Monday, November 26, 2012

Gencler slump away to Fener

In the end it was quite a drubbing and despite various reports in the paper's today saying that the referee was biased in favour of Fenerbahce, the Istanbul team deserved to win it.

Fenerbahce 4 - 1 Genclerbirligi

Bit lazy on Sunday afternoon so I didn't make it down to the Beer Bus to watch the match but instead pulled out the radio and expected the worse.

I was then pleasantly surprised to hear that Genclerbirligi were making good attacks and in quite possibly should have had a penalty.

The radio crossed over to the Sivas-Kayseri match. Then the dreaded studio announcer cuts in with, "back to Istanbul for news of a goal!"

Dreaded of course because chances are always that it was Fener who had scored. But no! Aykut Demir scores with a sort of volley after a free kick taken by Azofeifa.

A huge shout at the Oz Kanka household and we seemed to continue in our aggressive, positive football.

Then just before half-time came the news that Fener had equalised.

1-1 at half time and bugger the radio. I want to watch this on the telly so I rang @spinesideburn and we met up at the Pool Pub just in time for the second half.

Fenerbahce came out looking for the winner. They played some very nice football but the attacks created room for some counter attacking from our own boys. Nothing really worked though and then Fener scored. Pretty much open slather after that.

Oh well. That makes it 11 times since we last managed not to lose at Sukru Saricioglu. Not the best of records

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  1. i watched the highlights chris and again i noticed Jimmy Durmaz diving twice in the game. He done it against Rangers and got one of our players sent off when playing for malmo.

    He needs to be careful or he will become a hated figure in Turkish football.