Friday, August 10, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A very good turn-out for Pompey Kanka's `Surprise` Brirthday Party in the Cappadokia Bar last night.

In attendance were....... Pompey Kanka, his wife Yasmine, daughters Sophiya and Lara, sons Adam and Daniel, Maniac Kanka Harun, his wife Asuman and daughter Hazal, Murat Kanka and his wife Selin, Battle Hardened Kanka Damon, Oz Kanka Chris and Eski Kanka and his wife Aysen.

First up, Pompey Kanka was given a conducted tour of the Kanka `Watering Holes` by Eski Kanka. A visit to The Chopin was followed by a visit to Maniac Kanka's Shop (Esse Spor) to buy some ANKARAGUCU tops for Pompey Kanka and his sons.

Then it was on to The Cappadokia where an unsuspecting Darren was greeted by everyone. Gasps of surprise from Darren when he was welcomed with the Happy Birthday song.

This was Yasmine's idea for a 40th Birthday present for her husband !

The amber nectar was flowing and the entertainment was rivetting. On the Big Screen was the Hibs build-up to last season's Scottish League Cup Final. Then the lights were dimmed and the birthday cake arrived with sparklers and candles. It was yummy !

It was then `goeshomey time` for ladies and children and into the League Cup Final accompanied by yet more amber nectar. As a reminder (for those with short memories) we witnessed FIVE great goals from Hibs and the return of the League Cup to its rightful resting place......... Easter Road Stadium !!

A great night was had by all and the fact that Pompey Kanka, Oz Kanka and yours truly were `kicked out` of the Cappadokia at 12.30am speaks volumes !!

I think we came home in a taxi, but I'm not 100% sure !!!

Photos of the great event will appear soon courtesay of Oz Kanka.

and............. as we say in Scotland................ haste ye back to Ankara in the future Pompey Kanka !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Great photos Oz Kanka.... even if the VIPs were wearing ANKARAGUCU tops !!!

  2. I was definitely the odd man out there.

  3. Thanks for a great night out boys. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, although Sophiya couldn't handle a night out with the wild boys!

    Can't wait to visit again so that I can witness first-hand the mighty Ankaragucu in action! I'm sure it'll be worth the wait?!

    Thanks again, especially to Eski Kanka Jim for the great hospitality him and Aysen showed us during our visit. Who said Ankara is boring?!

  4. The Fall Family are welcome here anytime.

    Have to tell you that they were all given the VIP treatment at Esenboga yesterday and upgraded to First Class on the flight to Dalaman.

    Why, you may ask ??

    Because Adam was wearing his new ANKARAGUCU top (printed exclusively by Maniac Kanka Harun of Esse Spor) !!

    Moral of the story..... support ANKARAGUCU and wear Esse Spor tops !!!

  5. They were really bumped up? Brilliant.

  6. I reckon we should have been bumped-up, but sadly not! We had to make do with the long-life orange juice rather than the fresh one with bits in it!

  7. So, the moral of the story is.... don't always believe what Eski Kanka tells you....

    believe only half what he tells you !!!

  8. I believed it. Not only did I believe it but I passed on the story as an anecdote. The way these things go the story is probably getting bigger all the time... So if you hear of Pompey Kanka upgraded on a round the world flight you will know where it started.