Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank you Aylin Nazliaka !

In the last two years Ankaragucu have went from having one of the best squads in the Turkish Super Lig to a club close to going bankrupt. During this period only one person has shown any support to the club and asked the same questions that the fans have been asking. Today member of parliament Aylin Nazliaka asked those questions at the Turkish Parliament. Thanks to John for translating the article below.

Aylin Nazliaka made her mark at the Sport Ministrys budgetary meetings, both asking questions of Sports minister Suat Kilic about Ankaragucu's predicament and calling Melih Gokcek to account for getting angry at Aziz Yildirim and Mahmut Ozgener, and giving the Saray sports grounds to the Turkish sevret services.

Nazliaka has also asked Suat Kilic these questions in parliment :

  • First of all, on the 5ht April 2012 i tabled a still un-answered motion questioning how the Gokcek family had caused Ankaragucu to get relegated. Ankaragucu Sports Club became part of the city's identity, its made up of its fans; most of all, out of all Turkeys sports stadiums 19 Mayis stadium has seen a true football story take root. Ankaragucu has been ranked fourth placed in terms of how long it has been in the Turkish Super Lig.

  • As one of Ankara's most important symbols MKE Ankaragucu is seeing hard times, Ankargucu was used as a political stepping stone, but it didn't politically deliver and was forced to pay the price for poor management which burdened the club with sham debt in order to take revenge.Ankara was represented in the Super Lig in 2009/09 by four teams, now it only has one. Those incapable of running our city (Gokceks) were responsible for two of those clubs relegated. 

  • Besides the repetitional and economic advantages of a city having a football team, it also represents the city's history, culture and spirit. Now i want to remind the minister of my questions: " When Ahmet Gokcek took up his position, what were MKE Ankaragucu's total debts and receivables ? How much debt did the club take on between 30th August 2009 and 24th August 2011 ? What were the clubs total debts and receivables on the 24th August 2011 and where do they come from  ?

  • What is the total debt and breakdown of that debt from 6th April 2012 ? How much of that is interest and charges ? How many footballers were transferred between 30th August 2009 and 24th August 2011? When were these footballers contracts signed by the club ? What were the transfer fees paid to their clubs ? What were the transfer fees paid to them ?

  • Is there presently any club or player that Ankargucu is in debt to because of these transfer fees ? How much debt does that represent ? Are there any private individuals who are not on the Ankaragucu board but who are owed money ? Who are they ? How much are they owed and why ? We know that MKE Ankargucu's relegation from the Super Lig had a negative effect on the economy and reputation of Ankara. What are the estimates of this figure ?

  • We know that the Turkish FA has been sensitive to corruption and match fixing yet turned a blind eye to what is happening at Ankaragucu, is some political force preventing them from doing so ? Especially in recent days claims that the board of directors between August 2009 and August 2011 were guilty of wrongdoing. Irregularities and illegality have been widely publicised, why has no inquiry been launched to look at the president and directors of Ankaragucu during that time ?

  • Is the claim that MKE Ankargucu went 35 million TL into debt in a single day without any court judgement true ? And is it true that those who were owed money applied the same day at the same court with the same lawyer ? Why did the clubs board not object to these debts ? Was Ankargucu tricked into these debts ? Did anyone think about opening an enquiry ? When the Mayor of Ankara was no longer president of the club why did he keep sending out press releases about the clubs financial and league positions ?

  • Do those people and companies owed money by Ankaragucu have any business relationship with the Ankara metropolitan council ? You Suat Kilic promised to build a new stadium, up until now nothing has been done, what are your plans ? The Saray Sports facility which Ankaragucu were using was the best facility in Europe and Melih Gokcek took it away from the club as he said he was angry with Aziz Yildirim and Mahmut Ozgener, so should the club loose this facility due to the Mayor of Ankara's personal grudges ?

Again thank you to this remarkable woman who is doing all she can to help the club. It is obvious for everyone to see Ankaragucu has been the victim of corruption and criminal activity and Melih Gokcek has many questions to answer.

I would also like to thank the Rangers fans who have recently went through the same troubles as Ankaragucu, they have left their comments to show us support from the FollowFollow messageboard.


  1. Anonymous12:03 am

    Good luck Anka,from a Glasgow Rangers fan

  2. Anonymous12:06 am

    Good luck form a Rangers fan who knows how it feels!

  3. Anonymous12:10 am

    save Ankaragucu

    Good luck

  4. Anonymous12:13 am

    Good luck from Glasgow Rangers we had support from Anka in our time of need NO SURRENDER!

  5. Thanks guys, appreciate it, two clubs who have suffered enough at the hands of criminals

  6. Anonymous12:14 am

    Wishing you all the best and hope your predicament is sorted out soon.

