Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The following resport on last night's match is from Oz Kanka Chris. He's having a few wee problems with his computer but ....... Eski to the rescue.

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A shot!

With the referendum and the basketball out of the way it was back to the league Monday night and all was good in the world as Gencler finally got themselves together and not only came up with shots on goal but also shots in the goal.

Genclerbirlgi 2 - 1 Istanbul BBS

A lonely turnout at the Beer Bus with just myself and newbie Victor from the Magyar Embassy. A couple of beers there and then we headed off to the Genclik Spor Lokal (I think that's what it is called) to meet up with Emin and Oguz and a couple more beers.

It was just like the good ol' days at the Sahil Pub in Genclik Park. ie crap music but drinking beer until five minutes before kick-off.

A small crowd but we were in for a treat as Gencler came flying out of the gate. The Istanbul keeper was forced to save a header in the second minute from new signing Shane Smeltz and then a minute later Zec sent across a lovely ball only to see Billy Mehmet send it out when it should have gone into the back of the net.

The crowd was in good cheer but not a lot was happening until Zec was brought down in the box and the referee rightly pointed to the spot.

Mr. Mehmet stood up and calmly potted it. Gencler 1 - 0.

Dan the Man then arrived at the stadium and therefore the rest of the half was crap. Oh yes, Istanbul scored just before half time from a free kick. It looked to us as if Serdar hadn't set the wall right but according to talk at half-time Billy Mehmet had moved out of the wall and it was into that gap that the ball flew through.

The second half was mainly forgettable except for the referee and linesman who were doing there best Laural and Hardy impersonation. My God the referee was crap. There were clear fouls that weren't given, fouls against us that go unpunished in the Under 6' and then one clear failure to play advantage when we were on goal. It isn't to often that you here the fans all shouting "hakem disari" when their own team has just been awarded a free-kick.

It had the makings of a 1-1 draw when Gencler won a corner in the 80th after some good play. I can't remember who sent it in but Orhan Sam got onto the end of it and ..... hooray.

Cue cheering from the fans and a not so tense last 10 minutes, Istanbul weren't very good really, and then the final whistle. Hooray again. Another chant of "acemi hakem" and then the Gencler players came over to celebrate with the fans. It may have just been Istanbul but for us it was if we had won the league. Until last night Gencler have been playing like amateurs. It may not have been brilliant football but for us it was a brilliant result.


All the best from Oz Kanka Chris via Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Truly a fantastic result for Gençler given what İBBS is capable of. Well done.

  2. I'm shocked to be honest. I've found IBB to be a very competent team, but yet their erratic nature comes back to bite them in this game.