Thursday, December 23, 2010

Could have been better, could have been worse

A perfect night for football. The weather was a little chilly but the recent snowfalls haven't done much to bugger up the pitch at the 19 Mayis Stadium (anyone remember the bogs that we had to play in usually at this time of year?).

I'm getting ahead of myself. As usual for derby matches the Ankaragucu and Gencler kankas joined up for pre-match drinks at the Beer Bus with neither set of supporters feeling all that confident; After all, this was 13th versus 14th.

So for Genclerbirligi was myself, Little Oz Kanka, Flying Dutchman, Dan the Man and daughter Delia in tow. For Gucu there was, of course, Sir Eski along with German exchange student Fabio, Maniac Kanka and Caricature Kanka.

We went our separate ways and the match was on.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 1 Ankaragucu

This wasn't a match of two halves, it was a match of 10 minute periods, where one side seemed to be in total control and then seemingly give the ball to the other and say "your turn".

It didn't take long for the Ankaragucu fans to start itching for a fight. A group of around 150 Gucu supporters were sitting next to us in Maraton and it was about the 10th minute that insults started flying at us. Nothing kicked off but I did move Little Oz Kanka away from the scene for a few minutes. I should add that this is the first time I've ever had to do this.

Later on it was clear that the Ankaragucu lot near us were Gokcek supporters when they started shouting anti-Cemal Aydin chants.

Gencler started out better taking control of the match but they seemed to be content to pass it around themselves until finally someone got bored and had a shot. Needless to say these sorts of shots from Orhan and Hursut from 30 metres out either went flying away or straight to the keeper.

It was testing stuff for us supporters and then right at the death of half time Ankaragucu pulled it off. Some bad defence left Sapara unmarked on the edge of the box. He struck it well and left the Gencler keeper Ozkan with no chance.

Even if they hadn't scored I would have given higher marks to Ankaragucu for the half. They just seemed a a couple of paces faster and our defence was... mmm... just a bit slow. For those Aussies following here, Jedinak came back from injury and started the match but seemed a bit out of sorts.

Second half was similiar to the first except that this time both teams had great chances denied, or stuffed up.

But first was a wonderful goal in the 61st from Oktay who headed in a perfect cross from Hursut.

Ankaragucu really should have gone ahead not long later but managed to fluff some quite basic stuff. I particularly remember the Ankaragucu No. 7 in front of goal and completely missing the ball. This was hair-pulling stuff.

Patiyo, who came on the Jedinak, had a great shot stopped by the Gucu keeper and then in stoppage time Oktay had a shot that missed by THIS MUCH.

Not a bad match. Not a brilliant match and with it the standing in the group stage of the Turkish Cup are:

Buca: played 2 - 6 points
Gucu: played 2 - 4 points
Gencler: played 1 - 1 point
Yeni Malatayaspor: played 1 - 0 points
Fenerbahce:: played 2 - 0 points

The top two go through to the knockout stage

So into a taxi, dropped off the other Gencler kankas in Kizilay and then the bloody thing breaks down on a hill. Little Oz Kanka and I had to walk the last 15 minutes or so. I'll never catch a Tofas taxi again.


  1. On the security issue. What is the point of having dozens of security men at the match who merely stood there making sure we didn't sit on the steps instead of interfering to break up the arguments between the two sets of supporters. This was despite quite a few gencler fans telling them to get over there (all of 10 metres away). In the end it was the Gencler amigos who settled things down. Well done.

  2. A quote from Maniac Kanka Harun near the end of the match .... 'NOT Man of the Match, Klukowski, who lost possession to give Gencler a foothold back into the match'.

    My NOT Man of the Match is defo Dogan for his glaring empty goal miss near the end of the match which was mentioned by Oz.

  3. Chris,

    Again wish I had been able to be there.

    Was just wondering if it is still necessary to have "(except for those who like Ankaraspor obviously)" on the blog header. Should we scrap it? Or, perhaps, a change in tense would be more appropriate.

  4. Quite possibly Battle Damaged. Any other strap lines you reckon we should run with?

  5. Anonymous12:00 am

    good result for Ankaragucu last night, from our first two games been the most difficult ones we have taken four points so well done to the team.

    The Gokceks will continue on after all, and the players have been paid. at least some good news at the end of a tough week


  6. Careful with the phrasing, Oz. We got a Hindu sex site ad because you used the word lover. God knows what kind of ad "strap line" will bring to the round ball.:)

  7. Let's get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun with this one .......

    Sapara caressed the ball lovingly with his right foot and sent a pic (pronounced peech) - translation from Turkish to English on request - of a pass to Sestak moving tantalisingly towards goal.

    He nestled the ball on his chest and let it drop to stroke it in for a gorgeous goal.

    Ho ho ho .... tis the season to be jolly .... and a Happy Christmas to all our readers !!

  8. Off topic, but CNN has been reporting that Besiktas made some really big signing? Almeida? I guess Christmas is a slow news day.