    All the best from The Rangers.

  7. Anonymous12:15 am

    Don't let many thousands of fans pay for the sins of one man.

    Good luck Anka from all the Rangers fans here in Scotland and throughout the world.

  8. Thanx man...all the best to the rangers fans...

  9. Anonymous12:16 am

    From a fan of a team who has gone through similar, come out of it and is stronger for it - Glasgow Rangers.

    Hope Ankaragucu do the same, another travesty of football - created by non footballing men!!

  10. Anonymous12:16 am

    This club cannot be allowed to die. Hopefully my club Rangers can hold a fund raising friendly with you guys. We need to stick together in times of hardship.

  11. thanks again to all who have commented above

  12. Anonymous12:17 am

    good luck
    save Ankara

    All the best Rangers Fan from Ayr.

  13. Anonymous12:21 am

    The bridgeton loyal rsc send their support no surrender you will get through this.

  14. Anonymous12:21 am

    This club will be part of people's lives take away Ankaragucu and you will take away their heart. Keep your heads high.

    Rangers WATP

  15. Anonymous12:23 am

    Save Ankaragucu

  16. It really does bring a tear to the eye when fans of other clubs show their support for each other, incredible the lengths some will go to :-)

  17. Best of luck,Save Ankara....Rangers Fan

  18. Anonymous12:24 am

    I sincerely hope the Ankaragucu can come through this nightmare, as we have at Rangers. I hope you survive and prosper.

  19. Anonymous12:25 am

    Good luck and I know your fans won't let the club die. We didn't

    All the best
    Rangers fan

  20. Anonymous12:25 am

    Good luck Ankara, hope our plight and they way our club and fans have rallied around our great club is an inspiration to yourselves.

    One of the first football matches I was allowed to see without a parent was Rangers v Ankaragucu, so I have always had a soft spot for them.

    Hope all turns out well for your club, maybe a glamour game between the two clubs could be arranged.

    Good Luck!!! from Crowthornebear member of the Berkshire Rangers Supporters Club

  21. Anonymous12:27 am

    Save the club. Why should fans and team and all who work there lose thier jobs, passion and love of their team because of a few crooks.

    Rangers fan, Ibrox.

  22. Anonymous12:28 am

    Good luck, hope all turns out well for the club.

    Best wishes from a friend

  23. Save Ankara!

    From all fans of Rangers F.C.

  24. It is quite touching to get these messages of support for Ankaragucu from fans of a team who are going through a similar horrid experience. Thanks everyone.

  25. good luck Ankara hope all goes well for you.

  26. Anonymous12:34 am

    Save Ankaragucu.

    Good Luck from Glasgow Rangers Supporters.

  27. Good luck Ankaragucu, you will be bigger and stronger, all the best from The Rangers!

  28. Aldo6512:37 am

    Good luck and best wishes to Anka.
    As a Rangers fan I know how it feels to watch my club getting battered from pillar to post.
    Hope it all turns out well.

  29. Anonymous12:38 am

    Long Live Ankaragucu!

    Stay strong and good luck from the Rangers family.

  30. Anonymous12:38 am

    Good Luck Ankaragucu !! You will get through it.

    Rangers fan Northern Irish Loyal

  31. Anonymous12:40 am

    good luck from scotland and a rangers fan, i hope your team pulls through this tough time as did my team rangers

  32. Anonymous12:41 am

    Good Luck from London Rangers.

  33. Save Ankaragucu

    I really hope that you make it.

    From a Rangers fan

  34. save Ankaragucu

    Good Luck

    No Surrender !

  35. All the best to Ankara

    It's disgraceful what your club has been through, as a Rangers supporter I know what it's like to have unscrupulous and devious owners. Your plight seems far worse than ours but the supporters of Ankara will come through this

  36. Anonymous12:48 am

    Good luck Ankaragucu, from a Rangers fan.

  37. Anonymous12:48 am

    Hopefully things start to improve for your club. It was heartening to hear support from Turkey when Rangers were getting shafted.

  38. Anonymous12:54 am

    Never give up on the team you love.

    No surrender.

  39. Anonymous12:59 am

    Heartbreaking when corrupt ba$tards try and steal what does not belong to them.

    The heart and soul of Ankaragucu belongs to the fans not the crooks.

    I wish you every success in saving what rightfully belongs to not just the fans of Ankaragucu today but the generations that will follow in your footsteps.

    Keep fighting for your your club.

    jamie a fan of Rangers

  40. Anonymous1:11 am

    No Surrender Ankara!!!!

  41. Anonymous1:14 am

    Senin durumu iyi şanslar. Teslim almak yok. Rangers loyal.

