Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ankaragucu’s Logo Wars

The current Ankaragucu emblem: depending on how you look at it, it can represent either a shield or a projectile. This signifies an impregnable defense and an armor piercing offense. Don't forget what the team's origins are:

According to former Ankaragucu chairman and current member of the board of directors Serdar Ozersin (as quoted in Haber Turk, Hurriyet, Fanatik and a number of other sources), Ahmet Gökcek and his regime are planning to change the Ankaragucu logo.

The former chairman said, "There have even been a variety of meetings held on this topic. Such a thing is not even open to discussion. As long as there are Ankaragucu fans, no one has enough power to change either the team's name or its logo. No power in Ankara would dare change Ankaragucu's name or logo."

Sound familiar?

Can you think of any power in Ankara who has tried to change an important traditional symbol in Ankara? Need a hint?

Pretty clear Ahmet is not a terribly original thinker.
Note: photos nicked from the newspaper Radikal


  1. Connect Kanka Steve2:18 pm

    oh boy...

  2. If it changes then I will support Muglaspor. I'm serious !!!

  3. Especially if a new emblem incorporates a picture of Kocatepe.

  4. Anonymous7:57 pm

    This info is definitely False.There is no change by the Logo but they are lookin for a symbol which will define Gucu like the other competitors.
    Such as,
    Fenerbahçe .... yellow canary
    Galatasaray ... Lion
    Beşiktaş ...... Eagle
    Trabzon ....... Hamsi( joke )
    And you are kindly requested not to believe the news written in the İstanbul/Bizans press as they have a serious prejudice particularly to A.Gucu along with the other suburbian clubs as their monetary benefits are based on the 3 Pearl (also joke)

  5. We are the bullet that turns all the above (hard to shoot a Hamsi admittedly) into trophies, bro.

  6. Sorry, Volkan. Not so sure it is false. If a member of the board says such a thing, I am inclined to at least give it a listen.

    Serdar Bey may have an axe to grind, but I don't think he pulling it out of thin air.

    I don't think Ahmet will succeed, but I do believe that there have probably been meetings about this given the precedent his father has set.

  7. Anonymous9:18 pm

    they better not change the name of the club, id rather we never won the league and kept our traditions than change what we stand for and our name and win something.

    Looks like sollied has been appointed aswell


  8. Anonymous9:07 am

    can we please respect history, values and accept that certain concepts are not susceptible to change...
    how about first improving the conditions! rather than wasting energy on issues like logo!!!

  9. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka;
    Please be sure that if they attempt to change the logo all the fans including me will severely object to this.
    But what really hurts me is there is a lot of significant positive progresses in all the disciplines of the club (probably the first time in its history) such as the new saraykoy training facilities, the reinforcement of the team, the new and reputable health staff, look forward for an international coach...etc, but the only news that we see in İstanbul press is the negatives which were all highly execurated.
    And afterwards we all start to discuss where we did wrong and blame ourselves ??
    Please turn to the other side and ask whether there is any critics about the 3 pearls despite of too many reasons such as the government aids, municipality aids, law suits and disputes through FİFA & UEFA.
    Self criticism solidify the owner incase he does not execurate.

  10. Mountaineering Kanka4:19 am

    Don't change the logo! holy shit! Don't change the logo! F%$k the Gokceks.

  11. Anonymous7:26 am

    If it wasn't carrying the political meaning on it (Ulkuculer), wolf would be a good fit for Baskent... Growling, biting, fighting wolves :)