  9. Saw that news snipit too Jamie.

    Portugese Hugo Almeida is joining them from W.Bremen.

    Perhaps that will keep Trabzonspor looking over their shoulders on the run-in.

  10. Jamie,

    Besiktas have picked up the following players apparently.

    Manuel Hernandes from Valencia
    Simao Sabrosa from Atletico Madrid
    Hugo Almeida from Werder Bremen

    BJK are probably too far behind to catch up with Trabzon (I did the calculations. Even if BJK win every match they play, they can't win the league if Trabzon play the way they did in the first half), but BJK could grab third w/out too much difficulty. Of course, let's see how their squad gels.

    I'd love to see us with our Czech and Slovaks kick their Portuguese ass in week 21. Am I dreaming?

  11. Anonymous6:27 pm

    fenerbahce have been linked with our ozgur cek and adem kocek

    merry xmas all


  12. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Ankaragücü general Manager Ender Yurtgüven has declared that they terminated 5 players contract as of today.Their names are Meye, Murat Duruer, Mehmet Çakır , Muhammed and Hürriyet.
    I actually was dreaming Metin Akan and Adem Koçak to be released from the club but any how it is better than none.
    Now it is time to add new players and reinforce the team.


  13. Anonymous8:29 pm

    some transfer news kankas. Ankaragucu have allowed Mehmet Cakir, Roguy Meye, Muhammet Hanifi, Hurriyet Gucer and Jims favourite Murat Druer all leave the club.

    The only one im dissapointd with loosing is Hurriyet


  14. Anonymous11:01 pm

    volkan - i agree with the players who have been released apart from Hurriyet Gucer who i think are good players.

    I disagree regarding Adem Kocek though, i think he is a very good player and metin is good back up


  15. God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to behold ! And so, I thank God for his influence in arranging the release of Duruer yesssssssssss !!!

    I'm sorry that Meye didn't realise his potential with Ankaragucu. There were times when he showed some flashes of skill, but the bottome line is ....... strikers are supposed to score goals and make assists and this was Meye's undoing.

    Let's hold our breath now and see who's coming in during the January window !!

  16. Anonymous8:13 am

    In other (potentially bad) news for Sir Eski:

    Up to six months jail for offensive language on the terraces?

    (government submits "anti-hooligan" legislation to parliament.)


  17. Oh shit !

    After the good news of Duruer's departure, I had a feeling that the good news couldn't hold up.

    Does this mean that us Ankaragucu kankas have to start behaving like supporters of AZ Alkmaar and Genclerbirligi ???

    I'm up for giving it a trial run, but ..... I'm not too hopeful of success !!!

  18. Bloody hell, rumours have it that Duruer is on his way to Gencler! Damn it.

  19. Hahahahahaha....He'll be your new Cem Can.

    Just read in Haber Turk that we almost lost Vittek to Senol Gunes and his Black Sea Storm. Whew...that was a close one. I can just see Eski crying in his beer watching Vittek and Umut Bulut playing on the same side.

    Hey that's not a bad idea. Let's bring Umut back to AG.

  20. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Weve been linked with a move for Mehmet Batdal from Galatasaray. good player imo


  21. What makes you think he's worth the investment, Nadeem?

  22. Tears of laughter pouring out of Eski's eyes ... what a sight to behold !!!

    I saw that news about Duruer going to Gencler in The Hurriyet this morning, but ..... I decided to wait for Oz Kanka's reaction. He didn't disappoint me !!!

    The reason he lasted so long at Ankaragucu is still a mystery, but I'd bet that he had some 'Torpil' in the Club somewhere (ie, an important connection).

    Without that at Gencler ...... hmmmm .... I'll give him as long as Billy Mehmet and Stewart !!!

    Patience lasts for only so long ...... and that brings me to my next point ..... why is Cem Can still playing for Gencler ???

    Thanks for the info Nadeem, but ...... Mehmet .... who ????

    Agree with Battle Damaged ....let's bring back the glory days to Ankaragucu of Augustine, Kennedy, Keles, Yilmaz and Niyazi and have Vittek, Sestak ..... and Umut Bulut up front, with Sapara supplying the ammunition yessssssss !!!!

    It's my belated Christmas prezzie !!!

  23. Anonymous6:59 pm

    He was part of the Bucaspor team that got promoted last season and was there star player. Hasnt worked out for him at galatasaray tho


  24. I looked him up after you mentioned him, Nadeem, but being a star in the Bank Asya lig is not the same as being right for the Superlig, esp. if he couldn't even get a break with an ailing Galatasaray. We've got my critical roles to cast on the team at the moment imo.

  25. Well, if you all care, the new podcast of Turkish Football Weekly is up, the one from last week. Oz is on it talking about Ankaragucu.

  26. Oops, just noticed a significant typo. It should have been

    "We've got MORE critical roles to cast on the team at the moment imo."

    Namely the defense--as Nadeem has often pointed out.

  27. Chris & Spine,

    Found this and thought you two might be interested.