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Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu will not be top of the league in the next few weeks on last night’s showing !!   It was a poor performance and probably the worst I have seen them play this season.    We could have been forgiven for expecting a similar score line to their previous match against Umraniye, but sadly it was not forthcoming, and Mustafa Bey, the Coach, must address this problem before next weekend  !!


So, this result puts Umraniye back in the driving seat, and also Eyupspor will push Ankaragucu down to 3rd if they beat Samsunspor tonight.


Adanaspor           1                           ANKARAGUCU        0


Team – Akin, Erdem, Yusuf, Sinan, Pinto, Abdullah, Aatif, Zahid, Murat, Ariyibi and Eren


Substitutes – Ciftci, Ishak, Ali Kaan, Cem and Geraldo


Only Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I were there in The Bira Park Bar to watch the match and we were the unlucky ones !!!     The 1st half was easily forgettable which allowed us to concentrate our thoughts on another match taking place in Scotland which had a similar kick off time  !!!


Adana took control of the 2nd half and always looked dangerous when they went forward, and they almost scored from the re-start.   From a free kick on the right, the ball was sent into the 6 yard box straight to an attacker who sent his header just over the bar with the goal at his mercy.


A wake-up call which went unheeded   !!!


Ariyibi had a great chance to score against the run of play a few minutes later but he shot straight at the goalkeeper when one on one !


5 minutes later and the winning goal came after a superb bullet of a shot by Sinan ......... BUT .......... the ball was sent into the wrong goal  !!!     It was a fast  break by Adana and when the cross came into the 6 yard box from the right there was Sinan to volley the ball in for a classic OWN GOAL   !!     The annoying thing was that if he had left the ball, it would have probably gone out of play for a goal kick  !!      However, in fairness to Sinan, he couldn’t see who was behind him and his reaction was instinctive  !


Akin to the rescue in the 63rd minute when he stopped a goal bound shot from creeping in at the post.


Ankaragucu decided to ‘wake up’ for the last 10 minutes when Ali Kaan came on -  why wasn’t he on from the start   ???!!!


Ali Kaan had 2 goal bound shots spectacularly saved by the Adana goalkeeper and Eren saw his excellent header just drift past the post with the goalkeeper beaten.


Then we were into time added on and just time for the referee to play his ‘Get out of Jail’ card for Ankaragucu.     Eren attempted another header but had his shirt pulled by a defender, and all credit to the referee for spotting it in a crowded penalty area.


We all know what Eren is capable of, so we were aghast when Ciftci placed the ball on the penalty spot.     He rolled his effort with his instep straight at the goalkeeper just inside the right post.    His effort was so weak that the goalkeeper had the easiest save of the night.   


Mustafa Bey must take responsibility for this decision to allow Ciftci to take the penalty.   I’m not a football coach, but even I know that it is either Eren or Erdem who should take it.     Aaaaaargh ......... so a great chance was lost to ‘steal’ a point !!!


The last action of the match saw an Adana breakaway with the final shot hitting the post with Akin out of position.  


Another away match beckons next Sunday when Ankaragucu travel to Altinordu who are currently in the relegation zone.


Dare I say it is ............... a MUST WIN ............ match for Ankaragucu   ??!!


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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