Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's behave ourselves

As the events that occurred during Monday night's Gaziantep-Bursa match involved our brother team, as well as the fact that I can easily conceive of one of our fans doing the same thing the Gaziantep fan did, I decided to make a brief comment. First of all, if you don't know what happened, you'll probably want to take a look.

My plea to Gucu fans is simply the following:

"Let us not be a reason for Gucu losing any points. Let us not be shut out of our own stadium anymore. Remember, referees should be targets for linguistic creativity NOT for projectiles."


  1. I should mention that our own Eski Kanka is a former ref. which helps explain my willingness to be understanding of their plight. I mean, you wouldn't want anyone throwing anything at Eski, would you?

  2. Even more than being shut out of the stadium etc. and losing 3 points, all this does is distort the league table as teams get points for nothing. There was no guarantee Bursa would have won that match, it was 1-0 only and at 60th minute but now they are guaranteed 3 points.....

  3. I could not watch the game but having watched the video here and remembering the appalling refereeing in the GS Bursa match where Bursa should have been down to 9 men it is quite obvious that Bursa are receiving very generous referring decisions this season. If that had been Antep scoring that goal it would have been a guaranteed free kick for holding the defender down but as its the current darlings........still does not excuse the missile but the TFF needs to have a look at the competency of its referees as the accusations of favoritism are too easy to make with the eccentric decisions that are made week in, week out. Not that they will of course.....

  4. Gulay's comments are well taken. However, you will be pleased to hear that I'm not going into the area of discussing the effectiveness of referees in this, or any other country for that matter.

    Suffice to say that we cannot tolerate missiles being thrown at referees or players. Unfortunately, this may well happen again until the TFF adhere strictly to the Stadium policy adopted in many European countries.

    For example, when you enter Easter Road Stadium, or any other stadium in Scotland, you MUST sit in your appointed seat. Standing is strictly forbidden except when a goal is scored !

    In this way, the spectators around an individual who intends to cause mischief can be seen by them and apprehended until the Police arrive, and this does happen at times.

    There is also a virtual scan of the spectators in the Stadium by the Police cameras operated in the Police Control Room in the Stadium.

    Therefore, the chances of indulging in violence in Scotland stadiums is limited and any perpitrator will have to be very lucky to escape arrest.

    Again, unfortunately, Gulay's final comment says it all for Turkey at the moment..... will the TFF take steps to haul Turkey's football stadiums into the 21st Century ??? Hmmmm, no need to answer that question !

    Concerning Damon's comments ...... as a wounded veteran at The Battle of Kayseri, he knows only too well the pain of receiving a missile on one's body ! I'm therefore quivering with fear that nobody else agreed that throwing missiles at Eski Kanka was not a good idea !!!!

  5. I've often wanted to throw my beer all over Sir Eski Kanka... but I have priorities.

  6. After all our verbosity, Oz finishes things off with a great one liner--ping! Just for that, Oz I've got your first round next time I see you.

  7. Anonymous10:19 pm

    good post damon and i agreee, it also means for those of us travelling to the games from outside turkey who pay alot of money on flights and accomodation, dont even know if we will get to the match as it may be played behind closed doors


  8. I so understand how you must be feeling, Nadeem. Hopefully, none of our boys will do anything too stupid.

  9. dont worry...they will

  10. Well spoken Jamie the Oracle !

    However, let's hope for once that he is wrong !

  11. Actually, this last time it wasn't the Ankaragucu "boys," it was an older gentleman with a walking stick who attacked the ref. Let's hope the Konya match will be open to spectators.