Monday, September 27, 2010

Football and literacy

People who slag off the Harry Potter series of books are elitist wankers. JK Rowlings' books may be run of the mill but at least they get the kiddies reading, and any reading is a good thing for children, if only so that one day they may be able to graduate to Ankara's foremost football site of record, which incidently only requires a vocabulary of 310 words ... only ten more than that needed to read The Sun, although the sentences may be quite a bit longer here, as this sentence proves.

Which is a long way of saying I was delighted the other day when Little Oz Kanka (age six) came home with a book from his school library titled "World of Football". Admittedly it is a bit light on the Ankara football scene but I was proud to see that years of me pushing football down his throat meant he had no worries in recognising the word "Uruguay" for example, but he did get stuck on some of the stuff in the glossary of football terms at the end of the book.

As you can see if you click on the picture below, the glossary includes all the stuff you would expect, ie: stadium, trophy, league, foward etc. etc.. But take a look at the second entry. I certainly lifted my eyebrows when I saw that one and it resulted in the following conversation a few minutes ago.

Little Oz: What does this say Daddy, I can't read it.

Big Oz: Err... Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Little Oz: What does that mean?

Big Oz: Well, it is a disease-type ... thing.

Little Oz: Does it kill you?

Big Oz: It can.

Little Oz: Do you get it from playing football?

Big Oz: No, no. Don't you worry.

Little Oz: How do you get it then?

Big Oz: Do you want to watch the Disney Channel?

Little Oz: Yey! Bye dad. (Little Oz Kanka rushes off to the salon to watch Hannah Montana)

By the way, people who slag off Hanah Montana are elitist wankers.


  1. Ho ho ho ha ha ha titter titter titter ..... that's the funniest story we've had on the Blog for a long time ..... well ..... at least since The Battle of Eskisehir last season when Connect Kanka Steve tried to sneak a plastic chair out the Stadium and back to Ankara !!!!

    btw, no doubting little Oz Kanka's knowledge of footie - very impressive !

  2. Cute, Oz. And you actually got Eski to "titter." Didn't know he even did that.

  3. Oh, and just a reminder in case anyone has forgotten: Rangers and Bursaspor tonight on StarTV at a quarter to ten. Sorry, Nadeem, gotta go for the team wearing green and white this time. :-)

  4. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Oz, you should have told Little Oz that AIDS stood for Ankaragucu In Dire Straits!!

    Dublin Neil.

  5. Ho ho ho ......... that was a good one Neil .... and I gave more titters !!!!

    I watched the match tonight ....... and OK, I'll own up and be honest for a change ....... I supported Rangers arghhhhhhh ...... I said it. Please don't spread it around !!!!

  6. The innocence of a childhood. Good on you Matthew...give your father a challange and the rest of us a good funny.

  7. You didn't, Jim! This I will remember. I knew Hibs came first, but I had no idea that Rangers came in somewhere behind Ankaragucu.

    Having said that, when Star TV showed the away end, I found it very interesting that there were those wearing GS, FB and BJK strips supporting Bursa.

  8. OK .... I admit it BD, it was a heinous crime to support Rangers, but ........ in my defence ...

    1. I have blue Scottish Presbyterian Blood coursing through my veins and .....
    2. My mother was a Rangers supporter.

    Am I forgiven, or ..... must I be shunned forever ???!!!

  9. Anonymous7:00 pm

    and all you kankas laughed at me when i said rangers would go through, well were in a good position at the momen lol. keep it up walter smith and rangers and jim for supporting us lol

    I was at the game and good relations between rangers and bursa fans.

    To ankaragucu news, ex ankaragucu youngster mustafa aydin was seriously injured in a car crash last week and his fiance died. Lets pray for him and hope he has a full recovery. also zelakow and aydin toscali are back from injury. And we are set to build a new 45000 seated stadium.


  10. Anonymous12:54 pm

    "And we are set to build a new 45000 seated stadium" Mmmm,eh,oh,mm.Nadeem maybe your children will get to see this.Maybe.But it would be great if it were true.....

    Dublin Neil.

  11. Anonymous5:49 pm

    neil you need to start taking some of jims optomistic pills lol, first you doubted Rangers in the champions league and now ankaragucu building a new stadium, maybe we will see you at the new stadium when its built lol


  12. Anonymous9:16 pm

    I would love to come see the new stadium when it is built Nadeem and indeed Ankara.You are one up on me on that one!
    A great result for Ankaragucu tonight.Great response having gone one nil down too.
    I still doubt Rangers in the Champions League though!

    Dublin Neil.