Monday, November 03, 2008

Bakkal resigns

As we predicted yesterday Mesut Bakkal has resigned as coach of Genclerbirligi.

"Meeting today with my assistants we decided to resign," Bakkal said in a statement released this afternoon. "We believe for the club to succeed changes are necessary."

The club accepted Bakkal's resignation and are now on the look out for someone else. Anyone want to apply?


  1. I'm sure most Gencler supporters will be shaking their heads in disbelief this morning.

    Bakkal is a highly respected coach in Turkey, and he of all people should understand that `Rome was not built in a day`.

    When will it sink in to footie managers, coaches and chairmen in Turkey that continuity is the key to success.

    I am also shaking my head in disbelief !!

  2. Anonymous11:18 am

    bakkal resigns from gencler. a few hours later samet aybaba resigns from bursa. a few hours later samet aybaba is appointed the new coach of gencler.
    probably in a couple of months the same will happen - only the names will be different.
    it's a joke this managers traffic. what can you expect from a club managed this way? oh yes. i remember... avoid relegation.

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  4. Anonymous3:13 pm

    oh my dearest gencler,
    again and again the sam story,
    again and again the same mistakes..
    we remeber the 2 day signing of turkeys best coach ersun yanal.. but he was too mighty for cavcav, so he went... and is by the way again top with trabzon and few old gencler players, well the others are playing for göcekspor and they are in 2 place.. my dear gencler.. well, well, there will be hope, one day, when cavcav resigns or -I am sorry.. if he dies- than probably one will come up and will biuld a new and young gencler team again.. until than we only could look back to the glory of ersun yanal and 2004 uefa cup.. long time ago.. but change will come.. sooner or later..yes we can.. Thank you Mesut for beeing so patient the last month.. all th best.. from lanky kanka