Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Ankara derby details

Forget about the over-hyped Spanish siesta that is Real Madrid versus Barcelona, Chelsea-Arsenal is a yawn attended only by sponsors and those with much too much money, and who on earth cares about ancient religious squabbles that most of the world has managed to leave behind except for Rangers and Celtic fans.

Yep, those matches are just media beat-ups because the toughest derby of them all is on this week: Genclerbirligi versus Ankaragucu.

Gencler go into the match on a bit of a low. Last week saw them play dissapointingly, losing 1-0 away to Galatasaray. That loss came after a brilliant 3-0 drubbing of Trabzonspor.

Ankaragucu are flying high. After a dismal start to the season the sari-lacivert boys have won their last two league matches, both by impressive scores.

Of course, this is the match that pitches mate against mate, kanka versus kanka with Sir Eski Kanka leading the Ankaragucu crowd and yours truely rallying the Gencler troops.

The match kicks off on Sunday at 2 p.m. and in the spirit of love and peace all kankas, whether they be Ankaragucu or Gencler supporters, are invited to be at the Chopin bar at midday for pre-battle drinks.

Those details again:
Sunday November 5
Genclerbirligi versus Ankaragucu
Kick-off 2 p.m.
Meeting at Chopin at Midday

Also, if any of you guys or girls with Gencler season tickets aren't coming to the match please tell me so I can collect them off you. You Ankaragucu lot, have fun in the away section.

EDIT: Wednesday afternoon. It has just been announced that the match has been put back to 3pm. How nice of them to give us an extra hour at the pub. ie still meeting at midday.


  1. ohhh the excitement is killing me.......by the way you forgot the love fest that is the Manchester derby

  2. I detect jealousy in Gulay's comments because she can't be in Turkey's FIRST city to soak up the atmosphere and be part of Turkey's footie showpiece !!!

    Manchester who....what ???

    By the way, I nearly sprayed my corn flakes all over the breakfast table this morning when I was reading my Hurriyet.

    Hikmet Karaman and Mesut Bakkal were having a `love in` and holding each others..... team shirts. I wonder if this camaradie will spread around the Stadium on Sunday ???

    Hmmmmm....me thinks....NOT !!!

  3. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Hey big big hi from one of the most famous clubs in Sisak (I am from Velika Gorica).
    I just wanted to stop hi and read what did you write and to send you big hi and that I am thinking of you!!!
    Love ya-

    Yours Zagreb Kankie

  4. Don't worry Miss Zagreb ....we haven't forgotten you ...and we never will !!!

    Kisses from all in Ankara XXXXXX

  5. ATTENTİON!kick of 3 pm not 2 pm

  6. Anonymous1:20 pm

    :-) I know that you didn't forget about me. :-)

    Kisses from Zagreb