Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vassell kicked out of hotel

Thanks to Spine for alerting us to this news. I thought it was of sufficient importance to make a post. Here's a snippet from The Guardian. Click on the link for the full story.

The former England striker Darius Vassell has been evicted from his Ankara hotel after his club Ankaragucu failed to pay the bill.

The 29-year-old was heralded as a landmark signing – and given a hero's welcome – when joining the Turkish club in the summer following the end of his contract with Manchester City.

Vassell has scored twice in seven games for Ankaragucu, but has since voiced concerns over the club's financial problems following a recent change in ownership.

According to Vassell, players' wages have frequently been paid late, training has been cancelled and the player has been thrown out of his hotel room.

"I don't know what's happening," he said on Sky Sports News. "I have been told today that I have to leave the hotel. I have asked the managers did I do something wrong? The hotel manager said 'no you didn't do anything wrong' but they had a meeting today with the club and now I must leave the hotel.

"I don't really know what to do, I have not spoken to anybody yet.

"I have all my bags packed. My heart tells me to stay here and play football for the fans but my bags are all packed and I wonder sometimes whether I should go back home. But tomorrow I hope somebody will explain to me what is happening and we can resolve the situation.

"I'm not sure [if I will return to England]. It's difficult. First of all I don't speak the language so I can't hear anything that's happening."


  1. Just noticed in the piece that Vassell says he doesn't know Turkish and so finds it difficult to understand what is going on. I reckon he should read this blog a bit.

  2. Oh dear. What a mess !

    I also understand that Bebbe was kicked out too !

    It seems to me that the Ankaraspor Mafia is really kicking-in now. What next ??!!

    btw, I gave the Blog address to Bebbe and asked him to tell Vassell. Obviously he didn't.

  3. jim,you can directly send him this blog's name and some info about you guys' intents through his own web site.the mail adress to get contact if necessary is written down there :

  4. Anonymous9:39 pm

    poor vas. I hope this gets sorted out as going by vassells comments he wants to stay for the fans and club even after whats happend.


  5. Connect Kanka Steve10:04 pm

    his blog says that hikmet was sacked today? is this true?

  6. Yes, it is most definitely true, Steven. I'll post something more on this this wknd. if no one beats me to it.

  7. Anonymous1:07 am

    Thanks for the memories especially guiding us to safety last season and winning against galatasaray this season Hikmet.