Sunday, December 05, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Of course, the words disappointed and frustrated were mentioned after the match yesterday, but I think in the cold light of day it was probably a fair result. However, with the match swinging from end to end in the 2nd half, it could have been so different.

ANKARAGUCU 1 Sivasspor 1

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I met up in the Beer Bus Bar to enjoy some pre-match 'refreshments' and serious footie talk (see my comments in the previous post).

Damon, taking a leaf out of Phillie Kanka Jamie's book, ordered a Chicken Shish and proceeded to feed most of it to the white 'Ankara' cat which roams up and down Sakarya Caddesi. I'm sure Weegie Kankie Rebecca will be pleased to hear that we are still looking after the local strays in her absence ??!!

We met up with Red Sox Kanka Russ at the Stadium. Great to see him there, especially as he slipped a free ticket to Scottish Eski Kanka !!!

Gecikondu was in potest mode - their tribune was only about a quarter full, and quite interestingly their Gecikondu Banner was upside-down. They were silent for the early part of the match, well ....... until Ankaragucu scored a goal !!

Team -

Ugur, Rajnoch, Aydin and Klukowski
Adem, Guven Sapara and Kagan
Sestak and Metin

2nd Half Subs - Dogan, Gabric and Meye

For the first 10 minutes of the match both teams were sizing each other up, and on the 10 minute mark I was thinking that Ankaragucu was gaining the upper hand in possession.

One minute later and Ankaragucu was one up. A free kick sent over by Sapara and Klukowski, at the near post, was first to it to send in an acute angled header into the corner of the far post which deceived everyone.

20 minutes in and Sivas were coming more into the match now and looking for the equaliser.

25 minutes in and it was almost two. A Guven 'special throw-in' was met by Rajnoch but the ball went just over.

Have to give a mention to Rajnoch for his central defensive display which earned him my 'Man of the Match' award. Nadeem may disagree with that ??!!

39 minutes in and it was developing into and end-to-end match. Sapara put Guven through with a great pass but he sent his shot straight to the keeper.

The ball moved to the other end and Sivas had a great chance but the shot went past the post.

42 minutes in and panic in the Ankaragucu penalty box with the ball bobbing around begging to be put away. Fortunately, it was cleared to safety.

Into the 2nd half and the pace didn't slacken. An Ankaragucu breakaway on 48 minutes saw Sestak fire in a great strike which was well saved by Ramovic.

Sivas was still looking dangerous on their forays into the Ankaragucu half, but Rajnoch was having a great match tidying everything up.

55 minutes in and Guven missed another chance when he shot tamely at Ramovic when it seemed easier to score.

One minute later and the inevitable happened. Another Sivas attack down the right wing the ball cut back and an angled strike from Erman which whizzed in, and Sivas was back in the match looking for the winner.

64 minutes in and Sivas was looking the more likely to find the winner with Ankaragucu running out of ideas.

70 minutes in and Dogan should have made it 2. Coming in from the left and eluding two tackles he shot without noticing that Sestak was free on the right. Great save from Ramovic again.

One minute later, Adem almost gifted a goal to Sivas by fiddling around just outside the Ankaragucu penalty when a clearance was called for. Fortunately for him the chance went begging.

78 minutes in and Ankaragucu seemed to sense a win was possible by upping the pace. Sestak was put through after some neat footie, but his great effort was just into the side netting with Damon and I up on our feet shouting ........ goooooal !!!

10 minutes to go and Sapara had a great chance when put through. However, instead of blasting it into the net, he tried to 'place it' in the top right hand corner. Not enough lift on the ball and Ramovic saved the day yet again.

5 minutes to go and it is apparent that Sivas had settled for a draw with some blantant time wasting tactics which surprisingly went unpunished by the referee.

Into the last minute and a great ball into the centre from Guven which found Sapara's head, but Ramovic comes to the rescue again.

Final whistle and cue ......... calls from Anti-X and Sokak Groups ........ Umit Istifa..... !!!

