Monday, August 18, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the ANKARAGUCU Kankas did not attend the final matches of the Ankara Sportswriters Cup yesterday. Sour grapes ? No, but one effin journey to `Hell` is more than enough for one weekend ! We are scheduled to visit `Hell` again on weekend of 29-30 November, but there again ……. perhaps not !!

Not sure if any of the Gencler Kankas attended, but here are the results (minus reports).

The winner of this season’s competition is Gencler.

Genclerbirligi 2 Ankaraspor 1

Oz Kanka will be pleased to hear that his Aussie countryman, Djite, scored again. He certainly looks to be a more promising prospect to the squad than UNpromising Isaac !! Well done Gencler – a good start to the season.

Third place goes to Hacettepe and the `Wooden Spoon` to ……… whisper it …….. Ankaragucu ! Not much to say about the Ankaragucu result except that some teams (Barca and ManYoo) have good pre-season warm-ups and some teams don’t !!

As I also mentioned in my previous post, the league season begins this weekend (22 August) with a home match for Gencler against `new boys` to the Super League Kocaeli. I think this match is on Sunday (24 August) – probably evening KO – and Oz Kanka will email the meeting time at The Chopin soon.

It is my turn to head south this Friday (Oz Kanka and I have a `shift system` for summer holidays !) so I will not be there, but I’m sure Oz Kanka will muster a large group for this match. If Gencler play as well as they did against Ankaragucu last Friday it could be a winning start to the league season (hope I didn’t put the `kiss of death` on Gencler ?!).

The following weekend (29-31 August) sees Gencler away in Bursa, and I’m reliably informed by Maniac Kanka that the ANKARAGUCU v Trabzon match will be in Ankara on Friday night (29 August).

I will still be on the south coast and therefore watching it on Digiturk TV, but Oz Kanka will give the meeting time at The Chopin for this one by email nearer the time. Maniac Kanka and Yankee Kanka will be there for sure.

Concerning the question of ANKARAGUCU Kombine tickets, I am still waiting for a pronouncement from Maniac Kanka on the word from The Anti-X Group, so keep watching this space.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. hai guize! I read in Milliyet that Gencler have asked the federation if they can play their early matches at (sigh) Yenikent. This is because the new turf at 19 Mayis may not be ready for the Kocaeli match at least.

  2. Gecmisolsen Gencler Kankas if this is true.

    I don't wish a visit to this Stadium (?) on my worst enemy, but if you must go then go by a well stocked Limousine !!

  3. Just checking in on the blog from a resort near the KazDag mountains. Good to see Gencler won the TSYD Cup, but as far as I can remember we also won it last year and then went on the avoid relegation by one place (we may have only come second in the TSYD Cup - but hey, I can't check my sources right now... the sea beckons.

    By the way just checked the Alkaralar forum and they are saying the match against Koceali will be on Sunday at the 19 Mayis, at the family friendly time of 9pm.

    I have, of course, timed my return to Ankara for Sunday afternoon and will send out a general e-mail tomorrow (being on holiday I don't actually know what day it is today).

    Loving the sun...

  4. Don't you just hate it when Oz Kanka is so happy and jolly ??

    I can't wait for him to return to his normal critical and grumpy self, and I wonder who is going to receive the poison chalice now that Promising Isaac is not longer around ??!!


    Here's the link. The application for Yenikent is a precaution, it seems. Grow grass, grow.

  6. It is not looking good. The club is trying to arrange buses out to Yenikent. I'm not too keen to be heading out there for a 9pm match. I'll send out a general e-mail later today... once I get off the sun lounger.