Monday, January 16, 2017

Well, that was a pretty rubbish return

A penalty that shouldn't have been given. A goal scored on the counter-attack after an extremely clear penalty wasn't given. aaarrrggghhhh

Kasimpasa 3 - 0 Genclerbirligi

What a weird match and one which doesn't bode well for Gencler. In the winter break we sold Irfan and Ahmet Calik. Plenty of money for the club but no real replacements brought in.

It showed on Sunday afternoon in a match in Istanbul with a couple of hundred supporters at most.

Just a couple of minutes in and the referee gave a penalty saying that Aydin Karabulut had handballed. Replays suggest he didn't. 1-0.

A few minutes later and our Ahmet Calik was sorely missed as Kasimpasa broke and scored.

Then at around the 15th there was a clear as day penalty not given. It was the most obvious handball. My grandmother would have given it. Then Kasimpasa run away and bang, three-nil down after just 15 minutes.

It was a bit depressing at the Alerta Pub and there was nothing we could do about it than to whine and order another beer.

Ozat made two changes on the spot which made us scratch our heads. He took off both Selcuk and Aydin. No idea why.

We pretty ordinary the rest of the match with only Serdar getting close.

And that was that.

New signing Jonathan Ring came on at some stage. We didn't really see much of him so... no verdict yet.

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  1. Well, good news and bad news !

    First the bad ........... a loss which shouldn't have been given the good performances from Gencler going into the winter break.

    and the good news ....... we get to witness Oz Kanka's famous rants again !!!!