Monday, October 27, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The Ankaragucu defence was rather confused on Sunday night. Instead of putting their clocks back one hour they thought it was Christmas and sent THREE gifts to Kayserispor !!

ANKARAGUCU 1 Kayserispor 3

The day started with sunshine over The Chopin, with Maniac Kanka and I enjoying the last of the Summer with luvvlie Efes for company. We were joined by two of my students who are here on an exchange scheme from America. Emma and Devney did well to find us on their first serious visit to Sakarya Caddesi. Bahadir joned us later and drove us to the Stadium in his soopir doopir Citreon.

Into the Stadium then and tears from Emma as she had to deposit lottsa coins in the `Police` box (we forgot to tell her about that rule !). Inside we were met by Yankee Kanka, Kaleci Kanka Tansu and Rip Off Kanka Erman.

No real surprises in the starting line-up with new coach Unal Karaman sending out an attacking formation with Mehmet and Igleias as strikers and Jaba and Gokhan supporting on the wings. Hmmmmm thinks I ….. that’s a good start !

Grrrrr …. wrong. Remember …… it’s Christmas !

Off we went and Serkans’s first task is to retrieve the ball in the net ! The Ankaragucu defence was `still in the dressing room` as Turgay strolled through the static defence after 45 seconds of play.

What a start. Can things get any worse ? Yes !

After 35 minutes, a speculative ball from Kayseri into the penalty area. No problems, Tolga had it covered and Serkan was coming out to collect. `Hello, don’t you guys talk to each other’ ?? They decided to collide with each other and Cangele following behind Toga said …… Happy Christmas …….. and walked the ball into an empty goal. Can things still get any worse ? Yes, but …….. later !

Half time came ….. thankfully ….. with Kayseri buoyed by their `two presents`. In all honesty, they looked the better team. A strong defence, good passing movement, fast and full of confidence. Well, it is Christmas, isn’t it ?

Ankaragucu did have one great chance before the 2nd goal when Mehmet picked up a loose ball from a defensive error and fired in a rocket which came rebounding off a post and was cleared.

Ankaragucu came out a different team in the 2nd half attacking the Gecikondu end and were putting Kayseri under pressure at last.

Two great saves from Souleymanou from headers thwarted a come back but still Ankaragucu pressed forward.

Then came the life-line in 50 minutes when the referee awarded a `penalty` to Ankaragucu. Of course, he was closer than me to the incident, but from where I was sitting it looked more like dangerous play which would have been an indirect free kick. Still, beggars can’t be choosers !!

Up came Jaba and Ankaragucu was back in the game. Up the tempo, but the same old story .... lots of effort but no finesse !

Then, the third Christmas present. With Ankaragucu fully committed to attack, a fast Kayseri break on the right which Murat Duruer should have dealt with. However, he lost control of the ball which was swung over and the inrushing Topuz had the easy task of slotting in with the Ankaragucu defence playing `catch up`.

Unfortunately, it was Duruer’s only mistake of the match and although I have been his critic this season, I won’t criticise him for his overall performance in this match.

However, questions need to be asked about the fitness level of most of the team, especially in defence. It was all too apparent today that they are off the pace in defence and attack. I wonder if new coach Unal Karaman can see it too ?! If not, I foresee a mountain to climb in the weeks ahead.

There was only one minor skirmish to report when the Maraton boys decided to throw `missiles` and chairs onto the pitch when the 3rd goal was scored. Cue ….... move to the exit to protect our girls from UFOs !

Normally with an away match against bottom club Kocaeli coming up next Sunday I would be licking my lips in anticipation, but with Ankaragucu stuck in 3rd bottom place, my lips are sealed !

However, first up is Fener on Cup business in midweek. Apparently, the TFF have changed the date of this match from Thursday to Wednesday evening. The kankas attending Sunday’s match will NOT be going to this one for `various reasons`.

All the best from `almost` despairing Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka says:

    Note: Season passes will not get you into the Fener match today (Wed.). Tickets for Marathon are 30 YTL I believe. Guess Cemal Aydin needs some spending money. As yours truly is broke, I will not be able to go today. Good luck gucu.

  2. Ankaragucu fans are boycotting the match.

  3. Hey Oz .... who can blame them !!

    Maniac Kanka will be watching the match in the Cappadokia, however, I don't have permission to go. The Dragon returned from Izmir today grrrrrrrr !!

  4. go home cemalllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ı ve found a new job for you!!ticket seller by biletix!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous9:32 pm

    when can he start the new job? The sooner the better!!!!