Monday, April 02, 2007


Typical really. Nordic Kanka Stian had a while ago bought Genclerbirligi scarves for his neice and nephew. This week they happened to be visiting Turkey and so Stian gave them a surprise by bringing them along to the football (along with their Dad).

Then we had what was perhaps a first for the kanka group, Two-match (as of this evening) Kanka Suzan decided what a better way to woo her new squeeze Savaş than to bring him along to the football.

Ever happy to ruin the dreams of kiddies and those in love, not to mention me and Ertank Kanka (who aren't in love but who both gave up playing football this evening), Gencler played like rubbish.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 2 Besiktas

I really am getting depressed this season. We haven't won a single match against an Istanbul team yet. Fingers crossed for two weeks later when we take on Galatasaray (I think that is two weeks later) but really I'm not that hopeful.

First half and I guess you could say we were okay. We had a fair bit of possession but as we have been moaning for the last year and a half our midfield really needs sorting out. The Brazillian defender Tozo was in for the injured Traore and quite frankly I reckon we would have been better off playing the injured man. Our coach Mesut Bakkal obviously thought the same replacing Tozo before the half-time break.

We had a couple of chances on goal but nothing too demanding for the Besiktas keeper.

God-knows how many offside rulings were made against us. Clearly our attackers seemed to have forgotten what the offside rule is. Same with the linesman in one instance when he ruled that Engin was offside from a ball that was headed by a Besiktas player.

Nordic Kanka Stian at one point noted that Besiktas seemed to be auto-mode, doing enough just to win the game and not much else. That was enough though to score two goals. On the 20th minute mark Delgado sent a ball in which was headed into the top post, the ball somehow fell for Nobhead who put it in.

The second goal was another one of those that rips your heart out: an own goal. Some Besiktas player had a shot and Adem Dursun stuck his leg out to push it into the net.

Second-half and Bakkal had obviously taught our forwards some offside rule basics. Seems he taught them too well however as they never got anywhere near the goal again. In fact, I'm not sure if the Besiktas goalkeeper had to make a single save in the second half.

This wasn't due to Genclerbirligi not trying, just that they were rubbish. I think the best shot we had was when Mehmet Cakir had a go from just outside the box and slightly to the right of the goal. Somehow Cakir managed to send the ball flying off to the left somewhere near where the photographers were - ie near the bloody left corner post.

As I said, I'm depressed.

Anyway, Happy Easter next week for all those who celebrate it. As I'm an atheist I won't be getting Little Oz Kanka any chocolate Easter Eggs. I am a hypocrite though and everyone is more than welcome to get me one.

Savaş took some photos at the match and hopefully I'll be able to post them here soon.

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  1. No comment about the result. The only positive thing to say is that Kayseri lost on Sunday and so the race for the UEFA Cup slot is still ON.

    As Oz Kanka is an athiest, perhaps I should explain that we Scottish Presbyterians never, nay never, say `Happy Easter`.

    Easter is a time for sadness, prayer and reflection. As for giving chockie eggs, only bloody heathens do that, ie those who support Galatasaray, Fener, Besiktas, oh yes, and Ankaraspor !!

    However, to end on a happy note. Very interesting (and pleased) to hear that Suzan (previously known as No Match Kankie - can't remember her new name !!) has made a `new friend`. Perhaps after reading Oz Kanka's match report he might become an ANKARAGUCU supporter ??!!