Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well, that was crap

All by my lonesome at the Beer Bus tonight. At least I had Efes to keep me company. The vast majority of the Alkaralar crowd were in Karabuk for the match and strangely the Karabukspor fans in the Beer Bus equalled the Gencler fans...

Karabukspor 3 - 0 Genclerbirligi

What can I say about a match in which we were rubbish. Our defence was crap, our midfield worse and our attacking players ... oh shit.

Yet again this is going to be a short report.

Besides one or two decent attacks, Shane Smeltz looked good at times, Gencler were not exactly inspiring.

I haven't seen any reports yet (most journos are probably still watching the Istanbul derby as I type) but my guess is that our coach Thomas Doll will not see out the week.

oh yeah, Hursut also got himself a red card for swearing... whatever happened to freedom of speech. I also saw in the papers today that the police are looking to identify (and charge) 20 people who booed PM Erdogan at the basketball world cup final. Yep, welcome to the new Turkey.

It was all forgettable stuff. Well done to Karabukspor, they deserved the victory.

As for the Ankara derby next week, I live in fear.


  1. Anonymous9:43 pm

    im really surprised at how gencler have started the season. I thought they would push for a uefa place this season.

    On another note the boy Emunike who scored the two goals for Karabuk is a beast of a player.


  2. Don't live in fear Chris. You know how Gencler always manage to 'up their game' for the Derby.

    Anyway, a surprising result and sorry to hear you were on your own. If it's any consolation you will defo not be on your own next week !!!

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much, Chris. If we hadn't been playing Kasimpasa, I am afraid to think of what might have happened...

    This is a really odd season. Hard to predict where it is going, and I for one am quite happy with that. Hopefully Bursa will, as Jim would say, "stick in the sword" tonight. That would put them five points beyond their closest contender.

    By the way, why is OUR Table so out of date?

  4. I've had terrible internet problems recently. They seem to be sorted now and so hopefully I'll remember to update the table a bit more often.

  5. Well, I put this on your Twitter Oz, but if you're interested, I want to try to record an Ankara derby podcast. Since you all have always been wonderful guests, I want to try this out.

  6. Ata,
    Hassle is I'm booked up for the rest of this week. Jim might be able to help you out. Any other Kankas want to do a Skype football podcast this week with Ata? It's great fun and you get to slag off the Istanbul teams from the safety of your own home.

  7. Sad to say I'm maxed-out with school work this week so it's a no-can-do for me too.

    Agree, the podcast was fun and great to talk footie, even if we disagree with our opinions concerning the 'Istanbul Teams' !!

    Don't give up on us Ata. Oz and I will do our best to link up again.