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Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu won the crucial ‘6 Pointer’ last night against fellow relegation candidates, Umraniye   !


With 3 matches left, Ankaragucu is well placed to avoid the dreaded drop   !        Of course, it is not a done deal yet, with Umraniye, Giresun and Istanbulspor still in a position to overtake Ankaragucu.   However, after last night’s crucial 3 points, the pressure is back on the others, including Sivas and Antalya who also feature in the mix.


It was a fighting never-say-die performance by the Ankaragucu players who gave their all to churn out a win for 3 valuable points, despite the attempt by the referee to give unfair advantages to Umraniye on two important occasions during the match.


The first being a terrible decision to award a penalty to Umraniye, and the second, an unexplained decision not to award a goal or a penalty to Ankaragucu despite checking the VAR on both occasions.


I’m sure (and I hope   !!!) that the referee will be hauled over the coals by the TFF for his poor performance   !!!


Umraniye            1                       ANKARAGUCU                  2


Team – Gokhan, Mujakic, Kitsiou, Arda, Matej, Taylan, Andrej, Kevin, Beridze, Milson and Ali Sowe


Substitutes – Diack, Zahid, Pedrinho, Atakan and Gokhan Tore


It was a tense opening as both teams searched for the all important first goal, and it came after 17 minutes.


Ankaragucu was awarded a free kick near the right touchline which was sent into the crowded box.    Kevin was first to it at the near post and his angled header was sent to the far post.


Ankaragucu’s tails were up but their lead lasted only 7 minutes when the referee awarded a penalty to Umraniye.


I know I keep saying this, but ........... as an ex-Class 1 referee ..................... it was NEVER a penalty   !!!


A high ball was sent into the box from the left to near the penalty spot.     Mujakic was watching the flight of the ball and an attacker came in behind him to intercept, but Mujakic missed his attempted clearance having been nudged by the attacker and in the process his foot made contact with the attacker who had arrived on Mujakic’s blind side.


The referee was directed to VAR and the penalty awarded.     This was definitely not a deliberate foul by Mujakic who’s eyes were on the ball in his attempt to clear, and NOT on the attacker.   


The referee obviously needs to be re-coursed and examined on The Laws of the Game of Football   !!!


Umut sent his penalty straight down the centre with Gokhan diving to his right.


More controversy followed 5 minutes later when the referee made another unbelievable decision    !!


Ankaragucu attacked down the right and the cross was made into the box, but the ball hit a defender’s arm and was deflected to an Ankaagucu attacker behind him who coolly stroked the ball in f or a goal ......... or so we thought   !!


The referee pointed to the spot for a penalty.    He was then directed to VAR and returned with his decision ........ a dropped ball   !!      Whaaaaaaat ???!!!       No explanation and another diabolical decision   !!!


Fortunately for the referee, Ankaragucu did manage to win the match, otherwise there could possibly have been a riot at the end   !!


Mılson almost scored just before the half time whistle when his shot from outside the box hit the post and was cleared.


Ankaragucu continued to press forward in the 2nd half and their attacks finally paid off in the 70th minute with a piece of pure skill by Milson.     He latched onto a loose ball just inside the box on the left, after Ali’s shot was saved, and sent a screamer of a shot to the top right   !


Umraniye searched for another equaliser into the last 10 minutes, but Gokhan saved all their efforts and Ankaragucu saw the match out for 3 well earned points   !


Ankaragucu’s next league match will be against the champions-in-waiting, Galatasaray, at home on Tuesday 30 May and Ankaragucu will surely feel that they can take something from this match.


In the meantime, there is unfinished Turkish Cup business wben Ankaragucu will play the 2nd Leg of their Semi Final against Basaksehir on Thursday 25 May at home.      Ankaragucu is a goal down from the 1st Leg but will still fancy their chances of reaching the Final.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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