It seems to me that it is only a matter of time now beforer Umit Ozat either resigns or is given 'the push'. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Club take the easy option and bring back trusted 'olde boy' and Ankaragucu hero, Hakan Kutlu !!!

We were back in The Beer Bus Bar and it goes without saying that Damon had his usual Double Hamburger - even Jamie would have had a problem finishing that much grub me thinks ??!!

Next up is the home match against Fener next Sunday KO 7pm. I guess we should be going to the Stadium a little earlier than normal for this one, so meet in The Beer Bus Bar from 4.30pm.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Even last night we were saying that it was essentially a fair result.

    What is not fair is having to pay 35 TL for a ticket that two weeks ago would have cost 7. Lucky for Jim, Red Sox Kanka was there to help out, and lucky for me there were scalpers who were charging half price.

    This was clearly a move on the part of management to keep the Gecekondu boys' numbers reduced.

  2. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Never got to see the game Jim, im glad Rajnoch had a good game as i think he is a good player, just been played out of position all the time.

    In regards to Umit Ozat damon, yes he should just go the now. Take Gokcek with him, the treatment of the Gecekondu is shocking.


  3. It's a dark day indeed. Gencler lose to Konya and Bursa lose to Besiktas. Not good.

  4. Agreed Damon. Gencler losing drags them (with us) into the relegation area.

    However, the big talking point tonight is the violence in Istanbul at the Beshiktrash/Bursa match with lots of fans (mostly Bursa as I saw on TV) being ferried away in ambulances with stab wounds.

    There will be punishments to come from the TFF I'm sure, but ...... the hatred continues between Beshiktrash and our two Clubs - Bursa and Ankaragucu.

    These incidents tonight will only serve to inflame the revenge culture of the tribunes in future matches between these three Clubs.

    For example, when Ankaragucu play Beshiktrash in the 2nd half of the season we can expect the Ankaragucu tribunes to be up-for-it !!

  5. Can't wait till the day comes when thugs get banned from matches for extended periods of time.

    The beauty of the sport is its simplicity: a ball and a pitch with a goal at either end. Nowhere on the equipment list is there a doner knife.

  6. Ok, this is off topic, but how did an ad for a Hindi-medium sex clinic wind up on this blog?

    Noor Clinic
    Sex education in Hindi, Before and after marriage

    Please tell me it is not because of the word ball in the blog's title. ;-)

  7. Connect Kanka7:03 am

    35TL for a Sivas match? Shit. They could have charged 10TL to keep most of the Gecekondu boys out.

  8. Well done on the Hamburger Damon.


  10. Well .... another example, if one was needed that when Harun has a point to make he doesn't mess around with words !!!

    After all, he is our Maniac Kanka and we wouldn't have it any other way !

  11. Since Jamie departed these shores .... tears well up in my eyes !!! Damon has taken over the mantle of our resident Kanka Culinary Expert.

    This is probably why he chooses to eat 'healthy' at BK !! At least he's not eating Kokorec !!!

    Also, while he is scoffing the yummy burgers, Eski is scoffing his FREE tuzlu fistik which accounts for his athletic and wirey figure !!!

  12. Correction !!!!

    Silly me .... it was Connect Kanka Steven who was our REAL Kanka Culinary Expert !

    Philly Kanka Jamie was our .... Kokorec Expert ... yeuk !!!

    It goes without saying ...... but, we miss you TWO guys !!

  13. Actually, they were and still are both foodies. I think Jamie does much more cooking than Steven, but Steven goes to greater lengths to eat--and he likes talking a bit more about his food adventures.

    But they are both true blue--and yellow-- Ankaragucu supporters, and they do a better job supporting Gucu from abroad than any of the current Bilkenters do from right here in Ankara.

  14. Anonymous8:45 pm

    get the gokceks out !!!!!!!

    Solidarity with the Gecekondu !!!!!!!!!