stadium. Battle Damaged Kanka Damon at home recovering from a back injury and yours truly in The Chopin. No name kanka Simon was in the Stadium and ..... shock horror .... surprise surprise ...... Maniac Kanka Harun phoned me 5 minutes before KO to say he was also in the Stadium.

Ankaragucu started the match in full on attack and almost opened the scoring in the 1st minute when Bilal had a goal bound shot well saved by Volkan. However, after the initial 5 minutes flurry, Fenerbahce gradually took control and started spraying passes all over the place. With Man of the Match Captain Aydin back in the centre of defence they held firm and it was not until the 15th minute that Fenerbahce was able to unlock the defence.

I have to say it was a great sweeping move started on the half way line which saw the ball brought forward with some great passes to the feet of Sow who fired in a great goal to the top right with Bayram well beaten.

Fenerbahce held sway for the remainder of the half with only sporadic Ankaragucu attacks and the half time whistle came with only one goal in it. I was thinking .... we could snatch a draw out of this Fenerbahce team.

Into the 2nd half and again Ankaragucu were first out of the traps with 2 great chances to equalise in the first three minutes. Volkan made a great save from the first and then Ishak's goal bound shot was luckily deflected off a bemused defender for a corner. If only !

Ankaragucu was a different team now and Fenerbahce was doing their best to slow the match down and take control again. Even Captain Aydin was up joining in on some of the attacks and I felt a goal was coming.

However, it wouldn't come due to unlucky and poor finishing and good defending, and then the sucker punch arrived with 20 minutes to go. Against the run of play, Fenerbahce brought the ball out of defence in a sweeping move reminiscent of the first goal and there was Topuz to fire in with the Ankaragucu defence caught square.

True enough, Fenerbahce had the lions share of possession during the match 60-40, but Ankaragucu's never say die spirit was again in evidence and on any other day they might have claimed a deserved victory, or at the very least, a share of the spoils.

Hakan Kutlu has moulded these young lads into a reasonable team, and looking to the future, this augers well for next season in the very competative Bank Aysa League. Hopefully the Club can keep them on the 'payroll' !!!

I should mention that Gecikondu set off some flares in the last 5 minutes of the match but the TV cameras couldn't pierce the smoke ! Perhaps Simon can expand further on what happened (if anything) at the end of the match.

Anyway, well done Ankaragucu. You certainly didn't play like a team propping the league up !!!

Next weekend Ankaragucu is away to brother team Bursa. Details in the comments section when I have them.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Fenerbahce Match Preview !

Ankaragucu host Fenerbahce on Friday night at the 19 Mayis Stadium in Ankara where there could be more away fans than home fans.

Ankaragucu have lifted the 5% quota on away fans meaning that Fenerbahce fans will now be able to buy tickets for Maraton and Behind the goal. The last couple of home games Ankaragucu have been playing in front of about 6,000 fans where as at the start of the season there were 19,000 fans turning up.

Fans will blame weather and kick off times for not turning up, but the weather is the same for everyone, so if the Gecekondu and Kanka Group can turn up every week why cant the rest of the fans ? Anti X are protesting at the moment against Cemal Aydin by staying away from the matches, who is this really hurting though ? Does Cemal Aydin rally care who turns up ? The answer is no he doesn't, the club need the fans more than ever and its time the fan groups stuck together instead of going against each other.

Ankaragucu today also confirmed that 12 board members who were appointed by Haluk Ilcak have left the club today. Genclerbirligi president Ilhan Cavcav also paid the clubs electricity bill of 36,000 TL. Why is it been left to another clubs President to pay it ? Where is Mr Illyas ? Melih Gokcek also said the only way to save Ankaragucu is to take there name and replace the name of Ankaraspor. You can stick your idea Melih !

Anyway onto the game itself, Fenerbahce go into the game after a stunning 6-1 win over Genlcer at the weekend. They now have the firepower in Miroslav Stock, Issair Dia, Semih Senturk, Alex and Moussa Sow to punish teams. Miroslaw has been one of the stars of the Turkish Super Lig this season.

The last time the two sides met Fenerbahce won 4-2 with Miroslaw Stoch winning the game for the home side. Ankaragucu fought hard and were unlucky not to take something from the game having scored through Murat Duruer and Ergin Keles. So much has changed since then with Ankaragucu loosing a host of players, from the team that started that night only Atilla Aybars and Ishak Dogan are left.

