Monday, June 25, 2007

Alpine Kanka jumps in

A few more photos from Saturday's football tournament party. Thanks Alpine Kanka Wolfgang for sending these in.

Photo 1 (above): A couple of Austrian girls with Alpine Kanka Christoph and his mum Andrea holding the 2nd place trophy.
EDIT: Sir Eski has pointed out that the girls are actually Turkish and go by the names of Merve and Gokce.

Photo 2: Alpine Kanka Wolfgang, Christoph and Lanky Kanka Jorg.

Photo 3: Christian and Christoph.

Photo 4: The Germans celebrate yet another win.

Photo 5: Spine, Little Oz Kanka, Oz Kanka and Flying Dutchman Kanka celebrate yet another beer.

Photo 6: Christoph, Genclerbirligi Oftaş Vice President Suphi and Wolfgang.


  1. Correction........

    Photo No1. NOT Austrian girls !

    Their names are Merve and Gokce and they are Turkish Delights !

    With all due respect to Austrian girls, you can find beauties like this in Austria !!!

    Eski Kanka has all the answers !!!

  2. And how did you learn these girls' names?

  3. Errrrrm Mmmmm ahhhhh ..... Maniac Kanka Harun told me !!!!