Sunday, September 12, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

If you like Basketball then it was a good night to be in Turkey last night. However, us long suffering Ankaragucu fanatiks had absolutely nothing to cheer about last night !

Besiktas 4 ANKARAGUCU 0

Besiktas is not the best team around at the moment, but it looked like Ankaragucu wanted them to be just that !

Apart from the first 30 minutes of the match when Meye scored and we were all up on our feet hugging and giving hi-fives, that was to be the last time you saw anything approaching a smile from us. btw, Meye was offside !

The kankas (Maniac Harun, Battle Damaged Damon, Liverpool Dan and I) had to sit through the remaining 60 minutes and watch as Ankaragucu was humiliated. It was grim.

The damning statistic, which speaks volumes, was that Ankaragucu had 39% of possession, and apart from Meye's 'goal' and a shot from Vittek which rebounded off a post, Ankaragucu never threatened 'new boy' Cenk in the Besiktas goal.

Team -

Ugur, Klukowski, Zewlakow, Aydin
Hurriyet, Murat, Sapara, Guven
Mehmet and Meye

Substitutes used - Ozgur, Vittek and Adem

The goals were all well taken by a team which out-ran, out-fought and out-thought Ankaragucu.

Bobo scored after 30 minutes and then when Besiktas ran riot in the 2nd half, Bobo added another. Toraman and Nobre finished the demolishion job !

Some of the kankas may disagree with me, but I'm not going to blame Ozden for any of the goals. The first one for example was a well placed header from Bobo which wrong-footed Ozden. He was left unguarded by an inept performance from the whole team, especially his 'defenders'.

So, what now ? Well for one thing, if I was the Kasimpasa Coach I would be licking my lips in anticipation of an easy win next Saturday ! I've decided not to take my optimism pills next week and will go to the Stadium fearing the worst !

We anticipate having a few lady kankies with us next week, so we will meet in the Beer Bus Bar at 3pm next Saturday and go to the Stadium at 4.30pm. Notwithstanding last night's result, the Stadium is expected to be full for the 'first' home league match of the season.

All the best from a 'depressed' (I've pinched Oz Kanka's word !!) Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous3:18 pm

    the only part i dont agree with you Jim is Besiktas not been one of the best teams in the league. For me them and Bursaspor are the best teams in the league.

    We started last night well but after 25 mins it was a disaster. Aydin Toscali was tortured down that right hand side, then when Ozgur came on he was the same. We missed Zelawkov last night as Rajnoch looked very weak.

    In midfield Mehmet Cakir and Murat Druer never took advantage of the big spaces in Besiktas defence, there were so many chances where there final ball was shocking. Mehmet Cakir has got to be one of the worst crossers of a ball ive seen. Ozden in goal cant be blamed.

    We just need to get our act togeather and take three points next week against kasimpasa.


  2. Anonymous3:39 pm

    just saw the highlights again and meye was onside, shite referees always do the istanbul teams favours and linesman. booooooooo


  3. Was he? Could have been a whole different match then. But that's just the thing: we know we are not going to get calls going our way, so we have to be prepared for that, I suppose.

    As for Özden, there were many players out on the pitch much more worthy of criticism including Eski's hero Murat.

  4. Well Nadeem, I think we will have to agree to disagree about Meye's 'goal'.

    When I saw the replay I was satisfied in my own mind that the linesman got it right.

    Of course, I was as disappointed as everyone else, but particularly so for Meye who needs a goal soon to boost his confidence.

    The law of averages dictates that he will score soon, so let it be on Saturday, and let it be 2 or even 3 !!!