Sunday, September 05, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This is normally a taboo subject for me, but it got me to thinking when I saw the fixture list for next weekend.

Footie on Friday, Saturday and Monday. But, NOT on Sunday !

Why drag out all those luvvlie Gencler fans on a Monday night when they could have been at the Stadium on Sunday ? Good question !

The answer is that a certain person in the Government decided to hold a Referendum on the Turkish Constitution on Sunday 12 September which means that there will be no footie that day, and more importantly for Eski, all pubs will be closed arghhhhh !!!

For those with bad memories, the 12th of September 1980 was a special day in Turkish history when Eski Kanka's hero figure (no .... not Sir William Wallace !!) changed the course of Turkey's direction and put Turkey on the right path !

I will say no more on the subject because all the left-wingers in the kanka group will be poised like coiled springs ready to comment when they read this !!!

Anyway, back to footie and the fixtures for this weekend are .......

Saturday 11 September KO 9.30pm - Beshiktrash v ANKARAGUCU (watching in The Beer Bus Bar)

Monday 13 September KO 9.30pm - Gencler v Istanbul BBS (meeting in the Beer Bus Bar prior to the match as normal - Oz Kanka will say when).

All the best from The Right Winger Eski Kanka Jim

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