Friday, August 29, 2008

The fag bans have started - time for a revolution

At the Genclerbirligi match last week myself and Alpine Kanka Wolfgang were puffing away on our fags, as was a riot police officer a few rows down from us. No hassles at all.

Which is why I was surprised today to see that Besiktas Chairman Yildirim Demiroren has been fined for smoking at the Antalyaspor - Besiktas match last week.

According to a report filed by the Anatolian news agency, Demiroren was repeatedly smoking and continued to do so even after being told by match stewards to stop.

Today he was issued with a fine - 62 tl (around 56 billion Zimbabwean dollars).

The whole story reminded me of one of the first stories we published on this blog, "Civilization going to pot" back in March 2006. The post got noticed by a brilliant football blog/website called The Global Game in a post titled "Great Gençlerbirligi smoke-out | Stadium regulars worry about going cold turkey"

It took a few years but now the bans are in... Time for some major civil disobedience!

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  1. I'm pleased to say there were no such probs last night.

    Just as well, with Maniac Kanka chain smoking his way through a pack of siggies in frustration at events on the field !!