Sunday, January 03, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Let's have some bad news to get the Centenery Year off to a flier shall we ??!

New Coach, Roger Lemerre, has been busy sweeping away the players he doesn't want, some of whom have been kanka favourites and loyal to the Club for some time now.

Barbaros is off to Trabzon.
Semavi is off to Denizli.
Ediz (rumour control has linked him to Fener !).

Lemerre has also told the following players that they are not wanted before Ankaragucu left for their winter camp in Antalya -

Bebbe (Eski's favourite striker !!)
Ufuk Bayraktar
Zafer (ex-Turkish International goalkeeper)
Cihan and

What can I say ? Well, I did say in a recent previous post that we had to give the new Coach a chance, so there is no point in boo-hoo-hooing is there ?! Well, at least not yet !

So who's coming in I can hear you ask ? Don't ask me .... yet !! Just watch this space and keep praying for some miracles !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous2:10 pm

    im not to surprised at any of them leaving. Maybe Bebbe and Ediz but the rest arent good enough anyway if we want to push up the table.

    Reports are linking us with Nuno Gomes and Geremi Nijtap.


    Happy new year everyone

  2. guys , we came to an agreement with Geremi of newcastle united !!!

    i wish this movement will sustain with valuable players!!!

  3. Thanks for the info Celine. Phillie Kanka mentioned it earlier in a text message but I have to confess that I didn't know Geremi was playing for Newcastle.

    OK. So, what position does he play ? I'm not up to speed on him.

    Also, any more info on Gomes ?

  4. he is a right-winger basicly but can be shifted to middle by roger lemerre.anyway he will be beneficial in my opinion.

    nuno gomez act is completely blurred.some allege that he agreed with roger but some say: c'mon guys he will never play for an under-moderate turkish football team :D

    nevertheless, prepare for another suprise according to declaration of the new board !

  5. HaberTurk was today talking about Yildiray coming in. And don't forget, Geremi played for gencler ten years ago.

  6. One of my Galatasaray buddies (yes, I do have one or two !!) at school told me today that Vassell is on his way back to Ingallind.

    I'm not sure if he is winding me up, or if he has just gone back on holiday !!

    Any news on this Celine ?

  7. It seems he left the hotel at the camp in Antalya after one hour of checking in.

  8. yeah he left antalya but he got the permission from the board and gave them the required info about his departure.

    according to his own statement he has some problems to solve in respect of his father in england.

    i wish nothing bad will occur to our darius...

  9. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hi guys and Happy New Year to you all. Just to say,Geremi certainly ISNT a winger.At least not now!He was a midfielder at Chelsea and when last seen at Newcastle he was either injured or at right full back.Very experienced but very much on his way down.Wiki says he has already signed for Ankaragucu on a contract til June 2011.
    Same could be said for Nuno Gomes as in, how many 34 year old centre forwards are in their prime?
    I would hope that boths professionalism at least will be of benefit to Gucu and help to climb the table.I guess Lemerre's thinking is that the situation calls for old heads.

    Dublin Neil.

  10. Happy New Year from all of the kankas also to one of our regular contributor .... Dublin Neil.

    As usual, wise words from him about the 'proposed' incomers.

    With all the outgoings at this stage in the season, and with a new coach, perhaps Lemerre is planning on a 'quick fix' to save the ebarrassment of a catastophe in our Centenery Season ??!!

    All we can do at the moment is hold our breath and pray for some miracles !!

  11. My guess is that Lemerre has had no say in the transfers at all.

  12. Newcastle have now denied (on Tuesday) that Geremi is on his way to Ankaragucu. Check out the BBC for a report.

  13. What next ??

    I used to enjoy reading the comments on the posts, but ......... now I dread opening them !!!

  14. Looks like we won't be able to be certain about much until the second half of the season starts.

  15. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Yeah that BBC report also mentions that Geremi is currently with Cameroon preparing for the African Nations Cup so you wont be seeing him in Ankara for a few weeks even if he does sign.

    Dublin Neil.

  16. Just looking at the Newcastle website where it says Geremi's contact is up on 3 July 2010.