Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Kanka photo archive

Our new and updated photo archive. I've grouped the photos into categories and little preview shots. To get the full glory click on the links.

Kanka get togethers

The inaugural Kanka BBQ Sunday, June 17, 2007
The Kankas hold their first ever end of season BBQ. Lots of photos in here.

German social democratic values shine Sunday, June 24, 2007

Off to the German embassy for great food, beer and talk about football. We also have photos of the party taken by Alpine Kanka Wolfgang here

Kankas conquer the world

I knew Hillary forgot something: Tues. Sept. 12, 2006
Mountaineering Kanka Robbie climbs Hasan Dag. (Mt. Hasan) and unfurls an Ankaragucu flag. This picture earned us heaps of mentions in Ankaragucu web forums.

Kirkcaldy Kanka's horse encounters: Wed. Oct. 4, 2006
Kirkcaldy Kanka's nephew Paul raises the Ankaragucu scarf at a Raith Rovers League Cup 2-1 defeat to Airdrie United. A nice statue shot as well.

Mt. Bolu (tick), Everest (not yet): Thu. Feb 8, 2007
Oz Kanka takes a lift up a hill in Kartalkaya.

Kilimanjaro conquered, six to go: Sun Feb 11, 2007
Mountaineering Kanka and his good lady Mysterious Kanka go higher than Ankaragucu have ever been.

Paradise claimed Wed Aug 8, 2007
Mountaineering Kanka claims Bali for Ankaragucu

This is how fans are supposed to be treated Sun Dec 16, 2007
Oz Kanka takes his Genclerbirligi scarf along to watch Sydney FC lose to Perth Glory at the Sydney Football Stadium.

Another peak conquered Wed. May 7, 2008
The peak is Jebel Toubkhal, and at 4167 meters, it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and the highest in North Africa.

A challenge to the Genclerbirligi Kankas Tue June 24, 2008
Sir Eski Kanka climbs about 200 feet.

Ertank's Gencler climbing in Nepal Fri Sept 26, 2008
Ertank amongst the clouds at Ganja La pass.

Ankaragucu runs wild in Uganda Sunday, October 11, 2009
This post got the blog its first proper abuse from a maganda. Perhaps it was because of this comment made by Mountaineering Kanka. "Lucky and our "protection" George, he being the one with the AK-47. They claim it was to guard against marauding buffalo and such, but I suspect it was really to protect Mountaineering Kankie and myself from rogue Carsi hooligans."

Ethiopia feels the power of Ankara Wednesday, November 11, 2009
More guns as a couple more peaks are claimed for Ankaragucu.

Ankaragucu sinks to a new low Thurs. March 4, 2010
The Mountaineering Kankas Robbie and Judy take the Ankaragucu flag deep down below.

Little Kankas

Little Oz Kanka puts on a show: Mon. June 12, 2006
As the title says. Not a photo but a link to a video of Little Oz Kanka singing his favourite song.

Welcome back Sir Eski Kanka: Mon. June 26, 2006
Sir Eski Kanka in full Scottish attire with his lovely daughter Brat Kanka.

Don't forget to pay your tax: Wed. Sept. 27, 2006
Oz Kanka and Little Oz Kanka enjoy refreshments on the beach in Side whilst doing research for the blog.

A picture waiting for a story: Sun. Oct. 22, 2006
Innocent Kanka Paula, Sir Eski Kanka Jim and Little Oz Kanka in his Ankaragucu strip enjoying the sun in the Chopin Bar before the Ankaragucu-Konyaspor match.

The Hibbee Kanka Family: Mon. Nov. 20, 2006
Hibbee Kanka and kiddies, including the notorious hard man Mini Kanka Liam.

Nordic Kanka trains them early: Tues. Jan 23, 2007
Nordic Kanka's adorable little kiddies.


Time to ask some questions... no matter how lame Tues, Dec 11 2007
We get down to work and interview Ankaragucu star Kirita

We interrogate Gencler coach Thomas Doll Saturday, December 05, 2009
The curse of The round ball in Ankara has stopped us from interviewing many a coach... until now.

Match Day

Stupid Cops and Bugger'all Shots: Mon. Feb 27, 2006
Viking Kanka Jens, Oz Kanka, French Kanka Hande, Spine and Marash Kanka at Gencler's draw with Ankaragucu.

