Friday, July 11, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

OK, so he doesn’t read our Blog, but…. perhaps someone out there will tell Mr Aydin what we are thinking ??!!

As you saw in the comments section of the previous post, Desperate Dan Kanka has given us the news which we didn’t want to hear …………. Kirita is on his way out. All I can say to that is ….. we wish you all the best in the future Kirita, and as I said when we met last time, I think you are going to be a successful coach in the future. Perhaps you will return to ANKARAGUCU one day in the future and take us forward ??!!

However, what does that say about Cemal Aydin ? Is he saying that it is good for the Club to release a player of Kirita’s ability and yet keep someone like …. say, Jaba ??!! No comment or answer necessary !!

I mentioned in a previous post that Bebbe was on his way to Istanbul BBS. Well, apparently that is not a done deal yet. So, perhaps there is still hope on the horizon ?? Ever the optimist I can hear you say !!

I am not trying to tell Hakan Kutlu or Hakan Keles how to organise the team, but I think I am qualified to give some advice to Cemal Aydin about the rights and the wrongs about footie. For example, how about this for a line-up in our first league match ?

Yilmaz, Bebbe and Gokhan …………. Up front
Erdogan, Cem Can and Duruer ………… in midfield
Tolga, El Yasa, Ilkem and Moine Chaabani …… defence

Like it ? Yes ............. but is Cemal Aydin listening ???

Could this be the team to break into the Top 4, or, is Cemal Aydin content to finish in mid-table EVERY season ?? Where is our ambition ??

The Round Ball in Ankara wants Yooro Footie back in Ankara and Eski Kanka has shown the way.

Do it !!!

All the best from Wise and Knowledgeable Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I am not desperate at all because Kirita left. Business as usual at Ankaragucu. My question is (sort of a philosophical, pretentious question): does this club has a vision? I am afraid that with your wise and knowledge, dear Sir Eski Kanka Jim, you identified it: finish in the mid-table, every season.
    It is not about the club releasing Kirita. I am concerned over the transfer policy over the last years (and this applies to Gencler as well). I don't feel there is an intention to build a squad to challenge for the top 4.
    Therefore don't call me Desperate Dan. Better Skeptic Dan. But make no mistake: skeptic only over this issue :)
    Wannabe Scouser Dan

  2. Greetings Wannabee Scouser Dan Kanka.

    Be sure that Desperate Dan is a compliment, well..... for those kankas born around my time and who read the comic .... The Dandy !!

    Desperate Dan was brave, strong and a born winner !!!

    Yes, agreed, skeptical is what you become when you have supported the Ankara teams for as long as Oz Kanka and I.

    However, here we go for another season and I'm already predicting that ANKARAGUCU will win the Sportswriters Cup on 17 August !!

    When will we stop being so optimistic and forgiving of Messrs Aydin and Cavcav ?? Answers awaited !!!

    In the meantime, please pass our best regards from all at The Round Ball to Kirita for a successful future. Speaking on behalf of all the Ankaragucu kankas, he will definitely be missed.

  3. it's in the news now that kirita signed with the Ankaragucu's sister team: Bursaspor.
    first time i talk to him i will send all your regards. btw... he kept asking me about the laphroaig bottle and i was the guilty one not being able to arrange a new meeting. maybe we can find a bottle for him when bursa plays in ankara (i agree too farfetched plans).
    i missed on the Dandy comics. didn't know about desperate dan. probably at that time in our schools they were telling us about the adventures of lenin, marx and the rest of the gang. desperate dan vs 'big beard' marx. hahahaha

  4. Hey Danny Boy. Nice story about cult figures Lenin and Marx. By the way, which team did they play for ???!!!

    Have to admit that during the last 6 months my hands have been shaking as I caressed the bottle of Laphroaig. It has taken extreme will power to resist opening it. However, I don't know how long I can hold out !!!