Ankaragucu lost 5-2 to Eskisehirspor at the weekend and will need to learn from there defensive mistakes. There has been improvement in the side but as so often with young players, they lack much needed experience.

Fenerbahce should win this one comfortably. They need to keep winning to keep up with Galatasaray who are starting to run away with the lead. Ankaragucu will be hoping to cause a huge upset though. Can it be done ?

Monday, March 05, 2012

MKE announce record Profits

Came accross and artilce in the Hurriyet newspaper yesterday which i found quite interesting.

Have a look and see what you think

Well done to MKE, any business that can announce a profit in this day and age are doing well for themselves. But why cant they help Ankaragucu?


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

For those of us who have attended Ankaragucu matches in the 19 Mayis Stadium on a regular basis, we have all witnessed inter-tribune violence/fighting, especially in Gecikondu and Maraton.

Well ..... shock horror and God forbid ........ it might yet happen in the Kanka Tribune. Surely not ..... I can hear you all gasp in amazement ?!

Hmmmm .... it's possible on the 15th of August me thinks !

Why then ?

Well, right in the middle of the Edinburgh Festival at the home of the Mighty Hibernian FC, which is Easter Road Stadium for the un-enlightened, there will be a match which might incite this unbelievable occurrence, especially if it is screened LIVE in the Red Lion Club in Ankara. (KO time to be decided).

Yes, kankas, in the build-up to the 2014 World Cup the match of the decade will take place there between .............

SCOTLAND and ......... australia !!!

Should we allow Oz Kanka and Eski to be at the same venue when this historic match takes place and where will all the kankas loyalties lie ??!!

Bring it on I say, and let those Aussies play those other silly games with the funny shaped ball and that piece of wood where they hit that funny coloured ball out of the brown area into the green area.

The Easter Road Stadium (built 1875) is ready to record another famous win for ..... SCOTLAND THE BRAVE ........ yesssssssssssssssss !!!

Bring it on !!!

All the best from the original Mr Optimism ...... Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, March 04, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After holding their own for most of the match, Ankaragucu folded late on to produce a scoreline which flattered Eskisehir.

On the two occasions when Eskisehir equalised immediately after Ankaragucu scored, I had the feeling at the time that Eskisehir just stepped up a gear when necessary. However, in hindsight it was probably due to Ankaragucu's immaturity at not slowing the game down and keeping possession after scoring.

Ankaragucu 2 Eskisehirspor 5

Team -

Bayram, Volkan, Ishak, Umit, Kaan, Bilal, Serkan, Orhan, Gokhan, Serol and Atilla.

Substitutes - Abdullah, Sinan and Oguzhan

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, No Name Kanka Simon and I met up in the Stadium with the white stuff pouring down out of the sky. The ground staff had done an excellent job to clear the pitch which only started to lose its green colour towards the end of the match when the snow began to (lie) (stick) (settle) - take your pick !!!

Apart from a full Gecikondu, a poor turn-out in Maraton and elsewhere, but Gecikondu made enough noise to compensate !

Eskisehir started the match in determined fashion and looked dangerous coming forward. They were faster, more organised than Ankaragucu, and they were out-muscling Ankaragucu in tackles and on the ball.

However, on the half hour mark against the run of play, it was Ankaragucu who drew first blood courtesy of a howler between goalkeeper Ivesa and a defender. A lack of communication between them allowed the alert Atilla to 'steal' the ball and stroke it into an empty net for what was an excellent predatory goal.

Our celebrations lasted exactly one minute when Kamara was left unmarked in front of goal for an easy tap-in.

Going in at half time all square was rather fortunate and we were willing to accept the scoreline. There was no doubting Eskisehir has the lion's share of possession and on the balance of play probably deserved to be in front.

10 minutes into the 2nd half and again, against the run of play, came the Goal of the Match. An excellent sweeping movement, perhaps practiced on the training ground, saw the ball brought forward from the right in a sweet passing movement and crossed to the unmarked Serol lurking in the box who brought it under control and hit an unstoppable shot into the left corner.

Then just as I had uttered the words ..... 'now keep your heads and keep possession' ..... they did it again ! Eskisehir broke on the right wing, the cross came in and 'bang', Erkan headed in to looks of amazement all round and some broken plastic seats near us by some frustrated fans.