Not the happiest of pictures: Thu. March 30, 2006
Sir Eski Kanka Jim and Oz Kanka not impressed as Ankaragucu go down to Besiktas

The Battle of Kayseri: Fri. April 14, 2006
Not our photograph but still a nice shot of what a few of the Kankas had to go through.

Sparrows and football: Fri. July 28, 2006
Pre-season cup matches and the Kankas are out in force. This shot has Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn, Trainspotting Kanka Andrew and Brummie Kanka Amelia. Again there are links to other shots taken on the day in the post.

Fener put us to the flame: Sun. August 13, 2006
Viking Kanka, his nephew Michael, Oz Kanka, Smart Arse Yankee Kanka and Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka enjoy the pre-match atmosphere (if not the result).

Good times in the capital: Sat. Sept 30, 2006
Mummy Kanka Carmel on a visit to Turkey joins the rest of the Kanka crew for a game in which Gencler actually play well!!! Photo is of French Kanka, Spine, Flying Dutchman Kanka, Trainspotting Kanka, Oguz, Oz Kanka and Oz Kanka's mum. This post also has a couple of video links.

Dynamic Danes crush Australia: Wed. Feb 7, 2007
Ditte and Soren over the moon while Spice Kanka Duncan and Oz Kanka sit depressed.

A sweet, sweet victory over Gokcekspor: Sun. Feb 18, 2007
Flying Dutchman Kanka and Oz Kanka go for one hell of a long journey just to watch a match that was allegedly in Ankara.

Going Dutch: Thurs. Feb. 22, 2007
The Kankas come out in support of AZ Alkmaar

Good crowd, crap footy: Mon. Feb 26, 2007
The Kankas come out in force. About five photos here.

At least the first few minutes were fun Sun, Nov 11, 2007
Spine, French Kanka come over to the Oz Kanka household for curry and football.

World Cup 2006

Beer, food, great people and some football (I think): Sat. June 10, 2006
It was the World Cup kick-off and we all headed off to the German Embassy. The photo we used for the blog was of Sir Eski Kanka, Genclerbirligi General Manager Hasan Cetinkaya and Oz Kanka. The post also has links to other photos taken on the occasion and includes No Match Kanka Suzan, Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave, Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Suzanne, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo, Lanky Kanka Jorg, Clueless Kanka Vicki, Finlandia Kanka Marcus and others. The link directly to those photos is here

Crap, but victory nonetheless: Mon. June 12, 2006
Australia beat Japan in the World Cup group stage and us Aussies and a few ring-ins, are as happy as Larry.

Stuff which doesn't fit into any categories

Perhaps we should stick to writing, and not playing: Sat. June 3, 2006
Not football but Oz Kanka tries his hand at cricket

Zagreb Kanka ups the ante: Sat. June 10, 2006
Jealous that we got a photo with Hasan Cetinkaya on the blog, Zagreb Kanka Tatjana sends in her own shot with the Gencler general manager.

No headline necessary: Mon. Dec. 18, 2006
Sir Eski Kanka wins Time's "Ankaragucu person of the year" award


  1. Another great idea from Ankara's Journalist of the Year, Oz Kanka. Well done !

    Perhaps this is an opportune moment for the kankas to dig out any of their footie photos and let us share them ?

    Calling Hibbie Kanka. How about blogging that photo you have with Mini Kanka and his less aggressive brother inside Easter Road Stadium with their even less aggressive father ??!! Over to you.

  2. Anonymous1:32 am

    :) I am really glad that I met you!! And I am glad that you like the photo of me and Hasan. :-) I have many many more of me and him together. Hasan has those photos as well. :-)
    He is very fotogenic and I miss him.

  3. Yes, there is no doubting that he is more photogenic than the ugly mugs of Oz Kanka and yours truly. However, I think the blonde lady standing beside him is even more photogenic !!!
    XXXXXXXXXXXX for the blonde lady !

  4. Anonymous9:29 pm

    :-) Thank you for a compliment.
    I think you are fotogenic as well like Hasan. :-)
    Don't worry about that.

    Kisses from Tatjana :x :x :x

  5. Look like Oz Kanka is well on his way to winning the coveted title of Ankara's Journalist of the Year for 2007 having received the accolade in 2006 !!!

    However, I have my doubts if Flying Dutchman Carlo will win Ankara's Photographer of the Year !!!!

    Eski Kanka writing on 9 February 2007