Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At least a few here predicted the Ankaragucu chaos

In view of the latest on the shambles that is the management of Ankaragucu (see post below) I thought I'd put some of our historic pearls up here. So, some selected quotes (with some very slight editing) from the blog from more than a year ago when the Gokcek's first moved to take over Ankaragucu.

From this post: August 20, 2009

Sir Eski Kanka Jim: The merger between Ankaragucu and Ankaraspor has raised its ugly head again ! It has been in the newspapers for the past two days but I was hoping that it was just a lot of hot air. However, it seems as though it is now serious and going forward. The three Chairmen involved, Melih Gokcek, Cemal Aydin and Cengiz Topel, met three days ago to thrash out a deal and they agreed 'in principle' that it should go ahead.

Gokmavi: It has been well known that he has been planning it for a long time. When I saw the wankers cheering like 'Melih başkan, Ankaragücü şampiyon" in front of AKP headquarter just after the election day, I believed he would achieve it. Ankaraspor as an artifical team with artifical supporters and was not enough for him. He needed a real team like MKE to be able to use for his goals. Now conditions are mature enough to start the operation. What I would tell to the MKE fans: do not expect anything from these tossers. With them your destiny cannot be different than İstanbulspor...

And from this post: September 9, 2009

Sir Eski Kanka: There is a good reason to call this whole affair 'A Dog's Breakfast' !

Dublin Neil: Jaysus Jim, this seems horribly ridiculous. Even by Turkish standards!

Mountaineering Kanka Rob: In the long term, little Melih will bring ruin in his wake.

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon: Now Ahmet is having trouble with the financial end of things. Staff and players apparently will be receiving their paychecks late. The foreigners in particular are pissed off. On a different note İ.M.G is trying to make Bahçelievler an alcohol-free zone in a sneaky way. Why was Ankaragucu so desperate as to want to get in bed with these two turds?

And this one on Ankaraspor being kicked out of the league: September 16, 2009

Oz Kanka: As expected, Melih Gokcek has been spitting chips saying he will appeal all the way the Universal Sports Court, or whatever it is called. Good to see our mayor is concentrating on the important issues the city needs addressed.

Dublin Neil: Bit of a farce really.

Sir Eski: I think Ankaraspor has been treated too harshly and that someone in the TFF has a personal grudge not only against Melih Gokcek, but against the club and M. Gokcek's vision of building a successful team from ANKARA !!!

Dan the Man: This whole matter was badly managed on all levels: TFF, Ankaraspor, Ankaragücü. They are all to blame for the farce (perfect word to describe it) this super lig has become. I smell something fishy here. The end result of all this circus will be: Ankaragücü in the hands of Gökcek family.

Snowblader1412: None of this matters if we cant win a game...

And the court cases begin: September 25, 2009

Sir Eski: Is there any light at the end of the tunnel me wonders ???!!!

Battle Damaged: I just hope that when this nightmare is over I will wake up and not see or hear the names Aydin or Gokcek ever again.

Spine: What, no funny posts along following lines... MKE has the guns but I Melih has the numbers?

Gokcek is now in total control: October 12, 2009

Battle Damaged: Things don’t look so promising at the moment. Gucu are up to their ears in debt, just had their team bus repossessed, got that back, and then had a servis vehicle repossessed. On top of that there is the money (a million Euro probably plus any accumulated interest) they have to pay Boluspor for Gokhan Emreciksin. I ask you, if you can’t even keep your bus from being repossessed… Well, you get the picture.

Sir Eski: There is also the question of Vassell's promise of a particular amount of dosh which hasn't been kept ...

Spine: One Team to rule them all, One Team to find them,
One Team to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Melih where the Shadows lie.

Vassel gets kicked out of his hotel: November 12, 2009

Sir Eski: Oh dear. What a mess! I also understand that Bebbe was kicked out too! It seems to me that the Ankaraspor Mafia is really kicking-in now. What next ??!!


  1. About one week ago I have been re-reading some historic posts and also re-watched a particular video of a post aptly named "Such is Life". From 1"30 into the video we see Eski Kanka Jim making a statement for the camera. A "historic pearl". Can one say "Famous last words"?

    Of course the translation of that statement in the video transcript by Oz Kanka was spot on:

    Sir Eski Kanka Jimbo: talks rubbish

  2. Well ...... in my defence, even some famous knights of yore made mistakes and mis-quotes.

    Let's hope Her Majestry doesn't revoke my well deserved Knighthood.

    One quote which I made some time ago .... can't recall the exact date .... was ....

    'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone' !!!

    btw, I will follow Maniac Harun to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions if necessary !!!