  42. Anonymous1:22 am

    Save Anka. I saw them playing my team Rangers back in the 70's and have looked out for their results since.
    No Surrender

  43. Anonymous1:26 am

    Good Luck To Ankara, Hope you all stick together and pull your team through. We have survived and are on our way back up at Rangers so you must all fight for your club. Best Wishes from Glasgow.

  44. Anonymous1:32 am

    good luck from another rangers fan

  45. Anonymous1:48 am

    Good luck Ankara from a Rangers fan in Glasgow.

  46. Anonymous1:50 am

    Never give in.Long live Ankaragucu.
    a rangers fan

  47. Rangerista1:51 am

    Clubs are "owned" by the only people who really care about them: the fans!

    Don't let your club die, you're stronger than any individual, rally round and save Ankara!

    Rangers fans are aware of your fight and give you our best wishes for success.


  48. Anonymous1:59 am

    All the best, really hope the club survives. Remember a football club isn't about money or league status, but about its fans and its beliefs. No matter what happens you can build to be great again.

    Good luck,


  49. Anonymous2:15 am

    Good luck Ankaragucu, all the best from rangers fans worldwide.

    Keep believing.

  50. Anonymous2:32 am

    Allorever F the best and good luck...SAVE ANKARAGUCU...Rangers

  51. Anonymous2:34 am

    Good Luck from Rangers

  52. Anonymous2:48 am

    Good luck
    From the "people"

  53. Anonymous3:43 am

    Never Give Up.
    Never Surrender.
    Never Walk Away.

    Scott, Rangers Fan

  54. Anonymous3:46 am

    Keep your proud heads held high Anka fans and keep loving and fighting for your club,The biggest asset any club has is it's fans.

    The fans are the ones who suffer,you must stop this and protect the club you love by getting rid of those who harm your club...the criminals who steal from it.

    I wish you well Anka fans and this famous club must be saved for the sake of such wonderful supporters.

    Our thoughts are with you Anka fans and the Rangers family gives 100% support to you and those who fight for to save your club.

    iyi şanslar arkadaşlar

  55. Anonymous7:24 am

    Good Luck and bring the club back to where they belong.

  56. Anonymous7:55 am

    Ankaragücü İyi şanslar!Rangers ailesi size destek. Biz bu acıyı biliyoruz. Güçlü tutun olun. takımına destek. Ankaragücü ardından, Ankaragücü, şimdi Ankaragücü forever!

    A Rangers fan

  57. Anonymous8:27 am

    Save ANKARAGUCU, Don't let your club be killed by dishonest men.
    We've been there and know what you are going through. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you. No Surrender
    Good luck.


  58. Anonymous8:44 am

    Good luck guys, we all feel for you.

  59. Anonymous8:45 am

    Wishing you all the very best of luck from here in Glasgow. Like my team ( Rangers ) you can and must rise again. Truly proof that football and politics should never be allowed to mix. Thoughts are with all Anka fans and those working for and with the club. We know and share your pain.

    Forza Anka !!

  60. As a Rangers fan I know the heartache that Ankaragucu fans are facing, its horrible and no supporter should ever have to endure it. Good luck Aylin Nazliaka, I hope you can succeed in saving your great club.

  61. I really hope Anka can pull through this, went through a similar situation with my team (Rangers) and it was terrible.

    As long as the fans stick together they will pull through this, all the best.

    Thomas, Glasgow.

  62. Good luck Ankara with your return.

    At least you have Aylin Nazliaka a well respected sports minister there to fight your cause and get the important questions answered and get your club back.

    Aylin Nazliaka GIP

  63. Anonymous9:08 am

    Good luck and all the best from Scotland.

    Always the fans who have to pay and not the criminals and thieves!

  64. Steven9:24 am

    Good luck with the fight as a Rangers fan my heart goes out to the fans who only want a club to support and through someone's greed and ego that could be destroyed

    hands across a continent In support fro all us Rangers fans

    we are the people

  65. Anonymous9:29 am

    I know how the fans feel. When Rangers were close to being out the game and it looked like we had no future i found myself driving past Ibrox Stadium. I am a grown man, but i pulled the car to the side of the road and sat for an hour going through memories. With in minutes the tears were streaming down my face. Then the flood gates opened. I sat in disbelief that MY club could be no longer. Crying like a baby for the first time in my adult life over Rangers. Those who don't understand don't matter. For days i prayed and god gave me hope and i hope he is there for your club so that you don't feel the pain and emotions i did.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your club and all fans.

    Football is in our hearts and we cant change that. Best of luck and keep the faith. We are the people.

  66. I have always admired the passion and loyalty of Rangers fans even when we were getting humpted through all the years I've supported Hibs.