5 minutes later and Eskisehir went in front for the first time. From a corner, the Ankaragucu defence was 'all at sea' and Diego was first to the ball to scramble it in.

No sooner had we stopped shaking our heads than it was four. From the re-start Eskisehir took possession, drove forward and Kamara fired in and there was a significant 'hush' around the Stadium. Damon's comment was ..... 'now the floodgates have opened'. How true !

It was all Eskisehir with Ankaragucu hanging on, but with 10 minutes to go the nail was hammered into the coffin when another sweeping attack caught the Ankaragucu defence on the back foot and Alper drove the ball in for No 5.

There can be no denying that Eskisehir was the best team. After all, a 3 goal margin speaks volumes, but it was rough justice on Ankaragucu's Youth Team having held their own until folding late in the match.

Gecekondu obviously felt the same and wouldn't allow the Ankaragucu players to retreat to the dressing room until they had finished saluting their efforts.

So to next weekend and a real test of character awaits the Ankaragucu boys when Fenerbahce comes calling. After their demolition job on Gencler last night, it will be a fired-up Fener who I'm sure will have no mercy and go for a big win.

It will be the Friday night match and the KO at either 7pm or 8pm. I'll confirm that in the comments section in a day or two.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Fenerbahce stuff Gencler

Fenerbahce 6 - 1 Genclerbirligi

Enough said.

Friday, March 02, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I thought you might be interested in an article from Mr Neil Doncaster, CEO, SPL which I nicked from the Scottish Premier League Blog.

He very diplomatically doesn't mention any Club by name, but I'm sure that we all know the Clubs who he is referring to here.

So, in view of the financial tales of woe of severel clubs in Turkey (diplomatically un-named !) would'nt it be just hunky-dory if we had a 'financial fair play' system installed here ??? Or is that asking too much ??

What about the idiom ........ all's fair in love and war ! Would that be more appropriate ?

Comments ?????

Quote -

Football and finance have often sat uneasily together.  But with some of our clubs under intense financial pressure, it is no surprise that questions about ‘financial fair play’ have once again been raised in the context of Scottish football.

Crucial to an understanding of financial fair play, is an appreciation of why it is vital that clubs live within their means.  This blog is an attempt to set out what is meant by ‘financial fair play’, and why prompt payment of players, the taxman and other member clubs is so important to football as a whole.

‘Financial fair play’ is a phrase that is often trotted out in football circles.  It was one of 11 key values presented by UEFA President Michel Platini to the 2009 UEFA Congress.  Its stated aim was to “restore well-being to the European club game”.

But what does ‘financial fair play’ really mean?  UEFA’s explanation, in 2010, was that the concept would require clubs to balance their books over the medium term, not spend more than they earn, and operate within their financial means. 

This is all seen as important for one key reason:  because any club that is spending more on players than they can afford, is automatically gaining a sporting advantage over every other club it competes with.  Whether the precise system of measurement used by UEFA is perfect is a moot point.  But the logic behind the principle however is, I think, broadly sound.  And it is this same principle that explains the position of the SPL.

To turn a blind eye, to allow clubs to continually fail to make prompt payments as they fall due, would be to allow those clubs to gain an unfair sporting advantage over all those other clubs that pay their players, the taxman and other clubs on time.  That is one of the reasons why, whenever the SPL receives a request from players to adjudicate on their contracts, it has a duty to do so.

The fundamental basis of any football league is that all member clubs are treated equally.  But, increasingly, leagues across the world are going further.  In England, for example, the Football League routinely imposes a player embargo on clubs who fail to pay their players in full and on time.  And, in League Two, clubs have accepted limits on the amounts that they can spend, relative to their income.

The whole issue of ‘financial fair play’ will no doubt continue to be developed across the whole of football.  In the meantime, it is vital that the Scottish Premier League continue to treat all member clubs even-handedly.

It may put the SPL in the uncomfortable position of having to rule against member clubs in certain instances.  Whenever we are requested by professional players to adjudicate on their contracts, for example, we should continue to do so.  And, where appropriate, to rule in the players’ favour and to make orders for on-time payment by our member clubs.

The integrity of the entire League – and the long-term interests of all 12 member clubs within it – demands that we do just that.

