Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse ........ they did !

Having to play half a season without Vittek is bad enough, but now we have another heavy blow to deal with.

Club Captain and Midfield General Sapara will not be playing on Sunday against Fener.

He picked up one too many yellow cards and is suspended for this match.

Klukowski will no doubt be Captain on Sunday, but the big question is ........ who is going to control the midfield and nullify the influence of Alex ??!! .......... and if anyone dares to come back with the suggestion of Murat Duruer they will be shot at dawn !!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous11:55 pm

    big blow that Jim, but its a chance for the team to show they cant just rely on marek and step up to the plate.

    Did you see the ticket prices ? 100 tl, 125 tl and 150 tl, bloody disgrace


  2. Gokcek is stuffing the fans again. The last time he did it was when he was still in charge of Ankaraspor and because Ankaragucu didn't want to move to Yenikent he put the prices for the Ankaraspor-Ankaragucu match up to 250 tl.

    Not too many fans at that match, and I guess there won't be too many fans at this weekend's match.

    Of course, this is all a way to punish those who have been shouting against him. Gokcek supporters will all get free tickets... as always.

    Now do you see why he refused to sell season tickets?

  3. Yes, spot on Oz Kanka. Not having season tickets is a pain in the arse and ....... an embarrassment to the Club !

    Speaking personally, I will be making a mini-protest and refusing to pay those outrageous prices.

    So, if the match survives the white stuff today and tomorrow, ie, if the groundstaff can make the pitch playable, then I will watch the match in the BBB. I'm sure I will be joined by The Maniac and Battle Damaged ?!

  4. Mountaineering Kanka7:32 pm

    Snowing there is it? It's chilly here too in Dubai. We barely made it to 30 today.

  5. Aye, Robbie, snowing it is, making Ankara look pretty and very Christmasy.

    I'm surprised, Eski, that you would suggest shooting anyone who dared to mention Duruer at dawn. I say on the spot would be more like it.

    Nadeem, according to Habertürk there are no tickets under 125 TL--except the free ones that will go to Gokcek supporters.

    Congratulations, by the way, to Gencler for stuffing GS--a joy to witness.

  6. Saturday night and it's pissing down with the white stuff at 10.30pm and not looking very hopeful for a KO tomorra if it keeps up during the night.

    Yeah, BD, wish we had been in the BBB with Oz tonight to join in the celebrations. However, I'm sure that I'm gonna get some stick from him in his post tomorra about my prediction !! I'll take it like a man !

    Hey Robbie, sorry to hear that it's getting a wee bit chilly in Dubai. At least you won't see the mercury creep down to -18C as happened in Scotland last week !