Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bursaspor v Genclerbirligi - Live radio blogging

Welcome back to the internet's killer application - live radio blogging. Tonight we have Bursaspor v Genclerbirligi.

9.00 pm: Great atmosphere at the Bursaspor stadium - no fans. They must have been naughty.

9.04: Bursaspor start off pretty well ... a few shots on goal already.

9.06: And back to technical hassles... Radyo Vizyon's broadcast has just gone dead (on the normal radio... I couldn't figure out how to get Lig Radyo to work).

9.07: Back again and Bursa have a great chance after our keeper Peric made a silly move.

9.10: Gencler finally make an attack, but Kirita (whom we "interviewed" last year when he was at Ankaragucu) makes the tackle.

9.13: Seems like Gencler are trying, a few shots, one off the post, another saved. C'mon boys.

9.16: The announcer says the reason there are no fans is because of a ban which Bursa received last season.

9.20: Gencler have a free kick in a dangerous position... a yellow card to a Bursa player.

9.21: Arggh. Shot comes off the wall.

9.23: Bursa are already making a change... ah, the bloke is injured.

9.26: Bugger this. I'm off for a fag (which is still allowed on balconies at the Oz Kanka household).

9.31: Someone goes one-on-one with the Bursa keeper, ball goes out but the referee points to the spot! Penalty. So says the radio announcer. But it's not a penalty. I wish someone would shoot this bloke.

9.33: And it seems someone has done just that as Radyo Vizyon has gone off the air for the second time this evening.

9.35: Found it on another station... back to the "action".

9.36: I wonder if I will ever get an e-mail during the actual live radio blogging.

9.37: Brilliant. The station I have found is a "round the grounds" broadcast... and Radyo Vizyon is still off the air. No wonder I'm the only Turkish football live radio blogger.

9.40: Radyo Vizyon is back... Didn't miss anything.

9.41: Attack after attack from Genclerbirligi with Mehmet Nas creating all sorts of hassles down the right.

9.43: And then on the counterattack Bursa stuff up a good chance. Three players in the clear and the bloke hits it out, or straight at the keeper... These things are difficult as the announcer is speaking at a million miles an hour.

9.47: Half time whistle... And now for my around the grounds round up.
Bursaspor 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Denizlispor 1 - 0 Antalyaspor
Hacetepe 0 - 0 Eskisehirspor
Kayserispor 0 - 0 Galatasaray

9.59 pm: Fifteen minutes to analyse the game and Radyo Vizyon instead play us adverts and that annoying Turkish pop song "Gofret, gofret, gofret, iki!" Those aren't the words but it certainly sounds like it.

10.06 pm: And they are off again. And Kirita has a shot - off the post Phew

10.06: And then Mehmet Nas has a go at the other end, but the keeper saves... damn.

10.16: Counter attack from Bursaspor after we had a corner and it ends in the back of the net. Not looking good... Bursa will now sit back, pack the defence and sit tight. Bursaspor 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi.

10.22: This is depressing. Bursa are attacking and we are falling apart.

10.33: Oh dear. Another counter attack and Bursa almost score. This is not looking good. About 15 minutes left.

10.37: Our only chance, I think Bursa have just used up all their substitutes.

10.37: Let me take that back. We have no chance. Bursa have just gone 2-0 up.

10.42: The announcer has decided to change our goalkeepers name. He is constantly referring to him as Seriç, not Periç. Anyway, the Gencler players have lost all morale, so says our announcer. About five minutes left.

10.45: I'm going to get myself a whisky. Drown my sorrows.

10.47: Aussie Bruce has what I think is his first shot... to the keeper.

10.53: Peep, peep, peep and the stadium goes wild. Well, it would have if there were any fans there. Another depressing result. Lets see if this new Aussie who is due to sign with us tomorrow can help us. Quite frankly, if I was him I'd run away now. No matches next weekend (internationals instead).

Final results:
Bursaspor 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Denizlispor 3 - 2 Antalyaspor
Hacetepe 0 - 0 Eskisehirspor
Kayserispor 0 - 0 Galatasaray


  1. That's the best entertaining `ho ho ho ha ha ha` match report since the last Live Radio Blogging last season.

    I think we should insist that Oz Kanka stays at home for every match and keeps us entertained. Agreed ??

    By the way, is there any consolation in the fact that both Ankaragucu and Gencler lost to the top of the league teams ???

  2. Anonymous12:17 am

    9.26: Bugger this. I'm off for a fag

    U know what this would mean in the states? :D

  3. Regional dialects of the English language are not recognised on this blog.

  4. Yeah, nice one Oz. We always use the Queen's Ingallish and never resort to effin colloquial language !!

    By the way, I'm going to be extremely `gay` when Ankaragucu finally win a match !!!

  5. And laugh at all the Yanks wearing their fanny packs.