More widely though, it is important that we keep the whole issue of financial fair play firmly in the spotlight.  Improving our rule book and making it less likely that our member clubs end up in financial difficulty in the first place should continue to be a priority.  And with this in mind, all 12 SPL member clubs will meet this Monday.  On the agenda will be our existing rules on financial fair play and whether our current rule book needs improvement in the face of the financial challenges being faced by several member clubs.

If agreement in principle is reached, this could mean our clubs voting on new, tougher, rules on financial fair play at a general meeting, either in April or July this year.  It will be a difficult debate.  But it is vital that we do not shy away from these issues or bury our heads in the sand.

It may be uncomfortable to address these thorny problems head-on.  But the long-term health and prosperity of Scottish football demands that we do just that.

Neil Doncaster
Chief Executive, Scottish Premier League


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Hooray! Hurriyet Daily News writes about Ankaragucu!

Thanks to Bellshill Kanka aka @AnkaragucuPitch on Twitter, I came across a Hurriyet Daily News article on Ankaragucu.

"No love lost as Ankaragucu's young guns fall short"

Have a read of it and then come back.

First up, I have to applaud the Hurriyet Daily News for actually publishing an article not based on one of the Istanbul teams; but then I cannot this this go without having a swipe.

In the first paragraph of his Istanbul-datelined piece Çetin Cem Yilmaz writes that "few people are feeling sorry for the club that once avoided relagation with the order of a junta leader."

I'm not going to have a go at the spelling mistake, especially as Spine and me used to work at the old version of the paper many years ago and we let many howlers through, but how is it that the club once "avoided relegation with the order of a junta leader"? The fact is that they got promotion, not relegation, and not through an order from a junta leader, but through a rule change from the then version of the TFF (although it is true Kenan Evren said out loud at one stage that he thought an Ankara team should be in the top flight - the then equivalent of the TFF did the rest - more on that later).

Let's have a look at the first part of the sentence: "few people are feeling sorry for the club"

Ugh? Were does this come from? It has been stated again and again in the papers and during the radio broadcasts that I've listened to that at Ankaragucu's away games fans have expressed sympathy for the team's flight. Even us Genclerbirligi fans have supported the club at despite some of the provocations of a small minority of Ankaragucu fans.

I'll admit though, I doubt that many Besiktas fans give a damn. What team do you support Çetin Cem Yilmaz?

The article continues with a review of Ankaragucu's recent on the field failures. No controversy there, but then come a couple of paragraphs that I failed to completely understand.

If not for their famously, or infamously, rowdy fans, not many people felt sorry for Ankaragücü – even through their bitter story – because the team’s recent history has been marred by politics. 

In May 1981, Ankaragücü was awarded promotion after an order by then Chief of General Staff Kenan Evren, who took power through the Sept. 12, 1980, coup. Evren said a team from the republic’s capital city, Ankara, should play in the top-flight, and Ankaragücü was promoted with a sleight of hand – a rule change that a lower-tier side should be promoted to the first division if it wins the domestic cup was enough.

"Rowdy fans" - no argument from me on that one. "Not many people feel sorry for Ankaragucu... because the team's recent history has been marred by politics". Mmm. This sentence in isolation is totally wrong. It is precisely because the team's recent history has been marred by politics that has led to away fans unveiling banners in support of the club. The fact that the politics inside the club has destroyed a great rival is what has brought out sympathy for the true supporters of the club.

These Galatasaray fans seem to have forgotten recent history

But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that Mr. Yilmaz is referring to his next paragraph and the "recent" events of 31 (thirty-one) years ago concerning Kenan Evren.  

Looking at that paragraph I'd like to ask Mr. Yilmaz to actually show us the "order" he says came from Kenan Evren. Was it ever given? We all live in Turkey and we know that these sorts of orders are never given. Suggestions are made and these suggestions are acted upon. The difference is not great, but to say that an actual order was given, as you have in your article, is simply not true. A great paper such as the Hurriyet Daily News should be able to make this distinction clear for its readers. The paper makes these subtle distinctions in its political coverage, why not here?

By the way, I have blogged before about how Boluspor believe they should have won the domestic cup referred to in Mr. Yilmaz's piece.

