Saturday, November 28, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

What the bloody hell is Trond Sollied on about ?!

From The Hurriyet newspaper this morning it is still unclear if he will coach Ankaragucu or not.

He's quoted as saing that he doesn't want his career reputation tarnished if Ankaragucu lose their next four matches, ie, up until the winter break.

Naturally 'Baby' Gokcek is unhappy with this and is blaming Sollied for breaking a promise to join the Club.

Not a good start for Mr Sollied me thinks, and it will not go down well with the supporters. I say to him ..... put up or shut up !

More on this as developments unfold, but I would guess that Ankaragucu will be looking for a new coach again fairly soon.

Another bloody mess !

Other news ..... good and bad ........

Ceyhun has left the Club and Hurriyet will assume the captaincy tomorrow.

Vassell is staying. Sighs of relief all round ??!!

A good win tomorrow against Denizli will show Mr Sollied a thing or two me thinks !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous3:53 pm

    i dont want hi if thats his attitude. I want someone who wants to do well for the club.

    Im dissapointed Ceyhun has gone, i liked him as a player. Happy vas is staying though.


  2. Jamie7:01 pm

    thats not good that ceyhun is gone. where did he go

  3. as i heard,ceyhun has gone to eskişehirspor.

    what a fit!!the most unstable - quarrelsome and arrogant player of a.gücü (maybe of whole super league) has gone for his new haven to eskişehir where supporters stab opponent's just for the fact that they inhale within their city...

    goodbye ceyhun , we wish you won't come back again unless you improve your non-professional attitudes and mentality...

    by the way , sollied deals are completely gone down guys.we will have to look for another alternative to stand at our bench as a manager :(

  4. Anonymous7:22 pm

    celine - its hard for me to know everything about ankaragucu living in scotland. But what was wrong with Ceyhun ? anytime i saw him he looked one of our best players.

    Sollied can go to hell i dont want him


  5. Also, what is the condition of the Ankaragucu supporter who was stabbed? Have there been any arrests?

  6. of course there are some arrests (around 17) but police department of eskişehir still not going for real suspects of the assault.our harmed supporter is still under the custody of doctors.

    let's come to ceyhun eriş.i really dont know where to start.for instance,you must remember our former english player ian henderson.ceyhun was the main figure that tempted some of turks in the team to attack him whether there is tolerable excuse or not.he got thrashed many times in training by ceyhun's crew.the reason is obvious : his envy on vassell.ceyhun is a fuckin' high-flown and uppish player and he wants every single one to treat him as an ''inevitable and non-substitutable player''.once our supporters arranged a glorious welcoming ceremony for darius and they started to chant his name first in gecekondu instead of the captain of a.gücü,he completely flipped out and set out to organize intrigues to make darius bust out of ankara.observe what happens when darius scores,ceyhun never congratulate his team-mate sincerely and when darius got injured during a struggle with opponent ,none of the a.gücü players wonder whats happened to him or even asked ''r u ok?'' just for the fact that ceyhun's tyranny upon the turks.

    at the training period before new season begin,when the team was about to leave the pitchfield for a friendly match,ceyhun came up claiming his payment werent made was a real shock for the board cus the team was in a big financial stalemate and they expexted every player to be commonsensical.and look what ''the captain of the team'' did!!!

    if you saw in the kasimpaşa and gençlerbirliği match,he threw out the captain band on his arm when himet karaman wanted to substitute another guy instead of him.but ceyhun cant endure to be out of the game!!he is such an arrogant as i said and also this throwing act is very sensible for a.gücü fans.thay accept as it's an honour to wear this band at 100th yaer of their team and dramatically they resent this event for 2 times...

    and for my standpoint the most reasonable fact is: his unstable playing performance.okay,he did great job in g.antepspor and g.saray matchs but whatta hell did he at beşiktaş-kasımpaşa-kayserispor-antalyaspor and all other games we lost point?did he made any appreciable act to contribute the team to win?hellno...his role in the team is ''playmaker'' and attacking midfielder but if you decide to assign this task to a men,he has to carry dynamic and steady character.we are weary of ceyhun's oscillations.when you take a peek on his performance , you encounter with pleny of fluctuations and additionally the turmoils between turks and foreigners originated from ceyhun.

    ask f.bahçe fans then they will narrate you how ceyhun forced ariel ortega(a real world star) to leave turkey.he individually resort to disgusting tricks cus he thought himself as ''one and only'' puts his name above the club...just he has been doing in a.gücü for 2 years.

    we should now assume his absence as a positive happening for our team's future since we can't bear such problematic players if a.gücü has been through harsh times for both scopes...

  7. Anonymous6:37 am

    Hey guys... I didn't even know this page until I googled Sollied :) Well, Baris is here from USA dieheart baskent fan :) I still want sollied to take over the team... I think he is a very good coach. He can create a skeleton team out of tons of players we have and sell the rest of them in the break & make some profit. Plus if we get a good midfielder we would be a very dangerous team... I am actually very excited about the new management and the development.

    By the way, did anyone hear about Yildiray and Fatih Tekke. There are rumors that we are trying to recruit them...