Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Tavsanli Linyitspor match preview !

Two teams struggling at the foot of the Turkish first division meet on Sunday at the 19 Mayis stadium in Ankara. For both Ankaragucu and Tavsanli this will be their biggest game of the season so far. Tavsanli travel to Ankara coming off the back of two heavy defeats against Sanliurfaspor and Manisaspor, while Ankaragucu have lost to the likes of Bucaspor and Adana Demirspor.

For 60 minutes of the match on Sunday at Adana, Ankaragucu looked like they could go on and win the match but as said in the match report the home side were just too strong. Mert Erdogan has been a huge loss in the middle of the park and it looks like he will miss the match this weekend to. Muhammed Turkmen played another 90 minutes as he looks to gain match fitness after a long time out with injury.

Its hard to criticise this young Ankaragucu team, after all they stuck with the team during its darkest hours all while not being paid. But some of the players need to learn from their mistakes and up their game. Bilal Gulden, Mehmet Tasci, Hasan Ayaroglu have struggle of late, but if they can get their form back they will all be big players for the club.

Tavsanli must not be underestimated, like any team in this league anyone can beat anyone. With the home crowd behind them though Ankaragucu can get that all important win that they are looking for. Kick off will be 2pm on Sunday Turkish time.

In other news, Cemal Aydin will face trial on 18th of December and could face up to 7 years in jail. From the media outlets I couldn't quite work out what the trial was for, but lets hope the Turkish justice system sends this criminal to the place he deserves in a cold, dark Turkish Jail.

The other clown involved in the downfall of Ankaragucu Melih Gokcek said on twitter last night that Ankaragucu will fall to the amateur leagues. Like that wasn't obvious Melih after all you made this happen, along with your son, Cemal Aydin and the rest of the thief's who have made money from this club.


  1. One thing we are sure about on the Blog is that Bellshill Kanka Nadeem (and Maniac Kanka Harun) don't mince their words.

    What they say about our previous Chairmen is spot on and we only have to look at where Ankaragucu was in 2000/2001 under the coaching of Ersun Yanal to see the long and painful slippery slide down into where we are now !

    As for Sunday, I am unfortunately involved in school business so will be unable to see this vital match. However, as Nadeem said, Tavsanli must not be under-estimated.

    They were in the Play-Offs for the Super League last season !

    C'mon guys .... give us a much needed win to boost moral going into winter. There is still time to emerge from that Brown Smelly Stuff !!!

  2. Atilla Suslu has become the new president of Ankaragucu today and will replace Bent Ahlat. All i know about the man is that he is a Green Grocer, and that is no joke :-(

    Young Hasan Ayaroglu and Gokhan Akkan have been called up to the Turkish U18 squad to face holland

  3. Aye, well ...... the price o' spuds and other veggies are going up every week, so maybe Ankaragucu will be in the Champions League in 3 years time !!!!