Anyway, we now continue into proper recent history, and the way that control of Ankaragucu has changed hands. With any history of the recent events of Ankaragucu we have to look at Ankaraspor. Mr Yilmaz writes:

The team’s recent years saw a political power struggle as well, when Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek took over the club in gradual fashion. The former chairman of Ankaraspor, the team funded by the municipality, Gökçek stepped down from duty after a rule change that mayors could not actively work at football clubs and was voted the “honorary president.” 

Careful there Mr. Yilmaz! Saying that Ankaraspor was "funded by the municipality" could well be libellous! It is illegal for municipalities to fund professional football teams and there are court cases happening right now (although they are extremely slow) where the the municipality is accused of sending funds to Ankaraspor. Mr. Gokcek, of course, denies it. I hope he doesn't read your piece because if he does the Hurriyet Daily News could be up for a big legal bill. I hope you've got insurance mate!

Mr. Yilmaz then talks about how Ahmet Gokcek won the congress at Ankaragucu and took over the club and then we get this paragraph:

Former Ankaragücü Chairman Cemal Aydın’s camp, meanwhile, applied to court for the cancelation of the general congress which Ahmet Gökçek won, and eventually was successful. Wealthy Gökçek eventually got his hands off the club, leaving the club in a dire and cash-strapped position, which left it as it is now.   

Errr. Why is the club cash-strapped, Mr Yilmaz? Why are they a dire position? At no stage in your article do you actually explain anything. I'm not denying that the club is in dire straights but it would have been nice for you to actually expand on your statement. For help in the future you might like to look at this article we wrote just a few weeks ago.

We are now coming to the end of Mr. Yilmaz's piece. I'll quote it in full.

Right now, Ankaragücü is not an attraction for potential presidential candidates and might bounce back when it is relegated. But be warned, there might be even more drama coming this way: The newly-elected TFF Chairman Yıldırım Demirören mulls a plan to cancel the relegation for this year as the daily Hürriyet reported yesterday, and Ankaraspor is returning to the league as a result of a court ruling which decided the TFFdid a wrongdoing in demoting the team. 

If things turn out that way, the Ankaragücü followers will be all the more lonely in their cause.

Just read the last sentence again. I have no idea what it means.

Dear Mr. Yilmaz,
Unfortunately on the Hurriyet Daily News website there is a 250 letter limit to any reader comments.
This comment on your piece is obviously more than 250 letters. I'd love it if you would add your comments here.
Oz Kanka

I have e-mailed Mr. Yilmaz a link to this post. Somehow I doubt he will respond. EDIT: I got that wrong as he has responded, see comments below.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Eskisehirspor Match Preview !

Ankaragucu take on Eskisehirspor on Saturday morning at the 19 Mayis Stadium in Ankara.

The game will be played with Ankaragucu fans only in the stadium as the Turkish FA have kept the away team ban for this match due to crowd trouble.

Ankaragucu finally scored there first goals in nine games last week, but still lost 3-2 at Karabukspor. As the weeks go by the youngsters seem to be improving and gaining more confidence. The players can go into the match with there heads held high, as they are doing Ankaragucu proud playing for the club with no wages.

Eskisehirspor got back to winning ways last week with a good 2-1 win at home to Fenerbahce. Former manager Michael Skibbe left the club in January as he took the management job at Hertha Berlin. He was replaced with former Ankaragucu manager Ersun Yanal who has had a slow start as Eskisehir boss. He will be hoping to call on Key players Diomansy Kamara, Alper Potuk and Burhan Eser for this match as they look to push on for a European Place. Also in the Eskisehirspor squad will be ex Ankaragucu duo Hurriyet Gucer and Ediz Bahtiyaroglu who signed for the club in January.

The last time the two sides met Eskisehirspor won 3-2 at home. They were 2-0 up at half time through goals from Kamara and an own goal from Ozgur Cek. Ankaragucu came out in the second half and drew level through Atilla and Ergin and should have won the game but for an open goal miss from Murat Duruer. Eskisehir scored a late goal through Diego Angelo to win the game.

Ankaragucu are now officially relegated to Bank Aysa and the young players will go out and give there all in front of the Ankaragucu tribunes in another tough match. Eskisehir may be to strong for Ankaragucu on the day.

Other news from today, New Turkish FA President Yildirm Demiroren shrugged of suggestions of a new 22 team Super Lig. And Genclerbirligi will work with the Democratic Republic of Congo to help them build a profesional football league.