    However, even more so this season when Ibrox is close to full for every home match. Truly amazing loyalty.

    I add my thanks to Nadeem's and Chris's to all you Rangers fans who sent messages of support to our beloved Ankaragucu.

    Good luck to Rangers in the future and the climb back into their rightful position in 3 years time.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  67. Anonymous9:50 am

    Here's hoping Ankaragucu can survive their crisis and once again thrive and prosper just like the Rangers.

  68. Anonymous10:06 am

    Why does greed destroy the game that we all love. I wish Ankaragucu all the very best of luck. Rangers survived so will Anka - Never give up.

  69. Anonymous10:11 am

    Good luck Anka from a Rangers fan

  70. Anonymous10:14 am

    hakan hakan

  71. Anonymous10:29 am

    Good luck & NO SURRENDER!

  72. Anonymous10:39 am

    Best wishes to our Ankaraguku friends.
    You are in our hearts.

    Gordon - A Rangers fan

  73. Anonymous10:39 am

    Save Ankaragucu

    Good luck from a Rangers fan

  74. As a Rangers fan, I know how it feels to have your club raped by men who are, quite frankly, criminals.

    Times are tough, but losing your football team through no fault of the supporters is heartbreaking.

    Onwards and upwards - good luck and No Surrender.

  75. No Surrender Anka fans. Never let them take your club. All the best.

    Gers Fan

  76. Anonymous10:47 am

    Save Ankaragucu

    Glasgow Rangers Fan!!

  77. Anonymous10:51 am

    Good Luck Ankaragucu.
    As a Rangers fan I know what you are going through.
    There will be a lot of pain unfortunately but you will also discover the passion for your club is much stronger than you thought. The club is yours and no matter where you end up it always will be.
    The Rangers support is turning up in huge numbers to support our team in division 3 and I am honestly loving and appreciating it. Stay strong.
    Best Wishes,

  78. Anonymous11:04 am

    No football fan should ever have to lose the club they support. What is football without your own team?

    Keep strong, Ankaragucu!

  79. Anonymous11:10 am

    Best of luck Anka from another Rangers fan in Glasgow. We have had a terrible year aswell but we have came out of the mess stronger than ever. Our fans are more united than we have ever been because of our loyalty to our club and i know you will be the same

    Good Luck

  80. Anonymous11:11 am

    Just remember your enemies when you pull through. You will be stronger for this. It will bring you together.

    Good luck, from Glasgow. No Surrender.

  81. Anonymous11:28 am

    Good luck brothers.

    Rangers Fan in Manchester.

  82. Scott, Glasgow11:45 am

    Good luck from a Rangers fan who understands what you're going through...

  83. Anonymous12:44 pm

    It`s terrible when your club gets raped from someone for reasons other than football. It`s the everyday fans who have to suffer the consequences.
    But you will survive, the same way as the Rangers survived and will come back bigger and better.

    Good luck to you all from the Rangers.

  84. good luck to ankara,the fans of ankara will always be there,these criminals who only want whats best for themselves are not fans,all the best from duke street,glasgow.

    rangers & ankara

    no surrender

  85. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Hopefully your club survives. Would be good to get you over to Ibrox for a friendly when this is all over and done with. I hope thousands don't pay for the actions of 1 individual.

    Good luck from all at Rangers.


  86. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Good luck to Ankaragucu in your fight for survival.
    Your great club do not deserve to be in this situation

    From a Rangers fan

  87. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Rangers Football Club have an unbroken history of 140 years no matter how much they have tried to break us it will never happen. There has been a phrase thrown about saying we dont do walking away....this is very true, we have never been away and our club is here to stay growing stronger while others weaken around us that tried to cause our demise.

    Onwards and upwards Ankaragucu, fear not. There may be dark days ahead but the sun always rises.



  88. david bradshaw3:35 pm

    best wishes from a rangers fan we know how you feel after going through similar with our club.Really feel for the fans hope all turns out well.

  89. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Good luck with your fight for survival as we Rangers fans say "No Surrender",hopefully you will pull through.

    All the best from the Rangers fans in Bedfordshire.

  90. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Best wishes to all at Ankaragucu, stay strong and keep the faith.

    A Rangers fan

  91. Again we at the Round Ball in ankara would like to thank the Rangers fans for all their wishes. two clubs with a fantastic support and history

  92. Anonymous9:11 pm


  93. Anonymous11:48 pm

    I hope you manage to come through this and be strong again. Remember The Rangers motto....No Surrender....fight on and you will win.

  94. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Stay strong anka, stay together and you's will pull through.
    No surrender from another Rangers man, all the best

  95. Anonymous10:01 am


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